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Eve Body responsive Rabbit

I was fascinated by this new techie bunny being a huge rabbit addict. So I was over the moon to find out I would be receiving this to review from the gorgeous girls from Sextoys uk.
I love the thought of the vibrations coming on at the touch of my body especially after trying my last toy the Lelo SenseTouch wand, so I couldn't wait to try this.

The Eve bunny arrives in its modern white cardboard box with graphics of the bunny itself and lots of detail of how it works back and front.

With a nice saying printed on the side.

A rabbit vibe with hands free technology with a difference.
This gorgeous pearlised pink rabbit style vibrator has a soft TPE shaft with a pink plastic base and control panel.
This bunny may look very similar to most of the rabbits you see around at this time but it certainly isnt, the 10.5 inch length rabbit has an insertable shaft of 5.6inches.

The firm inflexible shaft has a softly tapered head for ease of insertion and around the middle of the shaft you have 3 bands clearly marked out by the darker pink colouring; each of these bands have innovative body responsive sensor offering something different at each band as it is gradually inserted.
The 1st band is Low vibration, insert it to the
2nd band and you have a pulse, insert to the
3rd band and it gives a higher vibration.

The clitoral rabbit stimulator then offers added 7 patterns directly to your clit. This very flexible bunny stimulator has some really cute rabbit features again in the gorgeous pink pearlised TPR this really is pretty especially when it catches the light. 
It has the long ears which are separated so they can sit either side of your clit if you wish as they are not moulded together like on some rabbits. The nose offers extra clitoral pinpoint stimulation and you can vaguely see his back legs attached to the shaft.
I do like rabbits which look like rabbits.....

 The pastel pink base offers a silver ABS plastic interface holding 2 black rubber buttons; one small one which is on and off, the larger button has a cute and funny "Ooohhh" written underneath, this scrolls through the 7 clitoral patterns.

The whole base is quite ergonomic with a rippled designed base making it really easy to grip and hold.

Above the on/off button are 3 beautiful bright purple LED's which flash in time with the patterns; these LED's are extremely bright but absolutely gorgeous.
They were so bright my camera couldn't pick up the light very easily so I had to reflect it onto black leather.
Warning; those who suffer with epilepsy really need to be aware how bright these flash, but being purely cosmetic these can easily be taped over so you can still enjoy the rabbit itself.

The Vibrations
Underneath the base there is a bayonet fitting twist off screw cap to allow you to replace the 4 AAA batteries. 

I love companies that make battery cartridges as its so easy to change and replace.

 Along the shaft are three body responsive pleasure bands each with its own vibration speed. As you penetrate deeper the rabbit rewards you instinctively.

How does this work?
The 1 super quiet motor in the shaft is situated about an inch down from the head, you then have 3 sensors set on the bunny side of the shaft to signal the motor when it feels warmth of insertion, depending which sensor will depending how the 1 motor will react eg; vibrate slow, pulse or fast. But I have to stress the vibration is only felt from 1 place in the head not in the 3 bands like the box leads you to believe.

Plus because you do not have the vibrations all the way round like the bands show, the sensors ONLY cover a 1/3 of the way round the shaft not the whole way round like the product leads you to believe.
I have tested each sensor and they only work along the shaft under and alongside the bunny stimulator.
Sadly the vibrations can only be felt on the head and ONLY about an inch down hardly at all on the shaft or over the bands as the box depicts. Even with my hand I can hardly feel any vibes on the shaft.

The Clitoral Bunny
The 2nd motor is in the clitoral bunny and works independently of the shafts sensors.
Simply turn on and then using the Oooohhh button click through the functions till you find the one you want to play with.

The functions are;
  1. Slow vibrations,
  2. Medium,
  3. fast,
  4. Escalation up for 3 seconds and down for 3 seconds,
  5. Pulse 1 a second,
  6. 2 short pulses and 1 long,
  7. Tickover- absolute waste of time mode hardly felt at all.
I am quite disapointed with the vibrations they are fairly weak all through the functions, the 6 volts of the 4 AAA batteries should be enough to blow your socks off; but these vibrations are one of the weakest of any toy I own.
They are also quite buzzy once you can feel anything.

