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Sqweel 2 by Lovehoney

As a sextoy reviewer I have been lucky enough to try many of the most popular, luxury and fun sextoys. But the Sqweel was a toy I have been lusting after for a long time. It is the best selling oral sextoy in the world. So when I was asked if I would like to review the newer, completely redesigned version of the original best selling Sqweel I was ecstatic.
I was also apprehensive too at using this toy as I have spent over 30 years using vibrators, dildos and massagers and it is nothing like any of these. It is a (r)evolution in orgasms.

Compared to the original Sqweel
The New Sqweel 2 has an ABS glossy finish in a modern black or white; compared to the rubberised texture of the original.
It has 30% more power,
It has a new and exciting flicker mode,
Its quieter than before,
Being ABS its easier to clean,

The Sqweel 2 arrives wrapped in the lovely Lovehoney tissue paper with another set of batteries...oh Lovehoney how did you know I wouldn't be turning this off.....EVER! Plus a bottle of Tracey Cox's lube.(The batteries and Lube do not come with the Sqweel 2).

The Sqweel 2 is sat in a plastic moulded transparent box surrounded by a cardboard outer box clearly saying what it is. In large letter the Worlds only oral sextoy. This is not a discreet box if you wish to hide this. On the back is a quick description of what it does; after all I think it will be ripped out of the box so fast no one will read this lol. or is that just me?.

The Sqweel 2 is nothing like you have ever tried before (unless you have Sqweel 1) its not a vibe or dildo it doesn't vibrate, thrust, tingle or pulse and it wont numb you with buzzy vibes.

The whole outer circular case of the Sqweel 2 is made of white glossy ABS plastic with a a gorgeous transparent pink opaque lid which slots on and off to keep the tongues hygienically clean.
The case is substantial in weight and ergonomic allowing you to hold it securely in place; your hands close around the Sqweel easily and comfortably. making this also very portable. I loved the newly designed toy as its similar to our iphone stylised products, modern chick and I love it. I also love the new pink translucent lid giving a teaser of what's inside.

The wheel known as a Sqweeler has an incredible 10 flexible tongues made of extremely soft flexible pink silicone. These are all flexible and bendy so nothing to be scared of.

This sits securely inside the compact case of the Sqweel 2 and is easily removable for cleaning...see later. The Sqweel 2 also comes with its own manual which is clear and concise.

The Sqweel 2 takes 4 AA batteries which came supplied, the back of the Sqweel 2 has a neat battery compartment which slides and pops open, its also attached so you never lose the cover.

  I love toys that do this its an extra touch that I feel is easy to add to any battery toy.

The slider and 2 buttons.
On the front of the Sqweel you have 2 buttons, a play button that we are all familiar with on many electrical products nowadays; press to start and it allows you to scroll through 3 increasing speeds. The second button is to scroll through the 3 directions of the lapping tongues...downwards, upwards and flicker.

"The Flicker" is the newest addition to the Sqweel 2 and the most fun as it rocks backwards and forwards by allowing the wheel to turn almost 3/4 way round and then it reverses back approximately every second on your chosen speed. So you have 3 speeds with each of the 3 modes giving you 9 combinations. (A huge improvement from the 3 speeds of Sqweel 1.)
You can then press and hold the Play button to turn off , no scrolling through to find off button if you are disturbed.

 Visually they look gorgeous as it has a beautiful blue LED that shines brightly from both buttons a lovely luxury touch. Im a sucker for LED's on toys. 
The Sqweel is quieter than the original but it still has a whirring noise that I feel could be heard through a door or a wall, but hey its worth it believe me. Put the radio on to drown out any noise and you of course enjoying this to its best.

 Moves so fast you can hardly see the wheel.
Like the original Sqweel it doesn't vibrate or thrust; instead the pink silicone wheel is designed with 10 realistic pink silicone shaped tongues which turn at different speeds to simulate oral sex. Im not a girl who often enjoys oral sex and I was a little apprehensive as I had no idea what to expect and seeing 10 tongues spinning quite fast even on the slowest setting coming towards my clit was a little un-nerving for me.

 Full speed

My first time my OH took control of the Sqweel 2 for me and he added lots of lube to the back of his hand; put the tongues on slow speed and let them lap it up, I love this way to add lube as it covers all the tongues.
At first for me it was an Oooo and arhhhhh " strange jumpy" feeling every-time a tongue hit my clit till I relaxed and I got used to such unique sensations. The first time the tongues were on slow for too long and I started to get a little sore and was wondering if it was going to work for me at all after 30 years of using vibrations.
 So I asked my OH to crank it up to full speed, it was kill or cure and wow what a difference it felt 100% better, but after 5 minutes I still hadn't orgasmed I would normally have cum by now or have dived for my rabbit; but I persevered and told my OH I was ready to go for the dreaded "Flicker" which I was a little worried about...he flicked the switch and those tongues went up and down at full speed; Oh jeeze I was there in seconds....hell yes. Again I didn't like it on slow or medium but fast gave me more sensation and less drag.

  Downwards motion of the lapping tongues with flat side of the tongues.

  Tip of tongues going downwards almost scooplike.

So you receive smooth side for a second and tipside for a second as it rocks back and forth.
This toy is all in the angling and is brilliantly designed so the case allows the tongues to get close enough to your clit without the case touching you. I preferred the Sqweel 2 being moved up and down my pussy, or above my clit and down; the sensations felt amazing. You can also enjoy a little side to side movement too. Then just before orgasm hold those tongues directly on the!
But if you get too carried away and press too hard the tongues will stop turning a safety thing. Ideally you need to hold it away from you to allow the tongues to lap and spin freely against you.

