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Nipplettes by Cal Exotics

This is the second of my two Sexpert monthly items I recieved this month and I love anything nipply so I was really excited to try these. I have had a few of this style of toy over my years of playing with sextoys and I haven't been very impressed by the power but I was pleasantly surprised with these.


These come in the familiar Cal Exotics plastic boxes with printed fun designs around the windows showing the niplettes; its fun feminine and ideal to give as a gift. As long as you are infront of people who are unfamiliar with sextoys of course, you may just get away with it as luxury pegs lol.

Inside the packaging you get 2 sets of batteries for each of the clamps, 12 batteries in all..yay CalExotics I love this, I get to play straight away.

These Nipplettes are extremely feminine and 100% waterproof , they are made of pink ABS plastic with rubber (PU) coat, which are self-contained, smooth and seamless vibrating nipple clamps which are fully adjustable for comfort and fit.

Just press the peg-like ends and clamp the tips over your nipples then press the black button to turn on and your ready to rock..or your nipples are lol.
The Full length of each nipple clamp is  2.75”/7 cm,


Each nipple clamp comes with a black screw which allows you to open them up preventing them from closing completely if you find them too tight. 

 It adjusts to your size and comfort.

 Clamp comparison
The Clamp on the left is completely open at maximum 1/2 an inch, so it wont close anymore than that. The clamp on the right is completely off so you can see its closed.

 The maximum width they will open is half an inch.This gives a lot of leeway as few people have nipples of widths of over 1/2inch wide.

Power and vibrations
Just unscrew the bases and insert the stacked watch batteries, these come neatly together like mini battery packs (see below). They all have white arrows on them so there's no confusion as to which way they go into the clamp.

Then screw the base back on tightly to make sure the waterproof seal is secure.

I had to laugh at the instructions for replacing the batteries they made it sound more complicated than just working it out for yourself; what do you think?

 Press the little black silicone button and you have 1 speed vibration which actually I'm quite impressed with. These are strong enough to use on your clit too. Ive never been able to use my nipple clamp vibes anywhere else in fact in the past they've been quite useless. Im super impressed with these.

I love nipple play the rougher and the nippier the better for me.So I can take pretty clampy nipple toys.

 Just to show you on my life-size stunt booby.

So once clamped to my nipples the tips feel soft and smooth with no scratchy bits to feel uncomfortable against your nipples.
For me I had the adjustable screws turned completely off so they were at their tightest. But annoyingly with very little moving and slight swing they did fall off. So I have to squeeze in a little more skin and aureola to make them grip better; I do have small nipples of approx 0.3 inches or 8.2mm wide and I have been using clamps for many years and I personally prefer my clamps as tight as I can take them so I can feel the full nip.
I would say these are definitely more beginner toys as I have no way of making them clamp any tighter.

Once on I got the full effect of the vibrations they felt amazing and I can feel the buzz right to my nipple and surrounding aureola.
The vibes are a little buzzy but it works brilliantly for my nipples. I am one of the lucky girls that can orgasm directly from nipple play and these can almost get me there but not quite; I just need to grab another toy for extra fun. But they certainly warm things up  and I have found as soon as I'm getting warmed up I can pinch a clamp off one nipple and use it quickly as a clit toy, absolutely perfect.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Being 100%c waterproof you can take them in the shower and bath to play and at the same time just rinse them with warm soapy water and spray with sextoy cleaner. You can then store them in their own box or a make-up bag.

Im one happy bunny the nipple clamps feel incredible my only niggle is that they dont clamp as tightly as I would love but thats more me as I like to suffer a little with my nipple play; often resulting in flat nipples with fully closed nipple toys.
Despite this niggle I love the feel of them and they are afterall designed merely for foreplay and to add to your fun; which they certainly do.
These are ideal as a first nipple toys for those of you that have never tried nipple play yet and were not sure where to start. Or for those that have really sensitive nipples and needs something a little more gentle. They are fairly unippy to almost fall offable but still transfer those luxurious vibes all through your boob.
The motors feel excellent quality and surprisingly enough the batteries have lasted really well. They are easy to store, discreet fun toys that can add that spice and fun to any relationship.
Yes yes yes I love them.

Smooth and soft,
Medium vibes,
Vibrations travel to the end of the clamp directly to your nipps,
12 watch batteries included which is quite impressive, 3 needed at a time,

They do not go any tighter on the nipple to stay on well for me.
Id love to have a few more speeds and pulses,

You can buy your Nipplettes in either pink or purple from
Cal Exotics for

All my thanks goes to Cal Exotics for sending me these Nipplettes to review.

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