I really wanted to love this bunny as I absolutely adore my rabbit style vibes, I always prefer vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time and have collected many bunnies over the years.
Sadly for me as someone who prefers a Harley to moped; this didn't do it for me at all!
The rabbit itself is a gooorgeous pearlised pink and really looks beautiful in the sunlight, the buttons are firm and precise and I loved the wider girth of this bunny at approx 1.6 inch wide.
the shaft is solid and does not flex just how I love my toys and the tapered head allowed easy insertion but its fairly grippy and has a lot of drag so you really need your favourite waterbased lube, because of the TPR (mine is Give Lubes premier aqua gel).

I found I had to pull the clitoral bunny against me to as it sat a little way from me, I enjoyed the firm texture it wasn't too squidgy and soft like alot of clit stims. But sadly none of the 7 functions was able to get me there at all. Im a lucky gal in the fact I can orgasm fairly quickly clitorally, but I could hardly feel the vibrations, infact they were annoying as I couldn't even get close.

I could only just about feel the 3 different shaft vibrations inside from the head, but nothing to get me anywhere near close to orgasm.
The other problem is once fully inserted you only feel the fastest vibration (the 3rd sensor), if you want to feel the pulse (the 2nd sensor) you have to pull the shaft out slightly and if you want the slowest shaft vibration you have to pull it out again so of course you cant feel the bunny clit stimulator.
The best way for me to use this little bunny was to use the shaft's head against my clit and use my hand to trigger the sensor of my choice, the fastest vibration was way too buzzy and high frequency for me and could hardly feel it, the lowest vibration (the 1st sensor, 2 inches from the head) had a more rumbly low frequency vibe meaning I could feel it better, but I couldn't have that fully inserted; which meant I had to hold the shaft with my hand up near the head to trigger it, this felt ok but I was disappointed I couldn't use this rabbit for what it really was for.

The odd thing is the first band which is meant to be lowest vibe felt the strongest due to its low frequency!

Cleaning and maintenance
This rabbit is easily cleaned by wiping the shaft with an antibacterial wipe and then spraying with a sextoy cleaner. Its not waterproof.
Being a bit of a dust magnet I suggest cleaning before and after use, then store your new bunny in its own bag away from other silicone toys, for the fear they might join forces and produce a mutation that will really show me whose boss...  or they may degrade each other ;-).

Aww...sniff...sniff...I was so looking forward to this bunny as it had been on my wishlist since it arrived on the sextoys website. I adore anything techie or innovative; it is beautiful to look at and the LED's are stunning and exceptionally bright lighting up the whole room in purple. The Eve feels excellent quality and even slightly luxurious.
But sadly, the techie part is there but the vibrations and power are not...well not enough for me anyway. Its plenty for teasing but I'm not sure its enough to orgasm if you like to orgasm clitorally.
I could hardly feel the motor in the little bunny its too gentle despite having 7 patterns it just wasn't enough for me.
I was disappointed I couldn't hardly feel any vibes on the shaft except the head. So I could only use this toy on my clit by using it like a giant bullet, but this of course defeats the object of having a rabbit.
I do have so many other rabbits that are far more powerful than this gorgeous looking one but it could easily be used as a dildo
I'm not sure I can recommend this bunny at all unless you are extremely sensitive to most vibrators and only enjoy gentle functions. I love the new technology though the sensors are a great idea, I just wish you could have the choice of a pulse or speed once fully inserted. You only have full speed and I would class that as a medium speed at best, not strong vibrations at all.

I hope the next version of the Eve will have double the power and stronger motors then it will be a toy to be reckoned with.


Gorgeous pearlised colour,
Soft flexible,
the innovative sensors,

Too weak for me to use as a rabbit,

You can buy yours from Sextoysuk

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All my thanks goes to the gorgeous girls from Sextoys Uk for sending me this bunny for this review
xxx Our passion is your pleasure

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