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The large Lelo smart wand

When I was asked by Lelo if I would like to try the new smart wand I so excited but when it arrived and I opened it to find it was the large version I was blown away. I had read some emails that the medium wand was a little buzzy and Im not a buzzy toy gal so knowing I may have finally met my match in a sextoy I was...really excited.

Anyone that knows me knows how I am a bit of a power queen and so many of my toys never quite live up to my ideals or I have to bring in a second favourite toy to help things along.
I absolutely love my massager's they always have the most amazing power for me; so I was wondering how another massager could live up to my all time favourite Deluxe Magic wand.
What I also love are toys that are more techie, usb, rechargeable or have that something so very different from anything I have tried over my 30 years of using toys. As you can see it has to be something really amazing to knock my socks off.

Well my socks are off and across the room......Holy hell Marion.....
(From Mongrels the TV show)

I have to apologise now as this is one of my longest reviews because of the detail involved in the SenseTouch technology.

When my new baby arrived it was extremely well packaged and discreet er had Smart wand emblazoned on the front as it had come direct from China. So my postman either thinks Im the new Harry potter or its a new device to make me super human....eeep! But obviously this was directly from the manufacturers so most of you will be ordering from stores that guarantee to have discreet packaging.

Inside the packaging the Lelo wand was beautifully wrapped in thin foam sheeting. Then when you finally open up to the wand it was the usual excellence in packaging from Lelo a gorgeous classy white slip box with a beautiful graphics of a woman in a towel.
The back part of the slip box gives the techie detail's of what you have inside...oh the excitement is building.
You then take off the slip box and are left with the stunning Lelo white leather look box, oohhh this is beautiful.

Lift off the lid and you have the Smart wand sitting in gorgeous white foam.

  Im a sucker for little gifts given by companies and inside you will find an insignia style gold coloured metal brooch; this is a beautiful touch. Uniting all Lelo users together, its also the infinity sign too, so it says alot.
Lift up the cardboard flap and hidden away are the charger, user manual, a full 1 year guarantee and a 10 year warranty; plus the most gorgeous neoprene storage pouch I have ever received from any toy company.

This padded storage pouch has delicate pink embroidery sewn across it making it look quite feminine. The top folds over like an envelope to protect your wand from dust and dirt. To finish it has the Lelo designer label sewn to the side a lovely luxury touch.

 The Complete Lelo Smart wand kit.

Oh wow where to start.
This is the most powerful waterproof massager available on the market today.
The stunning large purple smart wand is made of body safe FDA approved Silicone, it holds the heat and repels dirt and bacteria; the silicone is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, latex and Phthalate free. The beautiful accented metal look strip on the inner handle is a made of ABS gloss plastic surprisingly enough it still feels like a thin gold metal.
The wand feels substantial in your hand and weighs approximately 395g/13.93oz.

The wand has an innovative design compared to most straight up massager's in that it has a curved handle enabling you to use this easily to reach parts on your back and shoulder which with a straight massager would be hard and uncomfortable to do.
The head is rounded like usual massage's enabling broader stimulating (no pinpointing here) and slightly flexible to allow you to press the head into achy areas and apply pressure.
Total length is approximately 12 inches long.
Width of the head is 2.35 inches
Length of the head is 2.35 inches long slimming down to a neck to allow flexion.
The head has a 7.5 circumference.

The 3 button Interface
The buttons are sealed under the all enclosed silicone, I love this idea that the whole wand is silicone covered apart from the metal accent on the handle.
The buttons are embossed into the silicone itself in the infinity shape matching the brooch too. You have 3 buttons + - and a () sign to press through the 8 vibration patterns.

 At the end of the handle is the recharging port to charge your amazing wand from the included charging unit.

Recharging long power cable.
The battery inside the wand is a Li-ion 900mAh 7.4 volts (for those that want to know).
When you first get your wand you need to charge the wand for 2 hours...yes I did say 2 hours, gone are the days of charging the items for over 8-24 hours as are most of my rechargeable toys. This is brilliant. You then have up to 2 hours use or it can sit on standby for up to 90 days.

I simply plugged in my adapter and waited in excitement for 2 hours, crikey its an age when you are pot and that...

The button control unit flashes white to tell you its charging and once you get a steady glow its finished charging. Mine actually finished charging in 1 and half hours and the first charge is very important as I have preached to you all before sorry....but Ill say it once more.
Always charge to the time stated or you may never get a full charge on a rechargeable toy, so I left mine till 2 hours was up.
This clever little wand will also start to blink on the control panel when its running low.

