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The Rocks Off 150mm Slim-line bullet

I have been fortunate enough to be able to bring you some product reviews from the lovely guys at Rocks Off in the last year and this gorgeous gold slim elegant 150mm bullet is one I have been extremely curious about; as its so completely different to any of the other toys in their range. It really does scream class and luxury.

As with all Rocks Off products they are extremely well packaged and all the larger toys come in a leather-look textured cardboard box which opens like a book. The Rocks off writing is styled in metallic gold contrasting beautifully with this particular toy.The top of the box has a clear window revealing the 150mm clearly. On the back explains the details of the bullet and how to insert the batteries.

 One of the many things I like about Rocks off is the fact they state the date which the batteries are best before (similar to what is printed on food products). Along with this is the batch code so they can quickly sort any problems should they occur. The box opens like a book to reveal the sparkling 150mm sitting in a preformed velvet feel bed; this doubles perfectly as a storage box.

This whole packaging design is fairly discreet as it looks like a luxury pen you can buy, at first glance a nosey friend wouldn't even consider a sextoy, unless of course she suddenly needed to borrow a pen, then you have some explaining to do..

This gorgeous elegant tapered slim-line bullet has a gold metallic plated ABS plastic. It has no taste, smell or texture to it. The plastic is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, latex and Phthalate free. Its unintimidating and makes a perfect newcomers toy or fantastic gift for someone who enjoys luxury looking toys.
 Play hunt the sextoy?

At first glance it truly might pass for a thicker style pen for your bag; its slim, lightweight with a gently tapered tip which is ideal for pin-point stimulation for your clit, vagina or anus; or just anywhere at all on the body. 
The gently tapered head makes this toy perfect for insertion or teasing by just dipping it quickly inside. Its extra length makes it easier to control than the award winning 80mm style bullets. The smooth shiny non-textured surface means you hardly need any lube to give you a slippery feel.
The only texturing is the Rocks Off logo which is embossed into the middle of the bullet, this can barely be felt.

Under the plastic velvet feel form is an easily missed instruction leaflet in "Getting the best from your Rocks off bullet", with battery info and how to care for you new vibe. Turn it over and there is a simple diagram list of each of Rocks off's main products and which battery to use and how to insert. If you have alot of Rocks off toys this is really handy to keep nearby so you exactly what battery for which toy.

At the base is a rubber button to scroll through the 5 functions. The end twists off to replace the 2 N (LR1) batteries that come supplied with this toy...Rocks Off are a brilliant company that always supply batteries with every product you buy. Simply remove the paper disc between the contacts and your away.
The batteries are a tight fit inside and you do have to give it a little tap to get the batteries out; but this means they will not be rattling in time with the vibrations like some toys. Screw this base back on well as it has a small black silicone seal to make this toy 100% waterproof.

Total length is 15cm
Tota width is 1.7cm girth
Insertable length is 12.5-13cm just before the base.

  1. Low,
  2. High
  3. Slow pulse
  4. Medium Pulse, every second,
  5. High Pulse x 2 a second,
Hold the button down for 2 seconds to turn off at anytime. Great if you are disturbed.

The vibrations are middling for me, I have buzzier toys as much as I have more rumbly toys. My personal favourite is the Highest constant vibration this felt amazing. The vibrations are strongest at the head making this perfect for pin-point stimulation and travel well down the shaft too, but not enough to give you numb fingers.

All the vibrations are fairly discreet and cannot be heard outside a door or through a wall. This gorgeous vibe is perfect for the shower or bath and you will be completely safe under the duvet too where its barely audible. Im quite impressed at the power of this toy yet still being so quiet...yay Rocks Off.

I wasn't sure if this little slender vibe was going to do much for me as it is almost the opposite to what style of toy I like. But as soon as I got this highly elegant toy out of the box I loved the smooth, cool metallic feel which warmed quickly to my skin.

