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The Reflections Nirvana by Doc Johnson

I was really excited to receive the Reflections Nirvana as a gift as it had been on my wishlist for while. Thank you so know who you are.

The Reflections range
I adore glass and Nirvana's glossy black glass with those amazing nodules are extremely sensual. The Reflection range is a stunning range of medium sized vibrators each one with its own shape, style and colour, so there should be one for everyone.


  1. A transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and samsara. It represents the final goal of Buddhism

  2. Liberation of the soul from the effects of karma and from bodily existence

  3. A state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place

The Reflections Beauty and the Reflections Nirvana

The Nirvana was the first in the Reflection range I have tried but since then I have received the Reflections Beauty, a wonderful contrast to this one. They are the perfect Ying and Yang. The Nirvana is a glossy black glass with lots of glass nodules for added stimulation, while the Beauty is the same shape and size but is smooth and sleek; giving off a luxury elegance and is made of white frosted glass with velvety feel.
Which will you choose?

 In order of appearance the Beauty  Bliss Glee Love Nirvana Wonder  and the the adorable glass bullet  Lil Pleasures

This range comes in a plastic transparent box stylized with really snazzy 70's style hearts and swirls, circles. The box is fun and colourful and gives the feeling of 70's free and easy living.

This gorgeous black glossy borosilicate glass vibrator has an incredibly smooth sensuous touch. 
What is  Borosilicate glass
We have all heard of Pyrex used in kitchen equipment and Borosilicate glass is a patented form of Pyrex. It slick smooth, dishwasher safe and extremely strong and durable, its odour free heat and chemical resistant and the glass can often last a lifetime. Should you drop it, instead of shattering like most glass it will simply crack or break open.It has no pores and absorbs nothing so cannot pass on any bacteria or diseases.
It is phthalate and latex free, hygienic and body safe. The whole vibe has a lovely substantial weight and feel and sits comfortably in your hands.
It is 6 inches long and 1.53 inches wide.
The Insertable length is 4.45 inches and the Head is 1.5 inches long.

The head tapers well from the shaft which has 2 ripples from the middle to head but the best bit is the 16 clear glass softly rounded nodules that protrude approximately an extra 0.25 of an inch and are designed NOT to add any real girth to this toy; as they sit within the ripples of the shaft.

 The base is ABS plastic with Doc Johnson logo printed in white on one side. On the end is a rubberized transparent button with a 3 in black printed on it, standing for 3 speeds. This is well defined and easy to scroll through the 3 speeds to find the one your after.

The base unscrews to replace 1 AA battery. There is a paper insert with a battery diagram showing you which way to put in the battery, a clever little idea. Except I tried to pull it out thinking it was a battery tab and realised its partially glued in...Doh!

Tighten the base back on up carefully to maintain the 100% waterproof seal to play in the bath or shower. This vibe comes with a lovely thick seal as you can see, most vibes this small have a thin ring. But this gives adequate protection from water getting inside.
The 3 escalating vibrations are nice and simple with low, medium and fast. Low and Medium are extremely quiet and great for foreplay, fast has a nice low frequency buzz but its not quite a rumble it's completely in-between buzzy and rumbly. A wonderful feeling inside.
Its not the strongest vibe I have but its nowhere near the weakest either. The low frequency makes the vibrations slightly deeper giving a great feel inside.No numb fingers here.

All 3 speeds are fairly discreet and cannot be heard through a door or wall and especially not in a shower with running water.

Sensory play and the Nirvana and Beauty 
I adore this range purely because I can incorporate my love of sensory play too and my love of all things glass. For me I enjoy hot and cold sensory play with both the Beauty and this Nirvana as they offer different temperatures due to the differences of their textures.
While taking photos of these gorgeous vibes outside I had them in the sun ..(yes we actually had a hot day here in the UK). I went to pick up the Nirvana and it was really hot in my hands after only 5 minutes in the hot sun, but the Beauty remained only just warm a marked difference.

So from here after a few experiments in the fridge and out in the hot sun I have found the Nirvana holds the heat far better than the Beauty due to its glossy shine and obviously being black which absorbs heat fast. Whereas the Beauty holds the cold much better than the Nirvana and its frosted appearance reminds me more of snow and ice anyway so having both these gorgeous vibes is a bonus as they offer completely different sensations; despite sharing the same motor. This alone makes the Reflections range worth collecting to offer different feels for different moods.

