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Body & Soul Elation Massager

by CalExotic Novelties.

I was really excited to receive this very unique shaped toy for this months Sexpert review.
 The Elation is one of the new products from the Body and Soul collection from Cal Exotics, my initial thought was that it looks like a cute purple Viking alien beetle...I did say it was cute..I like beetles.

The packaging comes in the popular CalExotics white cardboard recyclable box with photographs clearly showing what this product is. I feel it could still be given as a gift as its shape is fairly discreet and could easily be a small body massager.

The Elation is neatly packaged inside a plastic polythene bag for hygiene purposes with its foldup instructions on its use.

The Elation is a dual pronged massager with a motor in each tip for pinpoint stimulation to anywhere on the body, for couple or solo play. The top part of the massager is made of an elegant arc of purple silicone and the base a matching purple ABS high gloss plastic.

4.25” x 2”/10.75 cm x 5 cm

The neat EZ touch button on the front has 10X for 10 function embossed on it and has a really neat red LED around the this.

The base has a flat slanted base enabling it to keep upright on a table or floor to keep the prongs clean from dust and dirt.

 This is such a great design brilliant idea as most toys simply roll around on the table collecting dust.

 The wider base also gives you a secure grip and sits comfortably in the hand being bottom weighted enabling you to grip better.

The Batteries
The Elation is divided in the middle and unscrews to replace the 2 AAA batteries easily, it even has 2 battery formed holes for the batteries to sit in and then the top is the battery connector; its quite a brilliant design in battery casings.
You can see the nice thick watertight seal around the base, so make sure it is screwed back up tightly by its bayonet fitting.

The button on the front of the Elation is a perfect size for your thumb to sit over and has a nice well defined click, press once for on and then again to scroll through the functions to find your favorite.
Then you can press and hold anytime on any finction to turn off. I love a toy when you dont have to scroll through the functions to find off if you are disturbed.

I really love the red LED surrounding the button it really has a lovely bright glow to it and it will flash and pulse in time with every vibrations so you can see what you are on too.

In fact it gave a beautiful red glow to the room.

There are 10 functions to this little massager and its quite a little powerhouse of pulsation, escalation and of course vibrations.
  1. Low, slight rumbly
  2. Medium, buzzy
  3. High, buzzy
  4. Pulse a second,
  5. 2 short, 1 long,
  6. Long pulse lasting 3 seconds,
  7. 3 short pulses, 2 long,
  8. Slow, medium, fast each lasting a second,
  9. Hodge podge,
  10. 2 short, 3 long escalating- different speeds, short, medium and long, longer -full speed,
The vibration are middling and quite buzzy (apart from the first which has a slight rumble) and sounds like you have bees in each prong.

This is quite a discreet toy on some functions and wont be heard through a door or wall, but a little louder on others so choose your function carefully depending who is around. It does have quite a high pitched whine on some patterns as you have 2 motors flat out and it sounds like 2 bees arguing which one is king of the garden!

My buzzing alien Viking beetle in the grass
This little massager...Viking...alien...bug really is cute to hold and use, my only niggle was when it arrived it wasn't quite finished off, it had glue set in the cracks in between the silicone and ABS base; but I was able to pick it out and I was fine. This was not enough to give this adorable bug a bad deal.

The  prongs are flexible and bendy each one containing a motor, so you are able to put some pressure behind them and press them onto the skin and muscles and yes use it as a genuine massager. The motors do make some odd noises as you press it into the skin and if you press too hard you can slow down the motors a little.

It has been really cleverly designed to sit comfortably in your hand and I found that being weighted it gives its own weight to the massage and vibrations, so little effort is needed in using this little vibe, both prongs really do deliver the powerful vibrations to the spot you need.

I found most of the vibes pretty buzzy but there was a great variety to use all over the body, the shape of the prongs give pinpoint stimulation to anywhere you want to, but it worked perfectly around my nipples delivering the vibrations either side it felt incredible. But of course they worked the best for me on my clit enabling one prong on the clit and the other on the vaginal entrance, so I can have a smaller dildo inserted and place the prong on its base and feel the vibes inside too.
I do feel however the prongs may have been even more useful nipped together a bit more so it could sit either side of the clit, they are too far apart without bending them together manually to grip your clit.
 The high frequency high pitched whining sound on some of the functions was starting to bug me a little too as you have 2 motors together and I found it a little off putting.
The Guys
Yes this is brilliant for the guys too as you can open the prongs to sit around the penis, you have a slight point on the head on the Elation which can sit against the frenulum and the prongs around the side, this point is ideal for the guys.
The prongs are perfect for teasing the anus and around it and can even be dipped in and out if you choose. But obviously not to far due to having 2 prongs. But its an extra fun option for you to try.

Cleaning and Maintenance
This little Elation being 100% waterproof can be cleaned with antibacterial hot soapy water or rinsed in the bath or shower, then spray with a good sextoy cleaner paying close attention to the joins of the silicone, but of course it wont be inserted up to here.Then store your new Elation alien bug in its own bag or in a make-up bag away from other silicone toys or they will degrade each other.

This adorable Elation isn't the strongest I have in my collection but its not the weakest either. Its fun discreet looks make it safe to leave out and no one would really know what it was, afterall its perfect as a mini stress reliever around the neck and shoulders. I have also found it feels amazing run down the spine as the prongs sit either side of the spine.
I really wanted to love this massager but it is fairly weak for me and the vibes buzzy. If the vibes had been rumbly and a deeper frequency it would have made this perfect for massage as deeper vibes travel better into muscles.
But the double prongs still add double vibrations to a larger surface area, rather than just one prong like on a bullet or smaller vibe. I also love the fact its weighted and sits up keeping the prongs off the floor or table, its there ready and waiting for you. Also being a huge sucker for flashing lights I adore the bright red LED around the main function button..
This makes an ideal gift for those that enjoy buzzier more gentle vibes, its ideal as a beginners massager as it has dual purpose for massage and teasing foreplay. An ideal gift for those that love unusual designs like me and despite it not being as powerful as I'd like I'm glad I have this as its so fun and quirky.

Creative, fun design,
Great colour options purple and black,
Well designed battery compartment,
10 functions...yes 10,
Easy clean,

Wasn't finished off when it arrived,
I would have loved a deeper lower frequency vibration,
Too weak for me.

product picture
Discreet massager by California Exotic
Material: Silicone

All my thanks goes to CalExotic Novelties for sending me this adorable Elation for this review

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  1. Amazing - he really does look like a little bug! Love this and the idea that it's so discreet - no chance my kids would suss what it was used for if found lol
    10 functions is fab - most only have a few!
    Thanks for another fantastic review hun, sounds like you had fun and he's another to be added to my ever growing wishlist lol
    Thanks hunni :D xx


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