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The Rocks Off 140 Ammo

I was really excited to receive a few items again from the lovely guys at Rocks Off, I have reviewed many products from this company and I know that I am getting excellent quality toys which are fun and high tech.

The RO 100mm top and the RO 140mm in size comparison.

After the success of the RO 100mm the worlds first ever silicone tipped bullet vibrator I was looking forward to trying the new stronger, more functions bigger brother; sadly when I reviewed the RO 100mm last year I found it wasn't powerful enough for me; so I had high hopes for this much larger version.

The packaging of the RO bullet is one of the things I love about Rocks off as the RO 140,100 and 80 alll come in a re-usable clear plastic screw bottomed case which moulds to the toy perfectly and is completely see through.

Ideal to keep it clean and protected from any scratches plus you cant accidentally switch it to on bumping around in your hand bag. 
When you first receive the RO 140mm it arrives with a concertina fold out mini manual stuck to the outside; quite a novel idea as it doesn't have a box it keep it in.

This is easy to remove and keep somewhere safe if you wish to.

Comparison Images
I have been lucky to have the opportunity to review alot of the bullets from the lovely guys at Rocks off so I thought I would include some comparison images so if you own one of them you can clearly see the sizing to help you choose your next toy.

RO 140mm/ RO 100mm/ RO 80mm in size comparison.

 In order of appearance from top to bottom
RO 80mm/100mm/120mm (bullet bunny)/160mm
This 140mm is 14cm long and comes in between the bottom 160mm and the pink 120mm.

Some of the other bullets and their sleeves I have in the Rocks Off range.
The RO 140mm is the big brother to the RO 100mm, but bigger and stronger. I adore the design of these bullets and they are designed on exactly that...bullets, right down to the casing. The red tapered medical grade silicone tip is soft and flexible making it ideal for pinpoint stimulation. It is well secured onto the case and in no way feels like it may come off.

The mirrored high shine casing is made of ABS plastic formed into the shape of the bullet casing. It does have a certain cool metallic feel which is really nice.

 On the base you have a matching red silicone button which you click once to turn on to the first vibe and then click through the functions to find your favourite.

The oval Rocks Off 140mm logo is embossed onto the mirrored silver surface also doubling as a finger grip as things can get quite slippy with a mirrored surface.

The total length is 5.5 inches/14cm long
the total width is 1.1 inches,
The silicone tip is 1.4 inches long,

This is not a pre-set or action this all designed in photoshop and took several hours to complete including the burnt frame.

Both the 100mm and the 140mm have been modelled on the AK-47 assault rifle cartridges and its quite scary how real they actually look. I couldn't resist taking some army photos of these 2 bullets. I did get carried away and took loads and these are my favourites.
Well I am a Photographic review site....eeep I taking piks and sometimes I get really inspired by unusual objects.

The thin ridged base enables you to grip and unscrew the base to replace the 2 N sized batteries. Inside you simply remove the paper disc and your ready to go as Rocks Off are one of the few companies that include batteries with every product, its ready to go as soon as you are.
Do not however remove the battery explanation around the inside of the bullet as its part of the battery connections. Screw the base back on tightly as it has a thick silicone ring to prevent water from getting inside, Rocks off have added 2 embossed lines to align to make sure you have screwed it on correctly. this is quite stiff to turn but it has to be to keep it waterproof.

The RO 140mm has 7 functions compared to the 3 of its smaller brother. Simply click once to start.
  1. Low vibration, 
  2. Medium vibration,
  3. High vibration,
  4. 1234 short 1 long pulse fast,
  5. Strong fast pulse 1 second,
  6. Reving and escalation from low to high in 2 seconds,
  7. Intense vibration
Press and hold to turn off, no scrolling through 7 functions to find off if you are disturbed lol.
The vibrations are quite high frequency and a little buzzy but Im pleased...and relieved to say they feel great.
The vibrations carry down to about halfway on the casing but most intense on the silicone tip.

The vibrations are fairly discreet for a bullet this size and I feel it wont be heard through a door or wall.

I'm happily impressed with this larger bullet I love the design and it feels excellent quality, the sleek smooth surface on both tip and casing gives a nice luxury feel to this toy. It feels substantial in your hand and the logo gives a nice grip to it as the shiny metallic casing can get really slippy with lube.