I absolutely adore glass toys as I love sensory play with heat being my favourite to cold. Cold is a punishment for me while heat is most definitely a reward and complete indulgence.
One of the best things about glass other than sensory play; is the fact you can use any type of lube so just choose your favourite lube from water based to silicone as being 100% waterproof you can use this Nirvana in the bath or shower too.
With glass toys I hardly need any lube at all because it has little or no pores to absorb the lubricant; I usually use it anyway as it heightens the sensations for me when using heat and allows me to feel the nodules so much better with the Nirvana.
So after adding lots of my favourite Give Lube premier aqua gel I was ready to rock.

I enjoy using the Nirvava with or without heat and love the coolness of the solid glass initially as it touches my body; it then quickly warms to my own body temperature with glass being an excellent transmitter of heat.
The smooth gently tapered head allows easy penetration and I love the extra girth. I'm not a girl who really enjoys slim vibes as I like to feel full and generally chooses toys with a 1.5+ girth. the Nirvana is perfect being 1.53 inches in girth is just perfect. The nodules are not too raised to cause any discomfort as they are extremely rounded with no sharp edges and are not uncomfortable at all. Once inserted I could feel the wide ridges and nodules; generally I cannot feel ridges and bumps inside my vagina on most toys; but Doc Johnson has designed this just right. 
The heat from sensory play always makes me extra sensitive inside and out and I think its a cross between relaxing faster and the fact it brings the blood vessels to the surface liven up your nerve endings. 
Angled in and upwards I can give myself slight stimulation to my G-spot too. But I definitely prefer hard surfaces to stimulate both my clit and G-spot compared to soft squidgy toys. Its not the strongest vibe I have but its definitely not anywhere near my weakest either I think the power of the vibes are pretty good considering it runs on 1 battery.

For me I enjoy gently thrusting against my G-spot and then when nearing orgasm stimulate my clit using the glass nodules to gain more stimulation; this feels aaaamazing!! I was so impressed with this little guy, what with gorgeous girth, lots of lube, heated up and on number 3 the fastest speed; I can orgasm quickly and with intensity. Everybody needs a hobby!

Nipples and Body
This is also perfect for sensory stimulation on your nipples and all over the body, simply roll the hot or cold Nirvana firmly across the skin and have a massage as well; the pressure feels incredible especially with the extra glass nodules, if anything is going to relieve stress it is a hot Nirvana rolled across your back and neck that I promise. I adore the feel of this on my nipples too especially hot.

I haven't attempted this for anal as its far to girthy for me, I'm no anal size queen; vaginal yes anal...nooooo, well not yet anyway. Plus I feel the nodules could be too much for some, its maybe too hard for most. But Im sure those of you that love their girthy anal toys would love this toy.

Cleaning and maintenance
Being waterproof the Beauty can be cleaned easily under hot soapy running water and then sprayed with sextoy cleaner. I wouldn't though suggest putting this in the dishwasher like you can other glass toys despite being 100% waterproof as it still contains a motor which maybe effected by the extreme heat of the machine.
It cleans so easily just under running soapy water in the bath or shower this is more than adequate as long as it is used with a sextoy cleaner too to sanitize.
Then store somewhere carefully so it cant clunk or bang into other glass toys. I would suggest storing these toys in a padded makeup bag or in its own box. Some people use socks to store glass toys in to give some padding. Everyone has got one lonely sock that doesn't have a partner.

 Sensory play kit!

This is a cracking little vibe and I'm in luuuurve with those sexy nodules. It is weighty in your hand giving some incredible sensations inside and out with the glass nodules; they look like they could be uncomfortable, but I can honestly say they feel fantastic. I can use them for penetrative play or just clitoral stimulation by rubbing them against my clit.
The Reflections Nirvana brings you to your dark side with a uniquely designed glass vibrator for those that love raised bumps and textures you will love this little vibe. The gorgeous black glossy glass brings a real luxury feel to this particular toy in the collection.
It holds the heat well after being warmed up in a jug of hot water, better than the Beauty which is better at keeping itself cooler; a great combination; so having both these gorgeous vibes is a bonus as they offer completely different sensations.This alone makes the Reflections range worth collecting to offer different feels for different moods.
Its small enough to pop into a handbag or suitcase to accompany you on holiday. Although Id remove the battery first to prevent the small rubber button getting turned on during traveling , not much fun in customs.


A wonderful glass starter toy as its unthreatening to use alone as a dildo or with the battery as a vibrator. Enjoy it with sensory play hot or cold, by yourself or with a partner. This is a gorgeous fun glass toy that will be a perfect gift to someone who collects glass toys with the bonus of vibrations too. Once you try this you wont be able to resist collecting the rest of the set.

Gorgeous glossy black glass,
The clear glass rounded nodules,,
3 speeds,
Gentle taper of the head,
100% waterproof.


You can go to the dark side too and get your Reflections Nirvana from Vibrator Kingdom

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