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The Ladygasm Vice

The Ladygasm Vice

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review the new Ladygasm Vice directly from Ladygasm so I jumped at the chance with my huge addiction to rabbit style toys. This bunny has a really unique look and shape and I was really excited to be able to review this for you my bunny fantatics.

Ladygasm is a brand of toys built by women for women. They have interviewed thousands of women and found exactly what we want, what toys we like and don't like. They believe you shouldn't have to read an instruction manual (Insert man joke here) or spend $200 on the best vibrator just to have an orgasm. Ladygasm products are easy to use, well built and fairly priced.

So I was really excited to try this brands latest and their most powerful rabbit the Ladygasm Vice.

The packaging is designed on the levels of a luxury toy and comes shrink sealed in transparent plastic around a luxury modern styled black lidded cardboard box.

You lift the lid and there sits your new Vice in its own preformed black foam with its own black opaque storage bag.

The gorgeous rechargeable Ladygasm Vice is made of cerise pink medical grade silky smooth silicone which is latex and Phthalate free. It is designed like no other rabbit I have seen and I have quite a few other silicone bunnies in my collection, let alone the other 18 rabbits made of various other materials. I have become quite a bunny addict.

 This is the Ladygasm Vice (right) compared in size and shape to the famous Lelo Ina .

 You can see straight away the clitoral thumb is much larger on the Vice to give a far better surface area for feeling the vibrations, also you can feel it along the lips too. The main Vice shaft will fit in further too.

This female sextoy is extremely innovative and uniquely shaped with a longer more deeply curved shaft with 2 bulbous areas to hit your g-spot and the walls of the vagina; the extremely flexible thumb-shaped clit stimulator sits snugly against your clit to transfer those vibrations.

Its been cleverly designed and to us actually looks like slightly bent fingers in the
"Come hither motion"

On the handle you have a lovely modern silver metallic panel surrounding the 2 silicone sealed buttons. You have an on/off and a function button showing as a zigzag. These buttons have an LED behind them that flashes when charging and lights up when on.

  • Total length is 19cm,
  • Length of head approx 5cm,
  • Width of head is 3.45 cm,
  • Insertable length is 10.5cm,
  • Length of clit stimulator is 5.2cm,

I plugged in my Vice and left her charging for about 4 hours, there isn't a manual included as they believe we shouldn't need one. 

As you have heard me mention before if you don't charge a rechargeable product long enough the very first time, you will never get a full charge from that item. On the base is a resealing silicone hole which you can hardly see, you simply push the jackplug in firmly to charge.This will keep your Vice waterproof sealed.

While on charge and the control panel LED blinks, when this stops it is fully charged, nice and simple. I would suggest leaving it to charge for another hour just to make sure but hey that's me.

Press the on button once to turn-on, you will see the LED light-up to show it is on but it doesnt start vibrating straight away like other vibes. You then press the pattern squiggle button above to click through the patterns to find the one you want. But be careful to always click off as its easy to leave it turned on, just check the LED is off before putting away or you will have a flat toy when you go to grab it next time.

The Vibration patterns
  1. Low, (but quite fast even on low),
  2. Medium,
  3. High,
  4. Rev up rev down every 3 seconds,
  5. The tango, a mix of revs and pulses in a longer pattern,
  6. Slower escalation up and down for 3 seconds,
  7. Pulse every second,
  8. 2 Pulses a second,
  9. Wave every 2 seconds,
  10. Pulse every second-identical to number 7???

If you need to turn off at any time just click the on/off button once or scroll through the other patterns till you reach off. brilliant if you are disturbed. The vibrations on the lowest starts off pretty fast so this little toy does have some power, its not the most powerful toy I have but its certainly not the weakest either. They are more buzzy and higher frequency than rumbly but they still have some power. The motors seem well placed and you can feel the patterns well through the silicone; although the vibes are situated mainly in the head of the shaft and are very faint down the shaft to the second bulb.

This is a fairly middling in noise on the lower patterns it could only just be heard through a door or wall; the higher vibes will probably be heard. But being waterproof I don't feel this could be heard through running water or with a radio or the TV on.

On first look I felt the Vice was quite small to the other bunnies in my collection, but the shape is so very unique and sensual to touch. The deep upward curve and the 2 bulbs really do hug where they should do making a slim toy feel quite surprisingly full.
I found the vibrations more high frequency than some I have, which isn't a problem when the shape works well, but I do generally prefer my vibes deeper and more rumbly.
The silicone is silky smooth so it inserts easily with plenty of water based lube. Both the head and the clit stimulator are extremely flexible so they cleverly move to fit your body and anatomy on insertion. I usually have to move the clit stimulator's either away from me because they are too tight or close to me if it doesn't reach but this wide thumb hugs my clit perfectly.
For me this had a slight pop as its inserted and again as it it goes over the second bump, the clit stimulator has a nice wide thumb to cover you clit well giving a larger surface area for the variety of vibrations allowing your lips to sit either side.

The gorgeous bulbous head really is a G-spot homing device.
Being so soft and smooth its one of my few bunnies I can thrust with to give more sensation to my G-spot so what with the variety of vibrations and the thrusting this made me orgasm fairly quickly. I preferred the vibes on its fastest for me and it definitely felt incredible inside.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Being 100% waterproof you can rinse your Vice with hot soapy water or simply rinse in the bath or the shower, then spray with sextoy cleaner and leave to dry. Then store your Ladygasm away in its own gorgeous silky storage bag.

I adored the innovative shape of my new Vice its so different to all the other bunnies in my warren. The extra flexible head and clit stim enables this unique toy to fit most women's anatomy being so bendy. This makes an ideal first rabbit for those unsure if they will like rabbit style vibes as its flexibility will make sure it fits your shape and is comfortable. Those who love rabbits will love the fact you can thrust with this, the more bulbous head makes this a fantastic G-spot homing device and the thumb clit stimulator will hug your clit in that oh so special way, so you get to feel the powerful vibrations across a wider surface area.
Those who struggle to squirt will find this toy may pop their squirting cherry. It charges quickly and cleans easily, the silicone is so silky smooth to touch and warms quickly to your skin. This is a beautifully feminine rabbit that will fit almost any woman and makes a gorgeous luxury gift. I would highly recommend this adorable bunny.

Silky smooth silicone,
Gorgeous feminine cerise pink,
10 various vibrations,
Powerful vibes


You can buy your Ladygasm Vice from

All my thanks goes the makers Mangasm and Ladygasm for sending me this gorgeous bunny for this review.


  1. Very informative and I loved the amount of pictures you had to show size and shape. It was fantastic.

    It's a shame I don't have inner sensitivity because I would adore one of these gorgeous things myself!

  2. OMG!! I was reading your Vr6.5 review and saw this one in the comparison image. I had to find out what it was. This sounds and looks fantastic.



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