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Sunstrokes by Kojo Black

Sunstrokes by Kojo Black

A set of 4 Novellas by Kojo Black is a collection of holiday related erotic stories that brought a much needed ray of sunshine into the rainy Summer we have been having here in the UK.

Sweetmeats Press also add beautifully drawn illustrations to their books, this is no exception with drawings from the artist Ruby Baiser.

The Chalet
This is the first story in the book where people are shedding their inhibitions as fast as their clothes, the sun, a warm country, a warm pool and great company makes everyone feel comfortable and sexy. The Chalet is divided into 3 smaller chapters involving the stories of 3 people. The first is about a larger boobed woman unashamed to go naked in the pool and the guy who admires her from afar, brilliant sexual tension throughout.
 The second chapter is about a guest from the same hotel and how she enjoys the pleasures of her own body with the help of a nearby toy.
The third chapter is about 3 friends who loose all inhibitions in the summer sun and enjoy each other with all abandon.

Beaches and Cream
The second novella my favourite of the book is an extremely sensual story about a young girls sexual awakening. Amanda was really excited to get the chance to go on holiday with her best friend Tia and her mother, but Amanda's mother was less enthusiastic; are there family secrets about to be exposed?
Amanda not only enjoys the rolling hills, sun, sea and sand but the introduction to the joys of sex and the pleasures her body can give from an unexpected teacher while on holiday. This teacher did take me by surprise but in a good way though.
I found all the characters really relatable especially Amanda, the sexual encounters throughout this story are sensual and delicate and written with imagination as she is gently introduced to her own sexuality and the use of sextoys, all of which seemed natural and completely believable but still extremely sexy. I really enjoyed this whole story it not only had great sex but it also had an interesting parallel storyline with a brilliant twist at the end. I would have loved to have read more about this family and her friends in a full length novel.

Summer in the city
This is the third novella in the book (and another favourite) and instead of being in another country or in the hot sun this novella shows you can have as much fun by meeting the right person wherever you may be.
A chance accidental meeting leads to much more than just a drink and we follow Stephanie who is looking after her aunts house and her step-cousin Talia who is also staying with her; which brings new found girl on girl fun which again is extremely sensual and believable.
But it doesn't stop there and I really dont want to give this storyline away, but Stephanie gets to share her new boyfriend and enjoys a sexy threesome and a foursome with more friends.

Finnish wood
This novella is quite different to the other 3 stories and is about 2 authors who travel to Finland together on a business trip. Quite different in the fact this couple become great friends and we watch a friendship building rather than see them have sex. An erotic dream leads to a fisting scene beautifully written and extremely steamy but natural.
The two authors accidentally get to share an act of voyeurism which is sexually charged making a brilliant ending to this novella with a wonderful twist and no Im not going to give it away but it certainly took me by surprise.

Author Bio
Kojo Black
Sweetmeats was begun in 2000 by Kojo Black. Over the years Kojo Black, with much pride and affection, has developed Sweetmeats Press to be a publishing company of illustrated erotic stories deeply invested in pleasure. Readers and friends of our illustrated erotic stories and books will know Kojo to be a passionate purveyor of the unrepentant risqué. His tales celebrate the sensuality of lust unbound, the thrill of immodest experimentation, and the delicious honesty of orgiastic rapture. If Sweetmeats Press has an ethos it is to celebrate all things erotica.

This was my first book by Kojo Black and hopefully wont be my last, its was fun, fast paced read with some seriously steamy hot sex.
The sex scenes were written with alot tenderness, making it seem very natural and believable. I enjoyed following all the characters particularly in the second and third Novellas; I felt that they were really relatable and I could easily picture being in their shoes. However I felt I didn't get to know the couple in the Finnish Wood as I would have liked to.
I really enjoyed the fact of having Ruby Baiser's illustrations throughout the book as it adds that extra zing to your imagination.
Overall a good book to curl up with on a beach or by the pool, or somewhere really hot with the water lapping at your toes and a long cool drink in one hand and this book in the other. 

 Also available the Audio book in Audible.co.uk with Annie Player voicing the character of "Mand" in Beaches and Cream.

Please read more about Sunstrokes with extracts from the novellas HERE

 You can Buy your own copy or buy each novella individually from Sweetmeats press

 All my thanks to Sweetmeats Press for providing me this book to read for this review.

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