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Traded innocence edited by Antonia Adams

Traded innocence is the first book in the brilliant new series of the secret library promoting the love of all books paperback in our age of ebooks.
But it wasn't the first book I have read, I was lucky enough to receive Hungarian Rhapsody (Review here) first to review and absolutely loved it. I now have the amazing opportunity of reviewing the complete set; the other 5 books.

They are beautifully bound in black velvet flock to enable the reader to read their erotic tales discreetly; no erotic naked bodies emblazoned on the cover to give away your naughty book. But 6 beautifully bound and coloured books written by some of our best erotic authors.

Traded Innocence
This is the first in the 3 stories and a great one to start with.

Sea, sky and smugglers’ coves … paradise for some but despair for beautiful Rebecca. Her father plans to marry her off to a tyrant. Intrigued by a soothsayer’s words, she tumbles at the feet of bad boy Jac, an apprentice smuggler, good with women and horses. Desire mounts as powerfully as Rebecca’s determination to rewrite her destiny. Is the local witch the answer to her prayers? Mystic Morwenna is Jac’s ex-lover. Can she be trusted? Midnight at Half Moon Cove sees scavengers and power-hungry barons struggling for supremacy. The lovers must face greater danger before innocence is traded for passion in the sandy cove where they first met. 

When I started reading Traded Innocence my heart dropped as I'm not a lover of historical romance stories but within a few pages I was hooked into this brilliant plot. Toni sands has a knack of making the characters relatable I felt an immediate connection to Rebecca; despite the story being set in the 18th Century I was till able to connect well to her.
I felt so sorry for this girl and as the storyline went along I also fell for the gorgeous Jac. A lovable rogue not the murdering cruel smuggler often spoken off in this century, I could easily see him in my mind through her excellent descriptive writing, I could also see the beautiful red haired Rebecca with her slim figure dressed up in long skirts and corsets making her figure even more beautiful. Infact I found it so easy to picture the whole story in my mind making it even more exciting.
I was whisked along with this interesting and exciting plot and couldn't put it down, despite being a novella Toni has managed to cram a great idea into a smaller story. I would have loved this to be a complete novel and learn more about Rebecca and Jac and the cruel deceitful Lord Geraint and see more secret sexy meetings.
This story is extremely vanilla but the I didnt realise this till the end when I realised there hadn't been any severely erotic scenes but I had still thoroughly enjoyed this book. If I had known this was historical and completely vanilla I wouldn't have read this; showing how naive I have been. It also proves if you have a great writer you simply get whisked along enjoying the moments without having to have xxx-rated porn all the way through.
A great start to this book and I will be looking into reading more of Toni Sand's writing; I have to say she has converted me into reading more historical erotica too which I never dreamed I would enjoy.

Author Bio
Toni Sands finds inspiration in the spectacular Welsh landscape but also likes roaming around art galleries and people watching. Someone once told her he noticed a sensuous quality to her prose and she blames a lot of things on this chance remark. She often finds, as with The Secret Library: Traded Innocence, characters like sexy Jac and feisty Rebecca arrive, demanding to have their say.
Toni’s stories feature in Black Lace collections as well as in Seducing the Myth . All her other erotic romances, including her historical novel, Orchid Pink, are published by Xcite Books. She’s a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and is thrilled to be a contributor to The Secret Library. Website: http://www.tonisands.co.uk


Cooking Up trouble by Elizabeth Coldwell.
The good news is that Morgan Jones has landed her dream job, co-presenting the Saturday morning TV cookery show, Cook’s Treat. The bad news is she’ll be working alongside the hottest celebrity chef in London, Scott Harley. Voluptuous Morgan has never forgiven Scott for trashing her cooking style and physical appearance in a magazine article, but when she meets him in the flesh for the first time her reaction is very different. The attraction between the two of them is mutual and undeniable, but she’s determined not to fall for his obvious charms. Their chemistry on the show disguises the tension behind the scenes – a tension that grows more sexual by the day. Can she stand the growing heat – or should Morgan get out of the kitchen?

From the first page I wasnt sure if I was going to enjoy a story about cooking as I am not quite the domestic goddess. But after a few pages Elizabeth had me hooked into this storyline and had immediately warmed to Morgan Jones, I found her extremely relatable and believable. I loved how both characters were determined not to like each other until sexual tension couldnt hold them back anymore. Yes I actually felt the sexual tention within the pages. I know a good author when you are urging the characters to just touch each other; yelling at the pages...anything but just go for it.
I loved this novella and I managed to grab this storyline before getting up one morning and again couldnt put it down till I had finished the story.
The sex is quite vanilla which again like Traded Innocence I hadnt noticed till I went to write this review as the writing was so good. The sexual tension buildup through the story made the sex fantastic. Normally I prefer books much more hardcore with alot of BDSM; but I really got lost in this plot. Sometimes with shorter stories the endings arnt quite finished; not with Cooking Up trouble a great ending to a fun sexy read, to the point again I felt this would make a fantatsic full novel...can we have more please Elizabeth I loved the banter between these too and would have loved to have seen more of their stubborness.
A great read!

