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The Vanity Vr 6.5 by Jopen

Im really lucky to have got my hands on one of the new point five range of Jopen vanity products, its a collection I have been lusting after for some time. I absolutely adore Jopen products as I already have the Vr 8 (or Mute swan) and Vr 4.5 (the Cygnet).

Jopen is founded by Susan Colvin and has an all-woman development team and is the first woman to own and operate a major novelty company. They understand the fashion and luxury toy market with features and functions women want.
This Vr 6.5 is one of the 4 newer more updated versions to the Jopen line and I was over the moon as its another bunny to my rabbit warren.

I adore my you know but my main problem with most rabbit designs is that I usually always have to pull and hold the clit arm against my clit to feel the vibrations. I really wanted to try Vr 6.5 because it looked like it was going to naturally sit against my clit.

The Jopen Vanity range all arrive in a classic white box with  discreet V written on the front, this makes it possible to be seen with this product with no really questions asked, perfectly discreet.

On the back you have small diagram of the Vr 6.5 and its image is made of glossy print in comparison to the white matt cardboard.

On lifting the strong cardboard lid you find your gorgeous Vanity Vr 6.5 sitting in its own cardboard form, sealed in transparent plastic.

 Inside you have the Vanity Vr 6.5 with that comes your charger (you need the UK adapter), a beautiful easy to follow manual which shows all the range in glorious technicolour.
With your new bunny you also get a beautifully illustrated manual with diagrams of each toy in the range and explanations of each. You also get the most wonderful over-sized storage bag made of black silky material, showing what great quality it is.

The Jopen Vanity Vr 6.5 is one of the exciting new additions to the Point five range of Jopen vanity products, all updated and improved.
This luxury rabbit is made of 100% medical grade pinky/purple silicone no other product touches the body its completely encased in this virtually seamless silicone. Its hyper allergenic, latex and phthalate free, unscented and non-porous. This waterproof bunny is completely rechargeable with 2 independently powered motors; one at the top of the shaft and the other in the clitoral arm. These are each controlled by a button which you simply press and hold down to give you the choice of intensity.

This unique shape is what made me fall in love with this particular bunny as I adored how sleek and elegant it is, its almost leaf-like with its elegant curves. These gorgeous curves are so beautifully streamlined and ergonomically designed to fit the woman's anatomy perfectly. I loved the wider shaft and the clampy look to the clit stimulator.

The base expands into a spherical shape enabling you to hold and control the bunny with ease. With 2 easy to use buttons it makes this bunny extremely easy to control. Both button light up with LEDs when in use a lovely novel touch.

PowerBullet is famous for its amazing power and is operates on the toughest lithium ion batteries. When you see this name you know you are getting a powerful well made motor.

·  4.5” x 1.5”/11.5cm x 3.75cm (massager)
·  2.75” x 1”/7cm x 2.5cm (stimulator)
·  6.5” x 1.5”/16.5cm x 3.75cm (overall)

I adore rechargeable toys and this is no exception, simply plug your jack connector (which is surprisingly long compared to many other toys), into the resealing silicone hole this enables the rabbit to remain waterproof, but you do need to push this in firmly because of that.

 This is oddly situated behind the buttons rather than in the end of the base like most rechargeable toys.

The power adapter is a 110/240 volt and arrives from the US with a 2 pin plug, I simply added my 3pin adaptor and I was away. Then leave to charge for 3 hours, during this time one LED light comes on to show its charging (see above), once fully charged it goes out.


This gorgeous bunny allows you to change the intensity of the vibrations on both shaft and clit arm, but it has no other pulses or functions. To me I found this surprising compared to most other toys I own?
The rumbly vibes really put out some power though if you want it and you can easily lower the vibes if you dont. For was cranked up to full on both motors giving the most wonderful deep vibrations which I love. The shaft motor offers deeper vibrations than the clitoral motor; its a shame they are not the same in strength as I enjoy real power on my clit too.
Its not as powerful as my wands but I feel this Vr 6.5 is one of the best rabbits I have, those rumbly vibes feel amazing.

Even on full this bunny is so discreet you cannot be heard outside a door or a wall and certainly wont be heard in the shower or bath with running water or even under the water.

When I first opened the box I was initially surprised at how small this little toy was compared to many of my other bunnies, but I needn't have been worried at all. It is substantial in weight and feels so luxurious and excellent quality.
All toys from Jopen arrive locked and you simply hold down both buttons to unlock and they will flash to confirm. The same to lock it again if you cant bear to be without your Vr 6.5 when you go away.

 Both the shaft and clit arm are completely flexible enabling it to fit well internally.

The gorgeous pinky purple silicone is smooth and untextured and warms quickly to your body, but does have a little drag which means I needed quite a bit of my favourite water based lube (Premiere Aqua gel by Give Lube). 

