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Talula G2

Talula G2

Vampsilicone is a female-owned US company in Chicago manufacturing unique silicone dildos. They care about what we put into our bodies and make sure we look good doing it!
"Where sex toys, art and sexual well being meet. With Vamp you can be sexy and safe!"
Vampsilicone products are handmade so each item is unique to you. They are designed by artists and sex educators, they are like functional art and a fusion of pleasure, style and safety. They have wide sturdy bases perfect for harness play.
So I was really excited to find out I was going to have the opportunity to try one of the new patent pending unique shaped dildos.
I chose the Talula G2 as it has an anatomically- erect shape which is slightly different to the original Talula in that it has a more bulbous head and more pronounced balls, something so different to any dildo I have tried before.

Talula G2 arrived within a week to the UK and extremely well packaged in a discreet box. Inside was my Talula, sealed in a transparent cylindrical cannister shaped tube, with plastic topped lid and base. Ideal to use as storage too.

Talula G2 is made of the best 100% premium, platinum cured silicone, (it doesn't produce peroxides or ketones as part of the catalysing process making it more popular for medical, food, drink or dairy applications. It also offers a smoother finish and clarity and makes it possible to tint with a specific colour to achieve a certain look.)
Its hypoallergenic, non-porous, phthalate and latex free.

You also have a choice of 11 gorgeous colour options, I received the brown version, not my first choice in colour especially as they do offer the most gorgeous metallics, glitters and marbling (above); but Im happy to have the opportunity to try this amazing patent pending shape.
You also have the choice of real skin or soft skin. The real skin dildos are slightly firmer than the soft skin although I havent yet tried any real skin toys from Vampsilicone. But going by my many normal silicone toys I would say this is definitely much softer and has more squeezability than most of my other silicone dildos. 
Talula comes in 3 sizes, Small coming soon, Medium 6" X 1.5" and Large 6.5"X 2". 
My Talula G2 is a medium Soft skin.
The whole dildo is smooth apart from slight detailing of the head and balls, it has no veining apart from one running underneath the shaft, or any textures which Im quite pleased as Im not keen on dildos that are too veiny...sorry guys I hate veins...ewwee.

But the main innovative design which is patent pending is the fact it stands erect and upwards rather than just drooping down. It has a sexy 45 degree angle to give you an anatomically-erect shape fantastic for harness play. The dildo is quite bendy and flexible but not too bendy, its just right. It even stands up by itself even on my squishy leather seat, I'm impressed already. 

The head is gently tapered with very slight life-like detailing.

Just holding this substantial weighty piece of silicone is quite a turn on. What can I say this dildo is such a fantastic shape.

The base widens into smooth chocolate (salty) balls.... Hmm South-park song in my head... The two large testicles have a great smooth feel and you will certainly feel them against you for those like me that love that ball slapping action feel...
Plus the larger base gives you plenty to hold if using it by itself.

Talula G2 is designed to be used on its own or in a harness.

Total length is 8 inches long,
Insertable length is 6 inches,
Shaft width is 1.36 inches wide,
Width of the head is 1.62 inches wide,
Circumference of the shaft is 4.75 inches,
The base is 4 inches long and 3 inches wide at the balls.
Talula has a great sexy look and to hold it in your hands is a great feeling. When using it by itself which I did for the first time I found I could hold it easily in the palm of my hand, the tapered head inserts easily but I found the texture really grippy so I needed plenty of my waterbased Givelube.
The shaft feels great inside and its easy to manoeuvre the toy by the balls making it great for thrusting. I personally enjoy feeling the balls against me and to find a toy which does this and is erect anytime I need perfect man! Although I would prefer the dildo slightly firmer for my own taste, maybe the real skin would be more my choice.
Despite this I can orgasm fairly quickly as it hits my G-spot so well and makes me squirt, it still has a firmness that allows you to thrust confidently. Talula is soft enough to hit your G-spot many times without you getting bruised; making it perfect for harness-play.

Harness play
The harness is where Talula excels and comes into its own as it looks so damn sexy and impressive. I'm sure if you walk in wearing this your victim...lover... will be trembling in anticipation. So if you are planning to use Talula G2 in a harness make sure its a simpler ring harness; something without a backing which may hide the balls so you miss out on that extra ball slapping action.
The balls reach down to my thighs but dont get in the way, I can even sit or lie down and it still stays erect, making it possible for your partner to sit on your lap and bounce up and down if they wish...depending on how strong your harness is....!

With Talula G2 having bigger balls than the original Talula you have the pleasure of feeling more of the balls while it is being thrusted. No dangling, wobbling around, no brewers droop, its alert and ready for action at any-time you want to. Plus It looks so damn hot!
Cleaning and Maintenance
Being 100% waterproof simply rinse under warm soapy water or rinse in bath or shower, then spray with sextoy cleaner. You can also dip Talula in boiling water for 2-3 minutes or popped into the dishwasher if you wish too. Then store in its own packaging tube or its own bag away from other silcone toys or they will degrade.
Talula will need to be cleaned before and after every use being such a dust magnet and checked often for any scratches having such a soft surface as with any silicone toy. 

I was really impressed with my erect Talula G2 before I even had it out of its packaging, its so visually erotic and feels great in your hand too. The silicone is excellent quality and so extremely soft and smooth. The rounded head hits my G-spot well and I can orgasm and squirt fairly quickly in or out of the harness as it makes me feel so full. 
In harness play you feel in complete control wearing Talula as it never droops, flops or wobbles and I can even use it hands free, allowing me to play with other things. The erectness is so sexy and a complete turn-on for the wearer and the receiver.
Its a fun uniquely shaped dildo and if you are new to dildos its soft and flexible enough to enjoy. If you struggle to squirt or are looking for a first harness dildo Talula G2 will be your man and a fun addition to any toybox. No worries of your toy having too much to drink, no viagra needed and no foreplay Talula G2 is your strap on slave ready to go when you are.

Novel unique erect shape,
Soft silicone,
Comes in funky colours, metallics and marbling,
Great base as handle,
Can be used solo or harness play.

Maybe a little too squidgy for me so I needed the real skin.
 Find out about Talula G2 and Vampsilicone and more of their unique silicone toys.
There is something for everyone.

 All my thanks goes to the lovely girls at Vampsilicone for sending me this gorgeous product to review.

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