Wow I'm bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm over this massager, what a toy...
Press the + to turn on and then press + or - to increase or decrease the power to your choice on every setting at anytime.
Then press the middle button to scroll through the amazing 8 patterns;
  1. Vibration,
  2. Deep pulse/throb every second,
  3. Deep pulse/throb 2 every second,(twice as fast).
  4. Deep pulse/throb 3 a second,
  5. Deep escalation low to high and stop, repeat every second,
  6. Slow escalation from slow to max, decrease to minimum over 3 seconds,
  7. Escalation and de-escalation every second, slow.
  8. Random, very powerful you dont know what's coming.
 To turn off simply hold down the - button till it turns off.

The vibrations are very different to any of my other massager I own, its in its own league and would be unfair to rate against my others. Its extremely rumbly unlike the medium size wand, having deep vibrations means it can penetrate into your muscles at a deeper level like a shiatsu or Lymphatic massage, something someone's hands cannot do, they work so deeply into your muscles it reverberates your whole body. I loved this feeling.
 For me on certain patterns it gives a deep powerful kick to it, something so different to my other toys.
 The only niggle for me is that the vibrations on full, vibrate down to the handle and through my hand into my wrist; the vibes are so powerful you can have a slightly numb hand after a while. But I dont find this a problem as it isn't on for long lol. On full the wand actually shakes in your hand with power.

The clever bit the SenseTouch technology
What this wand has that no other toy has is the SenseTouch feature, to get this you hold down the middle () button for 3-5 seconds. The control panel will then blink twice to confirm it.

What is so special...well its Lelo's patent pending new technology in which the motor is engineered to mimic professional massage techniques. rather than applying maximum stimulation and speed to the muscles to start, the massage strength builds when the wand comes into contact with the skin.
This is produced by special heat touch sensors in the head that recognises when the wand is in contact with the skin, if you pull away a few centimetres the vibration intensity decreases to a slow purr.
I actually found I didn't have to even touch the skin, mine went to maximum intensity only millimetres away...I must be hot...this is incredible technology.
When you first turn on your sense touch settings the motor and vibration output is automatically set to 100%.
TIP: But you can set it to your comfort speed by pressing the head into your palm first to feel the increase in power and then adjust the vibration strength to your comfort level by pressing the + or - button.
It then takes up to 3-5 seconds to reach your chosen maximum from the point the head touches the body, to increase to your chosen vibration level.

To turn off the SenseTouch settings you simply hold the middle button again until the panel blinks twice and you will be returned to the standard 8 patterns which you control through the same button.

My opinion of the SenseTouch
Im really impressed with the SenseTouch, once you have set what your maximum power is you know it wont go higher. So the wand idles at the lowest vibration or chosen pattern until it senses warmth on the sensors then it accelerates to your chosen speed and continues till you take it away from the skin.
I have tested the wand and it definitely works with warmth only as I have tried it against table tops, sink tops, chairs still nothing..., skin its off! Its a great idea  This technology is fantastic.

This wand has an extremely low frequency of only a 100 hz and noise level of only 60 dB . Despite the extreme power this wand can hardly be heard, you cannot hear this through a wall or door, but obviously on full power you may hear a slight rumble and funnily enough if you are sitting on something hollow like a bean bag it reverberates 4 times as loud, so be aware what you play on as it can even reverberate through the floor.
BUT the good thing is if you are using sense touch and you are disturbed, simply move the wand from your skin; no having to fumble with scrolling through buttons its almost instant.

For Massage Benefits
The large wide head on the Smart wand distributes the vibrations across a wider area of the skin; making it ideal for massage. I also love that it is completely sealed within the silicone so you can use your favourite waterbased lube and it doesn't get up under the head making it a nightmare to clean, its a simple rinse instead.

 The amazing SenseTouch allows us to create our own massage techniques by having control over the patterns and speeds for the many problems that we may have from aches, pains, muscle tension, stress, back problems with the combination of gentle and strong massage each carrying their own benefits.
Gentle Massage
stimulates the nerve endings near the surface of the skin increasing our bodys own natural pain killers of endorphins and chemicals by helping slowing our heart rate and breathing which in turn help us to relax.
Strong deeper muscle massage
It is well known that deep tissue massage also known as Lymphatic massage increases the blood circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the massaged area. Flushing toxins and waste into your lymphatic system; which in turn will help our immune systems.
But of course the depth of the vibration will reach muscles that are hard to reach with manual massage.

TIPS for massage use
  • Touch not press,
  • Hold the head against the chosen area for 3-4 seconds or as long as comfortable, then remove and repeat.
  • After 2 minutes increase the vibration strength to allow the vibrations to go much deeper; this stimulates the muscle tissue at deeper levels.
  • Try using the wand in a hot bath as the heat and massage will relax the muscles making them more receptive to stimulation.

Yes yes yes Im boiling over with excitement I never thought any toy could give me what I truly want, but I have found it....yay the Holy grail !!

