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The Muse by NS Novelties

I have recently had the opportunity to review The Envie by NS Novelties from Eden Fantasys and loved the quality of the silicone and the power of the vibrations. 
So I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to receive a small box of goodies from NS Novelties to review for them. The Bliss, the beautiful crystal premium eggs ( review coming soon) and This amazing adorable Muse.

NS Novelties combine the highest grade materials with state of the art innovation that adheres to all American and European manufacturing guidelines. All their products are body safe silicone or hand blown borosilicate glass, TPE or TPR which are free of Phthalates, latex, additives and fillers. So you know any product from NS Novelties will be 100% body safe whatever style of toy you buy.

I was completely taken with the Muse as soon as I saw this adorable fella, plus as you all know I'm a complete geek when it comes to flashy lights and LED's and being a rabbit addict I was drawn to this little guy even though he isn't a rabbit style toy, the fact he has ears makes him bunny enough for me.

He comes in both black and pink of which I have the black and love as his lights show up so well on him; cant wait to show you all.

After trying the Envie and the Bliss I am so impressed with NS novelties , their products are excellent quality so well made and luxury feel; I knew this little Muse was going to be no exception.

The Muse sexy Commercial

Front of box with windowed slip box inside.
The Muse arrives in a beautiful black cardboard slip box with its image on the front, You slip off the box and you have another solid cardboard box with a window showing the actual Muse.

On the back shows a diagram of the Muse and what it can do. It doesn't come with any instructions surprisingly enough but it clearly explains everything.

Lift the windowed lid off the box and your gorgeous Muse sits snugly in a black foam bed.

The novelty touch here is in the box design, in that it has a pretty coloured outline and corner cardboard hiding the charger and plug. This box is ideal to store your Muse in; being pretty as well as useful and strong.

The adorable black silicone Muse is a uniquely shaped clitoral stimulator which is cleverly designed so the silicone ears of this cute bunny sit either side of your clit. It is also perfect for pinpoint stimulation all over the body of nipples neck and all erogenous zones.
The silky smooth black silicone reaches half way down and is scalloped around him to give a nice shape. The base is made of ABS glossy white plastic and is shaped like  a weeble, I'm not sure if people remember the Weebles but they say they never fall down, he is quite a nice substantial weight and is balanced well but has a slight lean to one side, once turned on he stays level.

See the flashing Blue LED

Around the middle of the base is a small thin line of blue LED's and this flashes in time with the pattern you have him on. The Muse has 2 separate excellent quality motors one in each ear. The vibrations are such amazing quality you cannot feel them while holding the shiny white base.
No numb fingers here girls............

All LED's lit up mouth, eyes and eyebrows.
(This is much faster than the real thing though I just wanted to show how great they looked.)

The neatest part to this Muse is the eyes, oh my goodness these cute eyes light up and stay lit but a novel touch is that his eyebrows light up in stages not connected at all to the vibrations, he gets angrier and grumpier in 3 stages, with no eyebrows, then just one set, then two, his expression is fabulous and you cant help but love this little guy.

Total length is 9cm,
Total width is 5.5cm,
Length of each ear is 3.3cm
Width of each ear is 1.3cm
Width of both ears together 3cm,
The ears have a gap to allow you press the ear tips either side of your clit or simply move him up and down your lips.
Weight 9.80 oz.

The rechargeable Muse means no more fudging around for batteries you simply charge him up and in 2 hours or less he's ready to please his new mistress. When mine arrived it didn't come with a UK adaptor but this was no real problems as I had one already.

 Minute hole in the black silicone saying DC for the charger.

The Muse comes with his own re-charger and you simply plug in the jack plug into the black silicone at the back which is self sealing silicone, make sure you angle the cable horizontally into the back of his head to charge. I feel like Im murdering the poor thing lol.

I didnt have any instructions so I left him to charge for 2 hours, his eyes will blink till he is full.

Once charged  then they will stare at you.

The vibrations are fantastic and you have 2 motors centering all their power on one clit...jeeze I hope you are ready for this power girls as it delivers stimulation to both sides of the clitoris simultaneously; how self indulgent can this be 2 powerful motors to one clit.

