Monday, 30 July 2012

Midnight Boudoir 1 year Today!!

Wow I cant believe a year has passed since I decided to combine my passion of photography and sextoys and all things naughty.

I have been a published writer and photographer for over 30 years now so I decided to start a website on reviewing the many sextoys I had and combine my love of writing and photography. I wanted to make it fun, flirty with lots of advice to those that struggle to orgasm, or find their G-spots etc. Being an ex-nurse too I wanted to be able to combine my knowledge to help others; so Midnight Boudoir is far more than just a review blog to me.

I never dreamt it would become a fulltime hobby, I just thought Id upload a few posts a month to see how things went; enabling me to have fun with my trusty camera. Little did I know Midnight Boudoir was going to take off like she has, Im so proud of what she has become.

I also value my OH input on everything I review, he has an uncanny knack of seeing products completely differently to me, discovering the most innovative ways to use certain items, plus noticing the way motors run etc; I love being able to offer the male opinion too.

In the last year of having the wonderful opportunity of trying the latest and greatest sextoys. I have learnt so much more about myself and what I enjoy, I never thought at my age I could still be learning about my body.
I have found I adore my bunnies; each one of them is so very different to the other. 

Like every sextoy around it will have its strengths and weaknesses; its finding a match for us all individually. The amazing toys around at this time from the top manufacturers will take your body to its limit and more..!!.
This is why I decided to start Midnight Boudoir to try to help match people with a toy that will suit them.

Some toys I would never have bought....eeep or even wear..but they felt fab, now I have several harness and strap-ons and I love wearing them.

I want to thank all of you that have supported me over the last year and I never dreamt of finding so many new friends among fellow bloggers and companies on this amazing journey. 
You all know who you are. Hugs xxx

Thanks to those of you that asked me questions and shared many private problems either relationship or sexual worries, I'm so pleased to have been able to help.
I especially want to thank all the companies that have sent me their amazing products to review your feedback has been wonderful!

So what's next for Midnight Boudoir?
I have alot instore for you this year, I now have been kindly offered some goodies from various companies that I will be offering as competition give away's in the next few weeks and months. Plus I have many other brand new review products coming up; its all exciting stuff!

My newest piece of news is that I have just opened my new Sister site Midnight Boudoir's Reviews for all things Non-adult. It will be mainly for my love of gadgets, books as I have been receiving many other review items. She is my angelic side!
So from my ever growing rabbit warren and me I want to say a huge huge thank you to everyone who has been involved with Midnight Boudoir!
Thank you and I hope you will all join me on another year of fun and toying around.




  1. Congratulations on the milestone! Happy one year anniversary. :)

  2. Hey congratulations......well done you!! your blog is looking fantastic girl!! really nice job. And your reviews are should be really proud xxxx
    Haven't done any toy reviews on my other blog for ages due to how well my mainstream one is doing..though i do have a couple coming up shortly!!



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