Author Bio

Elizabeth Coldwell
Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.


Migrations by KD Grace
Is the last of the 3 novellas in this brilliant book, it is also out as an ebook by itself.

VAL HASTINGS, assisted by her do-gooder cousin, SALLY CLINE, is shanghaied into driving their AUNT ROSE across the US to visit her son. What begins as the trip from hell turns into a sexy adventure when they find themselves sharing the interstate with a mysterious, leather-clad biker. Aunt Rose and Sally are convinced he’s up to no good. But after Val catches him mid-wank at a rest area, and he offers her some steamy help to make her journey more enjoyable, she’s convinced he’s her nasty saviour.
Is HAWK, the biker, a murderer, a free spirit, or something else? Whatever he is, animal attraction wins out over caution, as he joins the ladies for a cross country romp that keeps Sally and Aunt Rose nervous and Val hotter than her overheating engine.

Another brilliant book by KD Grace...well I wouldn't expect anything less. I read this book within the Secret Library series Traded Innocence (Full review coming soon) but you can buy this as a stand alone novella.
I was going to read just a few pages...(yeah...right this is KD were talking about), but I didn't stop turning the pages till I reached the end.
From page one I immediately related to all the characters within the book, because of KD's uncanny knack of making every character interesting or so very similar to people we all know or have met in the past. This could have been written for me what with my love of birds and the super sexy rugged leather clad bikers with a Harley (ohh my....fans herself..) and Val being an ornithologist who seems to have my exact sense of humour; I immediately felt I have known these people forever.

This novella was a wonderful light hearted read and I found myself laughing at the annoying comments made by her Aunt and cousin, I think we all have or know an Aunt Rose and a Sarah.
Hawk (I loved the name) is an extremely sexy biker with a high sex drive and a kind heart. I enjoyed Val becoming more and more obsessed with this leather clad stranger despite the possibility he could be the murderer; but her passion and obsession for him was making her blind to any possible dangers because of the monotony of a long roadtrip with her highly annoying companions.

A fast paced read with lots of super hot passionate "rip off your shirt sex" scattered throughout, which was believably written with intensity and passion and plenty of sexual tension which I love in a book. I loved how they grabbed their sexual exploits throughout the journey and how she was gradually falling for this sexy hunk of a stranger oblivious to the whitterings of her relatives.
What was an even bigger surprise was the unexpected KD twist at the end; this really is another must have read from the library of KD Grace,
I wont say too much more as I really dont want to give too much of this fun read away, its an ideal coffee break affordable read for any Kindle. You wont be disappointed.

Author Bio

K. D. Grace
K D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she, cuz otherwise, what would she write about?
When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband recently walked the Coast to Coast rout across England. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots.
K D has erotica published with Xcite Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, Scarlet Magazine, Sweetmeats Press and others.
K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, The Pet Shop, and her newly released paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Heatwave trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011.
Find K D Here:
Website: kdgrace.co.uk http://kdgrace.co.uk/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/KDGraceAuthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/


I loved this book; the 3 brilliant authors gave me exactly what I wanted from shorter erotica stories. Being novellas you can grab a few pages or a complete story in just a coffee break without the need to put it down, so you can enjoy 3 complete stories.
I can absolutely recommend Traded Innocence first in the series of Secret library; I enjoyed all 3 of these brilliant stories all completely different from each other; enabling me to read some authors I hadn't read before. I know a great read when Im really disapointed the story is over and each one made me want more. They would all make brilliant full length novels in themselves as I would have loved to have read much more about each one of these stories.

The Secret library are all completely discreet to read on the bus or train with no worries about what is on the front cover; this a refreshing change to our beloved kindles as I still adore my paperback books and always will, nothing like the feel and smell of a new book, sorry Kindle but you will never be my number one.
As for the whole secret library wow they are all highly recommended, I will be reviewing each of the other 4 books in the collection individually so watch this space.

Paperback of 224 pages
ISBN: 9781908262028

You can buy yours from Xcite Books
Paperback £7.99 and ebook £6.49 (but you wont get the beauty of the velvet flock)

All my thanks goes to Xcite press for sending me Traded Innocence to read for this review.

Click the links below to see so many of your favorite authors which one you would choose?

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