The flexible tip is a little draggy and needs plenty of waterbased lube (I use Give Lubes Premiere Aqua gel). I thoroughly enjoyed the functions but my favourite is number 7 the fastest vibration. Its slightly deeper frequency than the rest and made me orgasm fairly quickly. Despite being flexible its still quite firm, its not squidgy like some toys. The tapered tip makes it perfect for clitoral stimulation and insertion a few inches if you wish, but I personally just use it for pinpoint stimulation I particularly love this on my nipples, the soft silicone warms quickly to your skin too, so its ideal for the bath if you enjoy temperature play.

Its not the strongest toy I own but its certainly one of the strongest bullets and its double the power of the 100mm, it's perfect for clitoral play as it feels similar in touch to your own fingers. This bullet is quite surprising for me as I'm a rumbly vibe kinda gal and generally buzzy vibrations hardly ever work; but this 140mm feels quite different despite being more buzzy, I loved it. I can explain it in that it feels a more relaxing ride than a wham bam your there kinda vibe, its a journey toy.

Guys too
But this isn't just for us girlies, you guys can play too, held on the frenulum of the penis the vibes are quite strong.

The tip is ideal for just teasing the anus it feels like a finger with vibrations and you can insert it just slightly if you wish.
 I have to stress though do not think of inserting this bullet all the way as I feel its still quite slippy and doesn't have a flared base; as well as the vibes are only in the tip so I feel you wouldn't be gaining much to insert fully; plus despite being a larger bullet it could still be lost where the sun don't shine. It wouldn't be cool at A & E saying I have a bullet lodged in my UZI, I'll be back !

Cleaning and maintenance
The RO 140mm is 100% waterproof so it can be rinsed under hot soapy running water and then sprayed with a sextoy cleaner, I use Lelo sextoy cleaner as it doesn't have to be rinsed it keeps on working. Pay particular attention to the join in between the silicone and casing as bacteria could get trapped in the small gap as well as the embossing on the case.

 Then store away in the case provided which will protect it from scratches dirt and dust.

I loved this little bullet, the tip is perfect to transfer its variety of functions to anywhere on the body, its waterproof too so you can use it anywhere. I love the fact that it comes with a solid plastic transparent case, ideal for keeping in your bag, a glove compartment anywhere. The only thing is you can see what it is, an idea might be a coloured or more discreet case, but then again it looks like a larger lipstick so maybe a quick glance into your bag from a nosey stranger or friend will not raise any immediate questions.
This is ideal for both men and women as you can stimulate under and around the penis, even around the testicles and anal areas.
This is ideal as a travel toy coming with its own hard case so there is no way it can accidentally get turned on, its small enough to go unnoticed in most bags or suitcases. But I'm not sure about going abroad with a bullet that looks like...er...a...bullet and an AK-47 cartridge at that, I can see the awkward situation in customs now, so embarrassing as you show them its ok it vibrates, oh now they  think your carrying a bomb, so DO NOT take through customs...well I warned you!

I feel this toy would suit most people as its a nice in-between bullet, I do not enjoy buzzy yet this bullet has that bit extra ooomph that I'm not sure why, its a lovely size to hold and surprisingly my N sized batteries have been lasting well.
A great toy for any toybox or a pressie for someone in the armed forces. To be honest most guys would appreciate something that looks like a bullet too; but most importantly I feel this is ideal for those new to vibrators as its easy to use and you have full control with a tapered pinpoint tip.

Novel design idea,
Pocket sized,
Medical grade tapered silicone tip,
Own plastic storage case,
Strong vibrations,
Comes with batteries included,
Easy clean,


You can buy yours from
for £24.95

All my thanks for Rocks off for sending me this gorgeous bullet for this review.

My review coming next is the Rocks Off slender gold RO 150mm

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  1. I really like this one too, it's a great toy. :)

  2. Another fantasticly detailed review! I've tried the RO80mm but that's it - this one sounds amazing with it being larger. Love the packaging, it's a much better idea than the standard box.
    I actually LOL when you mentioned turning up at A&E - just imagine!! lmao
    Thanks hunni, deffo another one on my wishlist :D xx

  3. Many thanks for sharing your opinion here. I really like it.


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