Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sex and Mischief intro to S&M kit

Sex and Mischief intro to S&M kit

I love BDSM play and will always enjoy playing with handcuffs, blindfolds and floggers and this was no exception.
This Sportsheets Sex and Mischief range S&M kit is a complete beginners kit to BDSM, for those who have thought about what it would be like to roleplay and be blindfolded, cuffed and then gently whipped by their partner. Or have been hesitant to take that step and not quite sure where to start or what to buy first.
This small set will enable beginners to roleplay both sides either the submissive or the Domme position to find out what they really enjoy..or dont.

Will you be holding the whip or receiving the tails...?

It is completely unthreatening and is designed cheaply to be able to try the three basic items involved in S&M; to get the general feel and idea of S&M play. It is also an ideal fun gift to give someone as a pressie/gag gift; even a wedding gift.

In this cute set you receive a pair of black fur covered handcuffs,  a slightly padded black satin blindfold 

and a PCV 16 inch whip.

 All designed to Tickle, tease, tantalise or thwack your new victim.

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Sex and Mischief intro to S&M kit

All my thanks goes to Eden Fantasys for sending me this kit for this descriptive review.

This review is slightly more detailed compared to my usual reviews as its a descriptive product review for the Eden site.

product picture
BDSM kit by Sportsheets
Material: Vinyl / Metal / Polyester

Sex and Mischief intro to S&M kit from EdenFantasys

Sex and Mischief intro to S&M kit from EdenFantasys

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