Not only is the silicone so smooth and silky it hardly has any drag as its rolled over the skin; the innovative shape makes it so easy to use on all areas of your body. I suffer with an incredible amount of I'm always on my back trying toys...but because I was a filthy lot.
The curved arc of the handle enables me to reach my upper and lower back so comfortably, in the past I have had to stretch or contort myself to use a wand on my back and shoulders often exacerbating the problem so I had to come up with innovative ways to use them. Sitting in a chair with it wedged behind me wasn't perfect but hell it worked well.
Unlike my other wands this Smart wand is fairly light despite being a larger size so its easy to hold in certain positions for longer if you needed too...I'm sure you wont.
 I found following Lelo's own tips above by just holding the head against the sore or achy area for a few seconds then lift away and then repeat works the best for me in getting relief from my sore joints and muscles.

Warning; The Smart wand is classed as an all over body wand but it should never be used over the chest, heart or throat.

Intimate Use
These vibes are the deepest vibrations I have ever felt in any toy I own, most toys I own are cranked up to full speed and one pattern and that's how it stays till I've finished. Not with this I love to play with the different patterns. I have orgasmed from each pattern with different intensities.

In the past I have to switch to maximum speed straight away as most my toys don't generally give me the power I need. Jeeze big mistake dont max this out on this SenseTouch till you have felt it first..phewey I nearly hit the roof. Once I have been peeled myself off my ceiling I turned down my SenseTouch  to just over half. Its quite a shock to feel it rev to maximum for the very first time.
What astounded me is the fact the wand goes off before even touching my skin its like magic, the sensors must be controlled by warmth too (something I will find out).
Wow the intensity of a toy increasing to full in a few seconds was almost enough to get me there instantly, amazing feeling and I'm blown away by this depth of power. I feel if it were the same power on a high frequency it would be way to buzzy, but because of its extreme low frequency you get a different type of power.
I also found the shape of the handle made using this wand so easy and comfortable, you can even hold it between your thighs as its quite light.

Using dildos
The rumbliness makes this wand ideal to press against my favourite dildos to turn them into vibrating toys, I loved it against my glass toys. But also to back up favourite toys that dont have the kick to them.

Sensory play
The quality silicone warms quickly and is perfect for use with sensory play, it only takes a few minutes in a jug of warm water and you are ready to go.

My own massager's in size comparison
As you can see I have been collecting massager's for awhile and each one has its own special place for different times and moods.
In order left to right is The Lovehoney Mini magic wand vibrator (review coming soon), The Fairy USB rechargeable massagerThe Deluxe magic wand, The Lovehoney Micro wand, The fairy baby, The Lelo large Smart wand and The Rocks Off LUV

 The large Lelo smart wand compared in size to the Deluxe magic wand.

 Head to head they are almost identical in size. It is also comparable in size to the Hitachi in both length and head size too, both are 12 inches approx in length.

So the big question is it more powerful than the Deluxe, well I'm not wimping out as I have to say they are completely different type of vibration; but they both still give me incredible...but completely different orgasms. The Smart wand has the slight edge being more rumbly with the SenseTouch techology as that's what I enjoy.
Those that have the Hitachi wand, the Deluxe wand is alot more powerful, so these 2 products really are the wand Titans in the world at this time. Im so proud to own both of these.

With added attachment
My Deluxe magic wand has always been my go to toy especially with the wand essentials G-tip attachment. So a little light bulb went off in my head, ok my OH's idea...I would have thought of it eventually honest. I rushed off to get my G-tip attachment and slipped it easily onto the smart wand.
TIP; the G-tip is made of skin safe rubber and until I find out if this is actually silicone I will recommend adding a condom between the silicone head of the wand and the attachment. Or they may degrade each other...God forbid...After all these attachments were made for plastic heads of the wands not for modern silicone heads.
Did it work?
Omg I dont say this often but omg...those deep rumbly vibes reverberated my whole insides and gave me the most intense mind blowing orgasm even stronger than without jeeze, I had no idea my body could give me any stronger orgasms. The triple stimulation from the vaginal insert, the clitoral and anal stimulator was!

This G-tip attachment makes me squirt everytime and with the deep penetrating rumbly vibrations it was even better. It gives me whole body orgasms where I simply cannot move for a few minutes my whole body is weak.

For those of you out there that have trouble orgasming or squirting these 2 items are a must have buy.
The SenseTouch technology still works through the G-tip too, something I actually assumed wouldnt work, but I thought "Oh what the hell I'll try it" and to my surprise it did. You just needed a little more pressure a finger touch not even a press..incredible.