Bunny Cruelty
Ohh my how cruel to bunnies is this...To turn on poke the poor little bunny in the eye once and then press through the patterns till you find the one you like, poke the other eye to go backwards, then poke either eye and hold for 3 seconds to turn off or scroll through till you find off.
1. Low,
2. medium,
3. Fast,
4. 3 pulses a second,
5. 1 Long 2 short pulses,
6.  Short, short long pulses,,
7.  Escalating 5 pulses low to high,
8. 2 pulses, pulses escalating  low ,2 pulses escalating medium, 2 pulses escalating high, she's gonna blow captain..
9. Reving up over 10 seconds buzzes once, decelerates buzz buzz ,
10, Escalation over  10 seconds, then 8 pulses,

 Once on you just have his eyes showing the 2 small buttons.

Then the eyebrows light up gradually till he has a brilliant grumpy face.Wouldn't you if someone was poking you in the eyes?

Im so impressed its absolutely discreet cannot be heard through a door or a wall, I can hardly hear him with my OH next to me. It is the quietest toy I own and I own alot.

A video to show you the lights, size and LED's.
As I said in my previous review for NS Novelties Ive never been a fan of clitoral toys but wow he can pack some power to your clit. I nearly jumped a foot in the air as I did what I normally do with my toys and whack them on generally they are not powerful enough for me, Id already felt the vibes on my fingers and thought I could take the power...but....sheesh once I had peeled myself off the ceiling and I had turned him down the vibrations felt incredible.
The fact you have 2 soft silky smooth but very firm pinpoint stimulator's to press anywhere you enjoy vibrations is wonderful. But to have both ears laid either side of your clit...pheewey....!
This Muse feels amazing the choice of 10 patterns and his body sits so comfortably in your hand, as he really is quite bottom heavy for a toy.You can sit him on a flat surface and prod him (like he needs anymore poking) and he will rock too and fro quite happily without falling over just like the Weebles back in the 70's, he is really amusing to watch.

I do find for me however I get easily over stimulated with him and have to start again because most of the vibes are extremely high frequency and yet they really pack one hell of a punch. For the first time ever I have had to turn my vibration levels down. Once I get it right he's just perfect but there's something about the vibrations that over stimulates me quickly if I'm not careful.
I also found his ears didn't really sit well either side my clit; I prefer them directly on my clit, maybe that's my problem I'm not sure; but I still enjoyed holding him between my thighs. Despite this I absolutely adore him, the LEDs and the power he has, I just have to be aware what settings I use him on.
Where he worked wonders for me was on my nipples, nip the ears around a nipple and whack him on high..ohhh yess!.

Cleaning and maintenance
Being 100% waterproof you can rinse him under hot soapy running water and use a sextoy cleaner to sterilise him. He really is a dust bunny though, so simply store him back in his box or a small makeup bag away from other silicone toys or they will degrade each other.
You can use any water based lube and I always use my favourite Premium Aqua Gel from Give lube.

For Fun
 Not A-mused!
This has been called "the most exciting toy of the year" and he really is, this is every girls ideal toy, most of us when starting out in sextoys...(if I can remember back that far)..plump for a small discreet clitoral toy and of course we always adore cute.
The Muse has it all making this toy perfect for beginners and advanced toy collectors alike; as I mentioned before I have never been fond of clitoral toys but I have been blown away by the excellent quality, the discreet vibes and of course the feminine, modern and just damn adorable design.
He didn't quite work the way I wanted him too but he's still one of my firm favourite toys for body pinpoint stimulation and the ultimate nipple toy for me, those ears grip to my nipple and it feels like teeth...amazing.
Once you are over the fact of poking him in the eyes each time its such a fab fun toy to have around.
This is an ideal gift for any girl as you have the option to use this as a small body massager too, I love this on my nipples and it feels incredible on a tight stressed back and neck.
That flashing grumpy face makes you smile before you have even turned him on and before he has turned you on of course; you cant help but love this little guy!!!

Adorable, modern design,
2 powerful motors for either side your clit,
Extremely discreet,
10 functions,
Easy control,
Easy cleaning,

More rumbly vibes would be great,
Instructions to know how long to charge etc,

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by NS Novelties
Material: Silicone

All my thanks goes to NS Novelties for sending me this adorable Muse for this review, a welcome addition to my warren.

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