Monday, 13 August 2012

Sensual velvet!

My entry into this Toy with me Tuesday #9
 by the lovely Nymphomanicness.

I love editing photos and I love powerful rumbly toys and being an absolute power queen I have finally met my match at the strongest most rumbliest toy I have ever owned. I really wanted to do  something to make it special as it deserves to be treated like royalty.
I bow down...!

So this image is my incredible, mind-blowing Large Lelo Smart wand (review coming soon).
On one of my favorite purple velvet corsets.
I took the image on a lower exposure and then added a mix of 2 actions which I have added to photoshop CS5 and then added a little dodge and burn to make it pop.
I wanted a very luxurious decadent feel to the image without much in it. 
I hope you like it? 

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Toy with me Tuesday


  1. Like the dream like haze and purple is the best colour ever.

  2. I always love the way you pair toys with lingerie. I've only seen the black version of the SmartWand - didn't realise the purple was quite so purple!

  3. Now that photo is absolutely divine!

  4. Absolutely love this pic ...the way you capture the colours is amazing! Gorgeous corset - really loing the purple! :)

  5. This is gorgeous! The colors match so well and it looks royal.

  6. I just love your pictures. This one is very sensual!

  7. What a lovely image, very soft and elegant :)

  8. Great shot, as always!

    Love how you've made it really stand out. The colours also look amazing :-)

  9. Love the colour-matching and the haziness! Very dreamy, fantastic purple.


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