This unusually tapered tip slips inside well, but I found I had to hold the clit arm away until I had fully inserted the shaft as it wants to stay against the shaft itself. Once inserted you can let go and it returns to its natural position against the shaft which now sits externally over the outside of the vagina and clit.
The best bit is that once inserted its completely hands-fee as your vagina holds it in, being anatomically shaped and the clit stim has enough clampyness to sit against the clit. I loved the very slight pressure it gives you, but nothing at all uncomfortable for those of you that have some concerns about the lack of gap, infact I had hoped it would clamp a bit more tightly.
You then press and hold the buttons till you find the intensity you want on both motors and your away.

Wow this feels incredible I orgasmed within 30 seconds once I'd cranked both motors to full lol, whoops I wasn't expecting that one, it was one hell of an intense orgasm too...jeeze.
So next time I started slowly as I wanted to see if I could insert it and just orgasm from moving my body and hips without touching the toy at all. This works well, you simply wriggle, rock or move till you find the best stimulation from the inside and WOW what with the combination of vibrations I had yet another intense orgasm...I am so in love with this toy!

This innovative curve and fatter end of the shaft sits snugly against my G-spot and I found the vibrations deep and not too buzzy, anyone who knows me knows buzzy never works for me, but these vibes are amazing. I would have however enjoyed the clit motor to be more powerful but they have designed it with slightly less rumble and power. But hey Im not complaining it still works magic with my G-spot and clit and I love it.
It gives me the most incredible intense orgasm quickly or I can enjoy the journey more with slight movements of my own body giving me the best internal pressure against my g-spot. I have found its not really a thrusting toy as its designed to fit inside us anatomically and feels really filling and for me I have no need to thrust I can literally lay back an enjoy without even touching this toy.

TIP; If your feeling brave this toy can even be inserted as a whole by nipping together the main shaft against the clit arm, giving you 2 toys in 1.

When used anally the clit arm will clamp gently under the perineum transferring vibrations through the whole pelvis. I also think it would stimulate the prostate as its a great shape but I haven't tried this. The shaft is perfectly tapered for anal play and the base large enough to maintain good grip.

The charge
The charge is lasting so well and of course it varies as does the orgasms and how we feel on a day to day basis, sometimes I may use it for a quickie in which case its under a minute or if I'm after a longer play session maybe up to 20 minutes (yes thats long for me) . But so far its lasting well for approximately 1- 20 minutes a day for 5 days on maximum intensity before needing to charge.

Cleaning and maintenance
Being 100% waterproof you can rinse under warm soapy water or in the bath or shower. It is a bit of a dust magnet so you do need to wipe before and after use and then you get to store this toy in the gorgeous oversized Jopen storage bag. You can also store the charger and toy and maybe if your going away some lube and condoms etc.

I didn't think I would like it as much as I did when I first saw how small it was as Im a bit of a size queen and usually enjoy more girthy, longer toys, but this is so brilliantly designed it fits me like a glove inside; giving that gloriously full feeling for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time...Im in heaven.
Its smooth surface and easy to hold base makes using this rabbit one of the easiest toys you will ever own with only 2 buttons to control the speeds and intensity of both motors. The extra long clitoral arm gives you more pressure against the clit than any other rabbit I have ever tried, no more having to pull and holding it against you till you reach orgasm, if I need the extra I simply bring my thighs together. I cant however guarantee it will fit everyone anatomically but if other bunnies have not done it for you then its definitely worth giving this a go; as its such a unique shape to the average bunny.

Its small and discreet making this a great travel toy which has the extra precaution of being able to lock it to prevent any embarrassing situations. Its luxurious silky, soft pink silicone is unthreatening with beautifully feminine curves just like us. Because of its filling shape it hits my G-spot perfectly and I can use it completely hands-free leaving me free to play with other things....! Its the mighty atom of bunnies and will be joining my silicone warren as I have to say its now one of my favorite rabbits.

*Disclaimer I just wanted to say that I have just bought another new camera and I have found the colouration is different to the actual toy.  It has come out a bright pink, where infact its a more pinky-purple colour.

100% silicone,
Powerful medium + rumbly vibes,
Firm silicone,
Gorgeous purply-pink colour,
100% Waterproof ,
Completely discreet and quiet,
Gorgeous over-sized storage bag,

I would have loved a slightly more powerful clit stimulator,
More functions or pulses would make this perfect.

You can but your Vanity Vr 6.5 from Jopen

All my thanks goes to Jopen for sending me this gorgeous bunny for my review.

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by Jopen
Material: Silicone

Rabbit Product Comparison Images

Here are some comparison photos of the Jopen Vanity Vr 6.5 with some of the other rabbits I have been lucky enough to review, this will help you to compare sizing and shape if you also own any of these products.
 From left to right we have
  1. CalExotics Limited edition Black label Jack rabbit (review coming  soon),
  2. Lovehoney Happy Rabbit,
  3. OhMiBod Freestyle W,
  4. The Lelo Ina 1, (Ina 1 and 2 review coming soon),
  5. The Ladygasm Vice,
  6. The Jopen Vr 6.5

 I absolutely love Jopen toys, the quality is amazing. Here are the other two designs I have compared to my new Jopen Vr 6.5 (right) .
From the left hand side, the Swan (the Canadian/UK version) to Jopen known as the Mute swan (Vr8) and The Cygnet (Vr 4.5, review coming soon).

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