Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Purple Helmet!

 Purple Helmet!

Toy with me Tuesday #12 
Hosted by the lovely Nymphomanicness

I havent had much time recently to take some fun piks, but I did manage to have some fun with one of my glass toy reviews last week.

 I love this style of editing, Im addicted I know, but I loved how it came out!

This is the shaft of the Icicles No.34 Glass vibrator strap-on.

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  1. ohh i like this, the sneak peek of coloration via the dildo, very cheeky indeed

  2. What an impressive member! I love this, the colour really shows the smooth bulge of the glass, it's a brilliant effect.

  3. The colour and the glass together are so flattering and effective, it's a great image! Adultoysuk.co.uk

  4. I love the way you can see the flowers through the toy, and it really stands out with the rest of the image in black and white, well done!

  5. This is beautiful! The only technique I can think of to achieve this would take me oodles of time. I just have Paint.net, though. If you're willing to share, I'd love to know what technique you used. <3

  6. Photoshop/post prod editing is next on my to learn list. I love how the distortion in the head showcases the texture. :)

  7. Brilliant photo!

    I love that effect when used well, exactly like it is here. It looks stunning!


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