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Sh! Countess Vibrating Dildo

When I first saw The Countess dildo my eyes lit up as its such a unique design and being an avid rabbit addict I was intrigued. This is a brand new concept in dildo design that offers both Clitoral and vaginal stimulation with the option of having vibrations or not. As I usually add a cock ring if I want extra clit stimulation when using any of my dildo's.

 The Countess is one of the new Regal range of dildo's from Sh! which have been a year in development. 7/10 girls need clitoral stimulation to orgasm which is why this new high society collection (The Countess, Princess and Queen ) feature a unique clitoral stimulator and are the first silicone dildos to offer both internal and external stimulation; coming in a selection of great colours and sizes.
A vibrating dildo is identical to its regular dildo but has a hole under the base to hold a bullet vibrator so you can use it with or without vibes, your choice.

So I was over the moon to have the opportunity to review this dildo with the new Sh! Corset strap-on harness (see my review) from the gorgeous girls from Sh!

The discreetly wrapped parcel arrived quickly the very next day and everything inside was wrapped beautifully in pink tissue paper. Each item is then also individually wrapped in pink tissue paper too making receiving a parcel from Sh! like Christmas and certainly makes you feel very spoilt.

Once you have unwrapped the 2 lots of gorgeous pink tissue my Countess was shrink wrapped for hygiene purposes in transparent plastic.

Underneath the dildo it is supported by a cardboard base which gives some basic care instructions and what it is made of.

The Countess Vibrating Dildo is made exclusive to Sh! Womens erotic emporium
in the UK and can be bought separately to use just as a dildo, but I chose to have the option of the bullet for the extra vibrations. 
The Countess is 6 inches long and made of a gorgeous purple body safe silicone and is latex and Phthalate free. It is uniquely designed into a rabbit style toy to give dual vaginal and clitoral stimulation.
The main shaft is bent almost a C curve which has 4 wide ridges around the curved body for added vaginal stimulation. The head is gently tapered into a smooth rounded head.
The soft flexible clitoral stimulator is also gently curved inwards allowing it to easily be pressed against the body should you want to.

The whole toy then has a beautifully feminine heart shaped flared base to fit securely into a harness or easily hand held. On the underside is a hole to fit the small Sh! 1 speed pink bullet.

Total length is 14.7cm,
Widest insertable point with ridge is 4.1cm,
The diameter of the head is 2.9cm/ 1.15inches,
Insertable length is 12cm long/4.7inches long,
Length of the clitoral stimulator is
Ring size which is oval and squidgable is approximately 5.3/3.4cm
Width of the heart-shaped flared base approximately 8.5cm.
Depth of bullet hole is 4.3cm deep, so other toys could be used.

The Sh! Bullet is 5cm long and 1.7cm wide.

I have seen many vibrating bullets in the years but this is so cute and girly being bright pink with the Sh! logo on the side in royal blue writing. It can also be purchased separately as its small and discreet enough to use by itself or to pop inside your bag or purse (no you cant borrow my lip-gloss), glove compartment or drawer.
I love the Sh! quote "Forget kitkat this mini bullet is perfect for have-a-break-moments"

The base simply twists to replace the batteries and then twist to turn on and off what could be simpler than this. When the bullet first arrives you simply remove the little battery tag and off you go, I love that if it comes with its batteries 3X LR44.

You then slip the bullet up inside the base of the Countess where 0.5 cm will protrude from the base due to the clever measuring of the bullet hole depth so you wont have to get the pliers out to pull it to change batteries. Sh! have cleverly designed the dildo so you cant push the bullet too far up inside its hollow hole.
The vibrations on the bullet itself are fairly powerful but high frequency therefore a little buzzy, but surprisingly enough being a bit of a power queen and preferring rumbly vibes this still made me orgasm easily by itself. Once slipped up inside the Countess the vibrations are numbed a little but travel through to the clit stimulator well although I would say you have lost about a quarter of the vibes through the thick silicone.
Tip; Coat the bullet with lube before inserting it as it will make it easier to remove for cleaning afterwards.
Warning; never insert the bullet by itself vaginally or anally, its far too small. Just to be used inside the dildo or externally.

I would say this bullet is middling in the fact its fairly high frequency and pitched but once inside the dildo and is then inside you its fairly discreet, but I feel it maybe heard through some doors or walls. But you'll be safe over music or TV.

The smooth tapered head inserts easily with some water-based lube and I can just about feel the ridges when I'm inserting; it can be used by hand vaginally, anally with or without the bullet; you have many so many options with this toy.

It fits well in your hand and the extra thick flared heart-shaped base makes it comfortable and easy to hold. 