This wand is ideal for travelling due to its travel lock feature simply press and hold the + and the - buttons for 3-5 seconds to prevent accidental turn ons in a suitcase. I do feel though they are firm enough not to accidental get turned on but its a great precaution. This is also beautifully feminine enough to pass as a body massager only, so you shouldn't get any raised eyebrows through customs.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Being 100 % waterproof the manual states you can take this into the bath or shower. But I'm still nervous about submerging the handle end of the recharging connector so I haven't actually submerged my new toy. (But it does say you can and I'm sure they maybe right) Being such a large toy you can run the whole head and buttons under warm soapy water without the base being anywhere near water and then spray with a sextoy cleaner my favourite Lelo of course (review here). Being non-porous this can be shared if sterilised in between.
Being such great quality silicone it doesn't attract dust or fluff like some toys and has little or no grippyness because its beautifully smooth. The only problem is it will scratch easily so as much as it is powerful enough to use over jeans and clothing, zips and buttons may scratch the smooth soft silicone surface so you need to be aware.

Then you simply store in its own gorgeous neoprene pouch which is slightly padded to give more protection. Its the same material divers wear to protect them.

Need you have to ask, this has flown to the top of my toybox, it eases my back pain and gives me mind-blowing orgasms; as well as different orgasms on different patterns something I have never felt with any other toy plus intense orgasms with the attachment.
This smart wand oozes luxury and the motor is outstanding quality and sounds very smooth even at full speed and is still very discreet; whereas my others do have a certain whine on full speed. The fact its rechargeable is brilliant and it holds the charge well, but I charge after every use I have found my Nemesis I cant have it dying on me can I?
Its the most luxurious smooth silicone I have in any toy, its so silky and you cant help but run your fingers up and down, its so touchy feely.  Its elegant innovative design makes it beautiful to own let alone hold, its cordless ergonomic shape enables you to easily reach your back and shoulders by yourself...but hey wheres the fun in that, haul in a friend to help.
The deep low frequency vibrations make it similar to shiatsu machines on the market that will reach deeply into your muscles; ideal as a stress and pain relief massager as well as for intimate use.
The gorgeous box and storage pouch makes this a stunning gift for any girl or couple...yes guys can use it too with brilliant results.

The innovative unique SenseTouch technology gives you personalised vibrations to suit you and the high powered vibrations really are something else, I cannot compare them to anything else as it really is so very different and it could have been made for me, I cant get enough of the extreme rumbliness. It makes me squirt every time and I'm absolutely addicted to this as its the most powerful intense vibrator I own. Those who are rumbly power queens like me and those of you that have problems orgasming or squirting I have to recommend this toy and the attachment ten times over, you wont look back. This is the best toy I own and as a reviewer I do not say this lightly.

I love this wand so Harry Potter eat your heart out...its mine.

Soft silky smooth silicone,
SenseTouch sensors,
Innovative curved shape,
Incredible rumbly power,
Gorgeous added Pouch,

Vibrations can go down the handle on full, but hey its powerful what would you rather have?

You can buy yours from the US from

Or from the UK from
 Lovehoney or Sextoysuk

All my thanks goes to the lovely guys at Lelo for sending me this incredible massager for this review, I cant thank you enough, no really!!!

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  1. ooh I have to say I'm very jealous of you owning one of these. I'm already a fan of Lelo toys in general but this just looks so luxurious and little bits like the brooch are a lovely touch too :)

    Reading it has rumbly vibrations is what really sells it to me though!

  2. What a thorough review! Thanks for all the info and pics, now I have to get one for myself!

  3. Incredibly useful comparison pictures - well done!

  4. great review, wondering if it will work with liberator axis pillow. my wife uses the Hitachi and this seems to be an amazing upgrade

    1. Hi that's a great question, yes the smart wand is an incredible upgrade and is stronger than the Hitachi, plus you have the SenseTouch technology which I personally love.
      I haven't actually got this wedge, so Im going to find out for you directly. My main concern is that the tunnel made for the wand is straight up inside the wedge so Im not sure there is enough room for the slight bend of the handle. Plus if the wedge were stretchy enough; would you be able to change functions through the gap as they are in different places?
      But I'll reply back here or if you wish to email me I can reply to you directly. Watch this space and thanks for this great question.

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for the fantastically thorough review. I hope you don't mind, but I've sent you an email with a couple of questions about this wand. Just wanted to let you know here because I know how notorious Gmail's junk filter can be and I wouldn't want to be doomed to spend forever in the spam folder, haha!

    Many thanks,

    Sooz (",)

  6. You are my dream come true today! I've been trying to decide if I should buy a hitachi magic wand or this lovely wand by Lelo. As soon as you pulled out that attachment I was sold! I'm happy to say I'm a little poorer and soon the new owner of a smart wand and a g tip!!!! Thanks a bunch!!! xox


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