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Past Pleasures Edited by Elizabeth Coldwell

by Elizabeth Coldwell

Viking invaders, punishing Pharaohs, naughty maids and lusty lords come together in this collection of hot historical erotica.
In this selection of stories no one is quite as prim and proper – or as tightly laced up – as you might think. A feisty female highwayman finds love when she orders a duchess to stand and deliver, while a headstrong Southern Belle embarks on an erotic battle of wills with a Union soldier hunting a Confederate spy. And when the Bard of Avon meets a girl with a yen to tread the boards and a taste for the kinkiest of sex, all’s well that ends well.

This is is one of the latest books that has arrived from Xcite books for me to review, it is a collection of 20 short erotic stories from all over the world from all different times from all different authors.
So start undoing your corsets and put your feet up for a fab sexy read.

Cherry Ripe by Maria Lloyd
18 year old Georgette is sent to a finishing school, a surprise erotic encounter leads to a special invite to sing solo at Lord Roxby's mansion leading to some BDSM and submissive sex.

Late one night at the Tourist Court By Michael Bracken
A brilliant post-war Bonnie and Clyde style storyline, on the run after a robbery, they stop for some celebrational sex, well written and brilliant plot and great twist to the ending.

The Day the sun stands still byToni Sands 
A Persian slave girl is bought by Seed on behalf of his master the handsome Sultan Amir, Zuleika is convinced her life is over and accepts her lot as she joins the Hareem, Amir mourns the loss of his wife and is surprised how much she looks like his late wife. I loved this plot and the sex is well written but vanilla with a great twist to the story and happy ending.
As you like it by Tilly Hunter
A creative but really clever short story about Beatrice whose greatest desire is to act on stage with the brilliant writer and playwright Will Shakespear, Beatrice seduces him and he falls for her while he makes her into a man to play a woman in his plays. A sexy story of sexual dominance, bondage, pegging and fisting ending with an offer they cannot refuse.

Days of the Moloch by Lara Kairos
Set in Nazi Germany a passionate romance blooms between a German woman and a Polish forced worker, a dangerous affair for the both of them if caught. During a bombing raid she submits to full bondage and knife-play a particular turn on for me, this has a real feel of history and I really enjoyed this short story.

Revenge of Dixie Devil by Sylvia Lowry
Set in the American civil war of 1865 a notorious spy The Dixie Devil has plagued the Yankee invasion. A union officer determined to find this spy is after information and meets a women that has some information, but first she wants some things from him. This is a fun imaginative read where Sylvia has intertwined history with erotica perfectly.

The Gift by Clarice Clique
Asdern and Theodine were married for a political match to join the Royal houses, but they didn't match sexually when they both express their sexual fantasy's. The Prince wanting to be whipped and his regal bride a natural submissive.
So Theodine goes off on which could have been a embarrassing adventure and is rescued by her new slave. I loved this really well written and creative storyline and would have loved to read a longer version about the Prince's new domme. 

Sex in Sin city by Chris Westlake
Set in the heat of 1930's Las Vegas, Virginia a homely ranchers daughter secures a job cleaning a casino where she learns alot more than she bargained for in this new world of lust and luxury. Caught in a voyeuristic encounter Virginia meets a Boulder Dam worker who makes her a proposition which hangs on the the roll of a ball. A fun well written plot and I loved her language and innocence.

Bed of Glass by Alexandra Thomas
An unusual but well written story surrounding a mesmerising15th Century bed of glass, while flat hunting a young girl is transfixed by this amazing antique bed, what history did it hold? But it is more than a bed as it causes deep sexual urges to those that get near it. A fun and imaginative historical read and I wanted to read more....was it the bed...

Pages from the records of Dr Helena Hopfl
A clever adaptation of the Frankenstein idea and is written like notes from a journal, broken hearted Dr Helena pulls up the drawbridge aof her castle and swears no man will cross again and then sets about making her own perfect man, this is her journal entries of the last few days till he is finally finished. Will he breathe life back into her and more? This is a fun and imaginative idea for a story.