The RO 150mm is much easier to use and control than a standard sized bullet and the tapered tip inserts extremely easily. Being smooth and non-porous the toy will not absorb any lube so a small amount goes a long way, it is also compatible to any of your favourite lubes being ABS plastic.
The tip is perfectly designed for pin-point stimulation all over the body, it felt great around my clit and I particularly liked it on my nipples as it transfers the vibrations well. You can tease anywhere on the body as if you were drawing with a pen so you can be as artistic as you like...!

For me its a little too slim and pointy and I preferred it mainly for my clit and nipples; its a longer bullet after all and is perfect to keep in your bag or the glovebox when the moment grabs you by yourself or with a friend.

 So its living quite happily in my bag...well you never know...!

 The only slight con is that it can get extremely slippery with a lot of lube causing you to lose a bit of grip, making it awkward to change function you need very little lube if any at all.

I would say you can certainly tease the anus and maybe just dip in slightly but I would NOT recommend this for full insertable anal play as it becomes far too slippery when using alot of lube and therefore you cannot guarantee a good grip on the end and I feel it could easily slip up inside. Explain that one in A&E, as an ex-nurse Ive seen alot of embarrassed faces and many things inserted up the back way.

Couples Play
Its ideal for couples play as you can even insert the tip while being penetrated by your partner as its so slim; so your OH can enjoy the vibrations too, tease around the balls and under the frenulum for extra fun with your man.
Sensory play
You can also use this for sensory play being 100% waterproof, I simply run mine under warm water to get the heat I enjoy. Those that love their cold sensory play can pop it in the fridge...brrrr.

TIP; Store your slimline bullet away from any rough surfaces as my bullet seems to have acquired some very fine scratches yet I've no idea where from. But they are not deep enough to have gone through the finish and you hardly notice them.

Rocks Off Comparisons
I have been lucky in the last year to have the opportunity to review many of the other Rocks off Products so I just wanted to show you some comparison images of all the products and bullets I have; so you can clearly see what toy would suit you better.

Rocks Off length comparison measurement diagram.
In order of appearance and click for my reviews
The LUV, 80mm, Ammo 100mm, 120mm, Ammo 140mm, 150mm, 160mm,

Comparison diagram with all the appropriate sleeves.
In order of appearance click to read my reviews of each one.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Being 100% waterproof and extremely shiny this is a breeze to clean, simply run under warm soapy water or rinse in the bath or shower. Then spray with sextoy cleaner paying particular attention to the Rocks Off logo embossing on the shaft and the tiny, tiny dent on the tip made in the manufacturing process. You can then store your slim 150mm back in its velvet lined box.
Always check your toy before and after use for any scratches to the metallic coating. It also does show up fingerprints, but a quick wipe and they are gone.

Do you own a few bullets and love the small design and tapered-tip; but just wished it was a little bit longer, do you like bling and all things gold and shiny, then you will love this little vibe with its luxurious gold finish. Its ideal for newcomers and toy virgins being completely unthreatening and easy to use with a 1 button control and 5 speeds and pulses. Its ideal for both partner and solo play with its fairly good vibrations; which has been manufactured as a high end bullet with middling vibrations to please most of us. I personally love this as a clitoral toy being able to apply this with pinpoint accuracy.
If you enjoy kick-ass vibrations this may not be for you, but its still a small unassuming toy ideal to keep in your purse or glove-box being so discreet.
Those of you that have the RO 80mm will find the tip slightly more rounded (please see my comparison diagram above) and the vibrations more powerful.This will make a gorgeous upgrade as its affordable, fun, elegant, luxury looking bullet for your toybox.

Gorgeous metallic finish,
Discreet vibrations,
Travel friendly,
5 speeds,
Comes with a storage box,
Compatible with all lubes,


You can buy the Rocks Off 150mm Slim-line bullet at many UK and US stores and you can read more about the 150mm and many other Rocks products HERE

from £19.99

All my thanks to lovely guys and girls at Rocks Off for sending me another great toy for this review.

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