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Femifit by Dr Dolhay

I have reviewed many items over my years of mainly sextoys and lingerie and books so I was excited to try something that would actually help improve and maintain my health. I have had many emails from women in the last year who suffer with all sorts of women's problems from itching, thrush, cystitis, rashes soreness and for so many different reasons. All of whom I have sent to their GP just to get things checked out.... never really being able to offer anything to help, only advice...until now....

But finally there is something I can recommend a product that will actually help build up the woman's own good bacteria in the vagina to help fight and maintain the correct PH to combat some infections and to basically make you feel fresh and clean.

This is slightly different to my usual reviews as it does involve more scientific background information, so bear with me while I explain the details. Once you understand how these products work you will understand your own body alot more. I have learnt quite a bit since reviewing this product.

The femifit range of products are produced and manufactured by Dr Dolhay Ltd named after an obstetrician and gynaecologist of 40 years. it is an elite range of feminine products to aid sexual health and cleanliness.
If you are one of the many 1,000's of women who suffer from continuous infections of thrush, cystitis, itching and unusual discharge or embarrassing odours then these products are here to help.
But its not just for ladies with these problems its to be used during and after periods, while wearing the coil, before and after sex etc; we all want to feel healthy and fresh and I'll try to explain how and why.

Femifit is based on a natural formula to build up natural protection for women of all ages. Women have used Pre and probiotic remedies for the relief of thrush and other feminine problems for years.
The secret of Dr Dolhays hygiene products is due to the natural ingredients;
Prebiotic lactose which nourishes good bacteria,
Probiotic asse's milk for additional good bacteria...yes I did say asses milk!

Asse's Milk
Asse's milk has been used for over 2000 years for cosmetic and dental reasons and the products are scientifically proven to be highly effective in cleaning and maintaining a healthy PH balance within the vagina. Providing symbiotic protection; as an ex nurse I can vouch for its authenticity and explanation, this is ideal as the it helps the body produce its good bacteria to fight the bad and balance within.
Cleopatra was using asse's milk, its all through history.

The Scientific bit, the biology of the range!

Pathogens or bad bacteria can damage the surface of the vaginal epidermis, the natural ingredients of the femifit range set the ideal PH within the vagina. Many similar products contain chemicals including anaesthetics and fragrances which may only temporarily cover any symptoms but not help the problem and in some cases exacerbate it. I am extremely allergic to most body washes, oils and gels and have had many irritations in my years of trying new products.

Using the wash and douche helps boost the body's own protection of the vagina and will balance and repair healthy cell structure; by increasing the protecting Doderlein-bacteria, that are able to provide real health benefits.

Your natural vaginal PH is 4.0 to keep bacteria at bay and prevent any infections we need to use products which are about the same in PH.

Scientific Tests
Most products are higher including soaps, shampoos and body washes which can have a PH of 10.
"Dr Dolhay has done a test with 120 women, all volunteers, in a Hungarian city hospital, and the result proves the vaginal PH decreased by the effect of irrigation with any of his products – this indicates the increase of the amount of the Doderlein-bacteria"
“If the vaginal PH level is lower than PH 4,0 the pathogens will not colonize.”
100% natural pre and pro biotic,
Relieved feminine itching,
maintains a healthy PH balance in the body,

The Ingredients
is a pre-biotic to create pro-biotic feeding the natural lactobaccilus responsible for our acidic self protection.
Citrid acid and baking soda- provides the required acidic chemical effect immediately and maintains acidic conditions.
Asse's Milk
Is the ultimate pro-biotic just like breast milk and is the most important ingredient within this range, Even Cleopatra used this magical ingredient to keep her sexual health.
Enzymes in donkey milk is proven to destroy fungus, pathogens, bacterium and virus. The ingredients in the tablets; donkey's milk and mare's milk ensure complete maintenance of the vaginal ecosytem.
Please see here if you would like a more scientific explanation to the products.

The word Douche means to wash in French. It is a known way to clean out areas of the body with a mixture of liquids to make us feel fresher and healthier.
Weve all heard of anal douching but this is femifits own range involving a vaginal douche.
A healthy vagina contains certain bacteria and organisms called vaginal flora. Certain products we use in everyday life can upset the highly delicate balance of the flora.
Most of us clean our vaginal areas during baths and showers and can be completely unaware of the products we are using can cause a multitude of problems, purely because we have upset the floral balance causing, thrush, itching even odours.
it is proven that certain soaps will change the vagina's PH to alkaline and cause discharge which develops into other problems.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to try the whole femifit range, I have to stress I haven't suffered with any thrust or cystitis for years so can only review the products to how it feels. I have however had allergic reactions in the past, to many perfumed bath and shower foams and oils and have been allergic to some intimate washes so I was looking forward to trying this range.

"I was a little taken back at the thought of real mare's milk going up into my vagina but if its good enough for Cleopatra its good enough for me."

