Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I am Not Amused- Toy with me Tuesday #6

Not Amused!

My entry this week into Toy with me Tuesday #6 is a little bit of fun as I haven't had a chance to take anything new!

With all my reviews I love toys which make me smile in more ways than one, so I always try to find the fun aspect in toys to make other people smile too by using photos.

This toy in particular The Muse was yet another bunny in my collection and I fell in love with his amazing grumpy face, his obviously not enjoying being made to look cute; maybe I should have made him tough looking.

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  1. This vibrator really did have a love at first sight effect when I laid eyes on it. It looks so ridiculously bemused, which tallies perfectly with the context in which you have set him. I also love the fact that it is a "him" if that makes sense.


    p.s. just had a thought, does anyone know if that is where the name came from?

  2. Cute photo, though the poor bunny doesn't look like he's enjoying it one bit.

  3. I find this pic hilarious lol

  4. This is brilliant!

    I love how he looks ever so slightly annoyed. It really makes the shot. Superb work :-)

  5. Ha ha! Love this. We've been calling this the 'Angry Rabbit' (as opposed to the Happy Rabbit).

  6. He doesn't look very amused, does he? ;-) I love how you've added the butterflies to the picture - I have a soft spot of rabbits and butterflies ( One of my rabbits is called Papillon which means butterfly in french).


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