La Contessa's Game by Slave Nano
Set in the 18th Century, La Contessa is known for making her servants do bizarre sexual tasks, her latest is to dress her male servant as an elegant Venetian noblewoman while she is dressed as a lord, this is a story about some cross-dressing fun, where she walks her servant through the canals and alleyways of Venice and into a seedy brothel where she pays a prostitute to continue her sexual games of dominance, submission and bondage with flogging and pegging. A super sexy read.

The Raid by Kitty Mouser
Set in the later years of world war 2, a young couple are pregnant with their first child are starting a new life together, this is a sensual, romantic story about sex with no worries of getting pregnant between the lovers during the bombing raids.

Garver by Landon Dixon
Set in Mexico, Raw Garver best gunfighter and man tracker who is known for his fast guns and his one big gun. This is another great read from the pen of Landon Dixon with homosexual encounters with outlaws and cowboys.

Yoni Puja Honey Falls
Set in 19th Century Persia, Leila a young collared slave is given to Jalil as payment for her fathers gambling debts; where she undergoes the ritual of "Yoni Puja" learning about submission, obedience which leads to ecstasy and fulfilment before she loses her virginity. A well written unusual storyline.

The Duchess and the Highway man by Kitti Bernetti
Set in 1752 this is a fun story of a woman who is disguised as a male highwayman who forgets her quest to steal jewels and money falls for a sexy virginal Lady Henrietta with a super steamy encounter. Henrietta marries the wealthy lord she is betrothed to, but still secretly longs for her masked lover. They meet again when the highway man/woman reappears in her bedroom for more bedroom fun but will Henrietta find out her secret? This was one of my favourite stories in this whole book and would have loved to have read a complete novel on this storyline and plot, it was imaginative and well written and extremely sexy with sexual tension throughout.

Punished for Pharoah's Pleasure by Demelza Hart 
Another of my favourites, a young Egyptian slave is caught out of her chamber after dark by the High Priest Amunnakht she has lusted after for awhile, but she is taken immediatly to the Pharoah and punished. Sexual punishments involving voyeurism, Shibari rope play, bondage, flogging and threesomes. With a lovely ending A super sexual charged storyline.

The Invader Jayne Wheatley
Another favourite of mine and those of you that like rough sex play, a young woman joins the men in fighting off the marauding vikings. She is captured and rough handled and forced into sex which she soon gives into her own desires. I really enjoyed this story and feel it would have made a great full length novel. It is handled and written extremely well considering it could be a delicate subject to some, but this has a great twist at the end.

A cure for the Immortal young lady by Emma Lydia Bates
Set in the 1890's Marianne and Penelope are far from being proper Victorian young ladies, so when they see a cure advertised in their local newspaper they cant resist but to find out more.

Pretty Tied up by Elizabeth Coldwell
Set in New York Lucille is yearning to be a successful glamour model and is excited to have the opportunity to be photographed by Dusty Woods. But its isnt quite what she expects when she meets Dusty especially when Dusty wants to shoot some bondage photos.

Midsummer madness by Rowan Qwen
A Celtic Chieftain promises his daughter Elinor to another tribal leader for the politics of the tribe. But Elinor marks her coming of age during the tribes Midsummer revels taking her own pleasures and gaining her own sexual powers. 

Paperback of 224 pages,
ISBN: 9781908086525

Despite that I have not been a lover of short stories I am gradually coming round to the idea thanks to Xcite for sending more of them to read.This is one of the best book of erotic short stories books I have read and it has been a pleasure to find some new authors that I haven't read before.
I have also never been a lover of historical books but again I have been proved wrong with this brilliant mixture of imaginative writing, great plots and even some great twists.

 The authors chosen by Elizabeth have managed to combine both historical facts and feel of the era within the stories and some super steamy sex scenes. I have my favourites as I have mentioned above and some of the stories I would have loved to have read a longer more detailed novel about those particular characters as they have been so believable, particularly The Duchess and the Highway man by Kitti Bernetti, Punished for Pharoah's Pleasure by Demelza Hart and The Invader Jayne Wheatley; I would have loved to have read more of each of these stories.
I really can recommend this book as it has a great variety of writing styles and exciting sexually charged plots.



All my thanks goes to Xcite for sending me this book to review.

Also available from Lovehoney

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