The Femifit Multi
Whats in the box?
In this kit is a 93/42/EEc rated medical device the vaginal douche and 100% natural effervescent tablets and a complete coloured guide book (leaflet).

Why will it help me?
As I mentioned above with normal everyday life the alkaline agents can damage the acid coat within the vagina causing irritation or discharge.
These include
  • IUCD (coil), 
  • Soap, 
  • Swimming pool water, 
  • Seminal fluid,
Others problems that can cause erosion of the vaginal wall are;
  • chronic cervical inflammations, 
  • diabetes, 
  • stagnation of substances within the vagina, eg menstrual blood, suppositories, 
  • certain oral contraceptives reduce the self protection of the vagina.
After any treatments of vaginal infections ie thrush cystitis the vaginal flora has to be restored, ie the defending bacteria needs to be multiplied and the acid coat inside reconstructed. It can then take up to 2 weeks for the vaginal mucous membrane to be repaired.
The lactobacilli ingredient the mare's milk produces the strong acid mantle from the sugar molecules in the vaginal wall.

How often should I use the douche?
If you have an unusual discharge see your GP first but this can be used everyday, otherwise you can use this every 2-3 weeks. I personally may use this a few days after each period.

How to use
This pack is so simple to use and it also comes with clear illustrated instructions;
In this pack you get a Douching device, a cute green plastic bottle made of polyurethane with a long spout to transpose the liquid up inside easily. This has a one way valve allowing only outward flow. The bottle has a green valve which allows air in the bottle after squeezing so no fluid waste.

Fill the bottle with clear luke warm water up to the max mark on the bottle, drop in 1 everescent tablet and allow it to dissolve.

The bottle is palm sized so you can fill it completely it is also cleverly curved to allow you to hold it comfortably while squirting the liquid up inside you.

Insert the applicator into the vagina and empty the content of the bottle with repeated squeezes while moving the tube in semi-circles to allow the fluid to reach everywhere inside. The applicator nozzle has measurement to help you know how far to insert.

 The bottle itself has the worlds first double valve system so no liquid from the vagina can be drawn back into the hygienic clean bottle. The bottle and applicator are re-usuable and can be then rinsed and cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry.

 You then store the applicator inside its own bottle to keep it clean and sterile.

I have never used a douche before of any kind so this was all new to me so you can either sit over the loo or stand in the bath or shower, whatever is easier for you. The large effervescent tablet dissolves within about 30 seconds and has a lovely light lemony fresh scent.
The nozzle makes it easy to insert and its also comfortable once inside, the clever curved design of the bottle makes it ergonomic to hold without having to contort into all sorts of positions to use this.
Its a lovely warm feeling as the liquid is inserted and obviously if you can hold the liquid in for a few minutes it will do its magic.
 Afterwards I certainly felt really fresh and clean and is actually quite soothing and yet I dont have anything wrong but it just felt nice. So I can imagine ladies who suffer with regular irritations will really find this a wonderful product to use.

The Femifit Wash
 This 250ml feminine foam wash is for all intimate parts and is part of the cleansing programme in-between the douches; but it is also perfect for daily use in the shower.

Why would I need this wash?
  • Its refreshing during a period, 
  • before or after sexual intercourse,
  • if you are prone to thrush or cystitis, 
  • after athletic activity,
  • after swimming as the chlorine in our swimming pools are particularly aggressive against natural bacteria.

As I mentioned before Im usually quite allergic to intimate washes but I found this foams up quickly like lighter hair mousse so you dont need much. This foaming wash is so soft and smooth in your hand and has a lovely soft natural smell nothing chemically or perfumed.
You simply press the pump, its consistency is of a lighter hair mousse which is why you dont need too much.

I found this range absolutely lovely, from the packaging to the products and smell. Both products have a leaflet which explains everything properly and in detail for those, like me that love to know as much as they can.
The Femifit foam wash is a lovely wash that combined with the Femifit Multi will you keep you clean and healthy in all your intimate areas.
Iwould never have normally bought his type of product for the fear of being allergic to it as I am so allergic to many body products; but I was over the moon to say I wasnt allergic at all to any ofthe Femifit range.

I hope I haven't blinded you all with science if you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me or the site itself, she is a lovely lady with extensive knowledge of these amazing products to help us help ourselves keep healthy.
 Contact her HERE on the main site with any questions or queries.

You have the confidence to know if you suffer any itching, discharge, aroma or simply in-between using the coil, the cap, before or after sex you can feel clean and fresh. A natural combination that has been used for thousands of years, and scientifically proven to improve your intimate health.

If the Mares milk in this range is good enough for Cleopatra it's good enough for me!

You can buy yours directly from 
Natural Hygiene and Hedalth the the sole distributor of 
Dr Dolhay Femifit range HERE

Femifit Multi this include the vaginal douche and 20 natural effervescent tablets.

The Femifit Foam Wash

All my thanks to Femifit UK distributor for sending these products for this review.

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