The super soft and smooth silicone is so flexible making it perfect for thrusting. The shaft can bend  almost right over the clit stim; but not back the other way as it would be too bendy to be any good. The clit stimulator however can be bent backwards and forwards easily making it ideal to fit most women once inserted, as you can press it against your clit whatever size and shape you are.
I love the fact it can be used in so many ways with or without the vibrations, I normally enjoy my dildos a little thicker than 1 1/4 inch wide, but because its a rabbit style it was just right. The smooth soft and flexible feel make this so luxurious to touch and feel, its a stunning dildo. The extreme C curve of the dildo hits your G-spot well and is ideal for those like me that enjoy squirting.

Used as a strap-on dildo
This is what I originally had planned this dildo for and I was so pleased I did, having the wonderful opportunity to review the Sh! Corset (see my review here) and the Countess together is amazing, she looks so impressive in the harness and beautifully erotic.

The Countess fitted into the Corset harness with a little squeezing in the clit stim and once strapped and secured into the harness it held its angle firmly with a nice upward erectness (is that a word) lol? I loved this gorgeous angle and as a giver it was so easy to use and it didn't loosen off at all during play. I also found I could feel the vibrations against me too a huge bonus.

As a receiver it can be thrusted in comfort as the head is beautifully rounded and fairly soft. I found though if I wanted to enjoy the vibrations I preferred it was held against me rather than thrusted. So I am able to enjoy this dildo in a variety of ways depending on my mood.
The only draw back is that you need to turn on the bullet before the wearer puts on the harness as its a little awkward to turn on an off while wearing it, but this isn't a problem at all for me.
A future idea would be a wired bullet so harness users could turn on and off the vibes, maybe something with extra functions speeds and pulses would be great too.

I haven't used this for anal as its a little too wide for me; but its absolutely perfect for those that enjoy anal play, due to the extremely rounded head and the extra ridges on the shaft. If used doggy style the clit stim will actually stimulate or insert into your anus.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The countess is 100% waterproof being silicone, but the bullet isn't so you must always removed the bullet before washing.
It is ideal to ideal to rinse with warm soapy water in the bath or shower and then spray with sextoy cleaner. It is a bit of a dust hoover and you need to clean it before and after use but its easily rinsed.
Take care not to scratch the soft silicone against rough surfaces as any damage could hold bacteria so its always best to check your toy before use.
Then always store your silicone dildo in a separate fluff-free bag and never directly against other silicone toys or they will degrade each other.

The Countess vibrating dildo is a gorgeous uniquely designed dildo coming in 3 great colours and I love the option to use vibrations or not. The little Sh! bullet is powerful enough to really offer great sensations despite being dulled quite a bit within the silicone.
I loved the excellent quality and unique shape and I'm one happy bunny to have a rabbit style dildo with such an extreme curve that hits the G-spot perfectly too with the added bonus of a vibe inside it gives me so many ways and options to use the Countess, by hand vaginally, anally or harness.
The Countess fits extremely well in a harness due to the flexibility and the erect angle makes it even more enjoyable and so very sexy to see. Its soft smooth and flexible making this ideal for as a thrusting toy and for those that have trouble squirting the Countess is ready to help.
The ridges are more pronounced than most dildos I have and they really do add to the sensations. I have enjoyed using this dildo by itself with the vibes as well as enjoyed some real harness fun where you have the possibility of getting simultaneous orgasms with your partner from the perfectly placed bullet.
This is a stunning dildo and if you enjoy harness play or not its so different to add to your collection as it gives you 6 toys in 1; dildo, rabbit, vibrating, anal, harness and G-spot toy. 6 toys in one!!! If you love collecting dildos or enjoy rabbit style toys the Countess should be on your list
Everyone needs Royalty in their toybox.

Excellent quality smooth silicone,
Gorgeous colour purple,
Innovative shape,
Added bullet and batteries,

Bit of a dust magnet but no real problem,

You can buy your Countess Vibrating Dildo Exclusive to Sh! with the option of 3 different colours; 
Pure black Rich purple, Hot pink.

Pop into 1 of their 2 shops and speak to them personally;
Take a peek at the erotic classes they have coming soon;
from Blow his mind, Spanking, Your kinky cherry, BDSM in the bedroom, orgasmic erotic class, Strap on and pegging class, Boost your body confidence class and fifty shades of sensuality class and lots more.
I bet there is something for you HERE

All my thanks goes to the gorgeous girls from Sh! for sending me this stunning Countess for this review.

Please see my full photo review for the Sh! Corset Harness.

To celebrate 20 years of Sh! and to also celebrate Midnight Boudoir being 1 year old, the girls have kindly offered me a copy of this Limited Edition book to give away to one lucky reader.

 Click below to read my review of this book and grab your chance to win a copy!

20 years of Sh! Womens Erotic Emporium

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