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Night school for scandal by Angela Meadows

By Angela Meadows

Bored with evening classes in flower arranging and cake decoration widow Joyce and divorcee Eileen, decide to pep up their sex lives and experience all that the 1970s have to offer mature women.   Using the large hall of Joyce’s home, The Old School, they open the Ladies’ College for Erotic Arts.  They welcome three fellow students, Edith, Betty and Susan to join them on their journey of self-discovery.  With the help of young bodybuilders, Johnny and Mick, and unemployed midlands car worker, Winston, they explore the joy of sex in all manner of ways.
Each lady discovers pleasures that were beyond their prior knowledge and they stretch their inhibitions to the limit as they embark on a series of adventures that take them from their cosy village to the red light district of the city.   There are laughs, tears and orgasms aplenty as they try out every technique in the book.
Night School for Scandal is a light-hearted look at sexual experience for those beyond the first flush of youth.

This book and (gorgeous cover shot) is quite different to those I have read before in the fact its set in the 70's something I remember well...well as a kid anyway.
Its about 2 friends who are later in years, Joyce who is widowed and her best friend Eileen who is a divorcee. They decide they are bored with their mundane life and lack of sex (yes us older gals still enjoy sex...weird isn't it) so they have a mad idea of setting up the Ladies school of erotic arts. They based their studies around the book of the Joy of Sex, the first erotic book I actually owned...well we had no internet back then...people take computers for granted and forget it hasnt been around forever.
  The Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort was more than 70 weeks in the top 5 between 1972-1974. Its black and white line drawings shocked many but also taught many people too, me included.

So after lots of fun and planning they decide to embark on a very exciting form of study to spice up not just their own sexlife but to help other women find out what they enjoy and what turns them on.
So Susan, Betty and Edith their 3 new students enrolled into the Ladies college of Erotic Arts; from here we then follow the fun adventures of all 5 ladies all with their own insecurities, from the older lady in her 40's and 50's+ to the larger BBW lady and to the shy slim younger lady who hasn't experienced sex. So the Ladies college of erotic arts was born.

So one evening a week they began to learn about sex and along the way they find 3 guys to help with their studies; Johnny and Mick who were hired originally as static art models who ended up teaching them a thing or two, to the gorgeous hunk Winston who is employed as odd job man and live in sextoy...
The 3 young men manage to satisfy them all in a huge variety of different ways, all of them learning about their bodies and what they want and enjoy, including the guys.

I loved that Angela included items from the 70's like the Instamatic polaroid camera, I can relate to her descriptions of the women in awe of this gadget as I remember being fascinated too when I first saw this camera and always longed to own one of these too. We had no camera phones or digital cameras back then this was futuristic technology. Heck back in my day the wheel had only just been invented!

Angela had these women coming out of their kitchens and realising that its ok to enjoy their bodies and have fun with sex its wasnt just to please the man. Afterall the 70's was the sexual revolution. These ladies go through the most funny adventures and even had me laughing in some places. Angela's character Betty the larger lady was brilliant, she explains her extremely well and with delicacy without offending the BBW's of the world, making her so easy to relate to as we all have out fat worries and we watch as she loses all her inhibitions and just enjoys sex, something we should all learn from .
They enjoy multiple orgasms in different places and meet many different people, the men really dont know what has hit them even the naughty flasher gets his comeuppance. They go from quiet village to redlight district, enjoy playing with toys, exhibitionism, oral, bondage, spanking, chastity, slave worship, stripping, and so many more brilliant naughty ideas from the pen of Ms Meadows.

I know many of you that remember the sixties and seventies will enjoy this book more than I feel the younger girls. This is a well written, creative, fast paced, fun, flirty read, their sexual adventures take them to many aspects of the sexual world but still in keeping with the seventies of Bernie inns and Betamax, it all links so well with alot of imagination.
These women have fun with sex which is not taken too seriously. I could relate to each and every one of them and Im sure you will too. I'm bursting to tell you many more things they got up to but I'm not going to spoil the book; but believe me they visit and learn about the many angles of The Joy Of sex!

Paperback 224 pages,
ISBN 9781908262257
Published 19th July 2012

Author Bio
Angela Meadows is a writer living in the rural county of Herefordshire (England).  Having retired from her full-time career she is devoting herself to writing both fiction and non-fiction.  Night School for Scandal is her second completed erotic novel. Having reached a mature age herself she finds eroticism both amusing and exciting.

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by Angela Meadows
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All my thanks goes to the lovely Hazel from Xcite Books for sending me this book to review.

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