This toy for me is definitely a slow building orgasm but wow its intense, it definitely doesn't work as a quickie for me at all; it does take me some time to reach orgasm with the Sqweel 2 but I do get the most intense orgasms. You cant thrust like a vibrator or dildo but small in and out movements of the tongues feels amazing.

 Heres my pamper night in, hot bath, nails, my favourite chocky bar and the remote...all mine for the evening to watch my favourite porn.

For the first time user
Choose a special time to relax and pamper yourself a sits probably best to use this yourself for the first time or at least have control. Just get used to all your controls and speeds, get used to the feel of it in your hands and let the tongues lap your hand first to just get used to your new toy.
TIP: for the first time its best if you are in control of your Sqweel so you can judge how close you wish to get to your clit till you are confident.

I have to stress the tongues are fairly grippy silicone and I needed lots of lube to stop it feeling draggy and had to keep adding it to the tongues every few minutes to keep the tongues lapping and slippy.
Funny TIP; don't drip the lube on the wheel while its spinning or you will be sprayed with lube, centrifugal force sends the lube flying outwards in all directions but made us giggle. (Okay just do this once for a laugh). I found just dribbling it above my clit was best so it naturally dribbled downwards.

Ohh I have also found my ultimate nipple toy.... jeeze its incredible especially the flicker mode, Im in heaven. It feels like someone is gently slapping my nipple which I adore perfect for my BDSM play. Its worth the money for this alone.

For the guys
Yes the Sqweel 2 maybe ok for some guys,by running it slowly up and down his penis and under the frenulum...very gently though. It can lap alot longer than we can girls....phew no more tongue ache. The braver guys may also enjoy it on and around the testicals too. But my OH didn't find he enjoyed the tongues on any part of him as they were too grippy for him even with lots of lube but other guys may enjoy playing.
TIP: I feel that those of you that have alot of hair (more the guys here) you have to be aware of the wheels catching the hair up; so just lube up so you are nice and slick, otherwise it will be the quickest pluck you have ever had... ouchy...!

Cleaning and Maintenance
The Sqweel 2 looks quite complicated to clean but its so easy I can assure you. Video coming soon.

 Locked and  Unlocked

The Sqweel 2 has a slider button on the front of the case showing a locked padlock to secure the wheel in place.
If you slide it over it shows an unlocked padlock this allows you to slide off the front panel to reveal the wheel and spindle.

Simply lift off the wheel and then run it under hot soapy water and spray with sextoy cleaner like any other of your silicone toys.

Then wipe the smooth inner case with a damp cloth or wet wipe and then dry the wheel and case thoroughly; before putting the Sqweel 2 back together again.

There had been so many complaints about the original Sqweel being hard to clean being a rubberised material and lots of cracks and crevices inside.

But with the Sqweel 2 its completely smooth and shiny inside and wipes clean quickly and easily. Its in its own case so no need to buy a box or bag its all in one, I love this idea.

Extra Sqweeler tongues
What I love about this amazing toy is that you can also buy extra tongue wheels which are all compatible with the new Sqweel 2; so if you have these already you can use all the 3 tongues available to give a completely different oral sensations.
Each wheel is a different texture/denisty, Soft, medium, firm silicone.

I bought the 3rd  Lovehoney Sqweeler pearl tongue Sqweel wheel (Full review coming soon), once I found I was getting this to review; I couldn't resist. It fits as easy as the other wheel no problems at all.

This gives a completely different sensation to the tongues it comes with, incredible; I actually prefer the more solid nubs on this than the flappy tongues but in a completely different way. Although the side nodules take some getting used to.

  Moving so fast its a blur.

 I now have 2 toys in one and will be collecting the other 2 wheels.

The modern chic looking Sqweel 2 is excellent quality and innovative design is gorgeous, I cant believe they have managed to make this even better looking than the first but they have; these tongues have a seriously lifelike feel. I really wanted to love the Sqweel 2 after lusting for it for so long; but for me its takes a long time for me to orgasm, Im normally a "30 seconder". It took me a few times to really enjoy it as the sensations are so different to the toys I have been using over 30 years. I had to re-train myself to just enjoy the "best tongue lashing of my life". I adore the new Flicker setting its my favourite on my clit and nipples and it does give me intense orgasm eventually. So for that I cant complain at all so my love is growing for this.

 Fink I've bin caught sneaking my Sqweel 2 off to bed!

Girls you have oral sex on demand, it wont complain the footie is on the telly or it has to go down the pub with the lads; you have your 10 tongues ready and willing at the touch of a button; your own oral sex slave.
I feel if your a woman who struggles to orgasm through oral sex you so need to try this product as it feels completely different from any toy available; pop your oral cherry with this. If you are a girl who orgasms well from oral its a no brainer its better than the real thing. You choose your speed and mode, use it by yourself or with a friend. Build up slow or go for the kill! It's a fantastic and welcomed addition to any toybox.

 Just blissful!
 Your very own oral sex slave on demand, realistic oral sextoy for intense orgasms.
Awww,  he's so cute....  and that tongue.

Portable, modern chic design, easy cleaning, compatible with other tongue wheels to give you different sensations,

Grippy silicone tongues needs tones of lube,

You can buy your very own Oral sex Sqweel 2
from Lovehoney for

Tracey Cox Lube review coming soon!

All my thanks goes to Lovehoney for allowing me to review this amazing toy for its launch!
product picture
Clitoral vibrator by LoveHoney
Material: Silicone

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  1. I Love that it now comes in white and has a glossy finish, looks like Lovehoney have made some great improvements on the original Sqweel :)


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