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L’Amour™ Premium Weighted Pleasure System

 This is the first of the two Items I have from Cal Exotics this month so I was excited to try something I have never used before and that could also improve my sexual health too. L’Amour™ Premium Weighted Pleasure System.
I have written much in the past about women's sexual health, being an ex-nurse and it's something I feel quite strongly about. These type of toys help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, if you want to learn more about that take a peek at one of my most popular articles I have written here  Explore your Pelvic floor

 An introduction to the pelvic floor.

Heres a small exert to give you the basics of what this little toy will help.
Our pelvic floor muscles, can lose their strength for many reasons, childbirth, certain pelvic problems and ageing. This leads to embarrassing symptoms such as incontinence and lack of sexual pleasure. 
A weak pelvic floor literally sags, and when the muscles are weak, you’ll find it very difficult to get them back with the usual squeeze "n" release' exercises.
If it bears weight for a long time (such as pregnancy), the muscles or tissues can become over stretched and weak. This can be a normal temporary problem after childbirth; but without exercises will cause problems in later life. 
Some symptoms of weakened pelvic floor or kegas are;
  • The feeling of needing to urinate frequently,
  • Incontinence,
  • Inability to orgasm or struggling to do so,
  • Sex becomes less satisfying,
  • leaking when you cough or sneeze or laugh, 
 For more detailed information please see my full article HERE

Invented 100's of years ago still popular today to gain vaginal stimulation coming is many different shapes and sizes. Often called love balls, Ben Wah balls, Smart balls and Orgasm balls.
In the olden days women used to gain stimulation by inserting them and sitting on a rocking chair and rocking backwards and forwards till they reached orgasm. But obviously nowadays we can be more creative and try sitting on a bus, walking, jogging or simply doing the housework.

The L'Amour pleasure system is elegantly styled, seamless and perfectly weighted and comes in the popular Cal-Exotics plastic box which is fairly transparent so you can see the product clearly but with feminine designs to make the box pretty. Its fairly discreet as if someone didnt know what this was they wouldnt have a clue what it was....? It doesnt say vaginal balls anywhere on the box, or that it will improve kegals, it simply says an unobtrusive "Pleasure weighted system". 
This would make a nice gift to give to a girl friend who has just had a baby as it will help them get their pelvic floor exercised again and help them enjoy sex more; what better gift!

The two soft lilac balls are made of thin ABS plastic and surrounded by a gorgeous matching lilac premium silicone holder and joined together with a small piece of the same silicone. I was also happy to see a nice long retrieval cord of silicone as I have a fear of vaginal balls getting stuck, as a nurse I know its physically impossible but still its a fear I've had over these products in the past which is why I have never tried them.
Inside each egg shaped sphere is a weighted ball designed to make your PC muscles contract around them while inserted. The ABS plastic is designed to be thinner so we can feel the inner balls clatter about inside stimulating the muscles.

How do vaginal balls work?
The L'Amour Pleasure system features two weighted balls concealed in an ABS case. The balls sit one below the other and are connected via a silicone cord in the centre that allows the balls to move independently to better stimulate your muscles during wear. 
The idea is as you feel them jiggle inside; it reminds you to clench around them to keep them in. The body will also naturally clench but its better that you clench; as we can clench our PC muscles more tightly.

Total length of item is 21.5cm,
Total length of each ball 4.6cm long,
Width of each ball is 4cm,
Length of retrieval cord 9.8cm
Total weight is 2.3oz /0.07kg

 The retrieval cord on this Pleasure system is extremely stretchy and so is the centre connection between the 2 balls, this went extremely thin when pulled only slightly and I don't feel confident enough yet that they wouldn't snap.
So I placed them inside an extra thin condom to make sure I could retrieve them. I am confused why the connection silicone is so stretchy it could do with still being flexible and bendy but without any stretch at all. 
I have however seen many reviews of this product where women have safely used this product with no snapping so its just me and my fear of getting something stuck up there.

I have never used vaginal balls before as I still cannot help having a giggle at a lady who came into A&E while I was working for a Weeble extraction and it took a while to get this thing out of her too as she had got so swollen....eeep! So you can understand my trepidation into trying vaginal balls and the fear of something breaking or getting stuck.
So with a little apprehension and lots of lube I inserted the first ball but the second was a little fiddly as the first was trying to come out but finally they went in within their condom; I did look at the size of both of these balls and wonder if they would both fit; then I considered the size and girth of my OH and knew they would fit easily lol.
Being slightly larger balls compared to many I have since looked at I did feel extremely full and immeditaley struggled to keep the last ball inside; but once I started clenching and relaxed into this unique feeling I was able to keep them in.
I absolutely loved the feel of the inner jiggle balls as I moved it really reminds you they are there and makes you want to clench them in. I did find however it wanted to keep slipping out although I am already quite a tight and small gal so I'm assuming its just getting used to this feeling.
Walking around with this inserted was quite comfortable and in a way it did feel like I was being turned on; it makes you feel quite sexy knowing you have them inserted and because they are doing a good thing for my kegals; not enough to get me anywhere near an orgasm. But I will continue to use these and maybe add an update at a later time to see.

After an hour of sitting out in the garden and getting up and walking round every few minutes I decided that was enough for my first time...hey I didn't want to over do it...I do love a good workout and this is definitely my type of exercise lol.
I was fully aware of the balls jiggling, Ive heard it suggested its like having wind, but for me it felt lighter and more delicate than that, quite a nice sensation to be honest.
When it came to removal I really loved the long retrieval cord like a tampax string but thicker and softer; but because it was made of soft silicone I found as I pulled slowly and steadily to remove the balls; the silicone stretched to almost double its length shown above. which is already very thin in places; which is quite a concern for continual use of this toy. So I was relieved to know I had the back up of my condom.
The condom I felt didn't in anyway effect the sensations as it was a super thin condom.

I know many of you use kegal balls anally too; but I feel these would maybe too large unless you are really used to larger toys up there.

Cleaning and maintenance
Being 100% waterproof these rinse easily under warm soapy water especially ideal for the bath or shower. Then spray with a sextoy cleaner my favorite Lelo sexoy cleaner as it doesnt need to be rinsed and the silicone joins need to paid close attention to; this is my only concern but as long as you are aware of the joins this is a great product.

I love my first eggs but they did feel slightly too big for me, it may just be that I need to use them a little bit more to get used to them. I would have liked an instruction leaflet with these as I had no idea how long to keep them in or whether I could move around or anything, so I had to look up the info online. So for those unsure or beginners start at around 15 mins a day if you wish and extend to an hour or two once used to the sensation and stimulations.
The gorgeous lilac makes this toy very feminine and unintimidating and it also comes in pink too. I loved the weighted balls inside, they feel fantastic when you move about, just walking or climbing the stairs, doing housework allows them to jiggle alot inside; it doesn't take much to feel them move and it immediately makes you aware of them reminding you to clench and unclench those PC muscles. I did feel a little turned on but I certainly could not orgasm with these like some people who use kegal balls regularly, but maybe I just need to get used to them more.
I loved the extra long retrieval cord despite it being too stretchy it sat comfortably in my knickers while the balls were inserted and it didn't rub or chafe as I expected it to. But the cord and the joining silicone connector itself is a concern for me as they are both far too stretchy and I'm worried they may snap with continued use, despite this after removing these eggs I felt like I had a hard sex session so it must have worked and done something...woohoo! I also feel maybe I should try a single vaginal ball being a slightly smaller gal; but I will be trying these more regularly so Ill be able to give you a better opinion. So all in all you will get a tighter vagina for him and better orgasms for you if you can strengthen what you have; you cant go wrong.

Feminine colour,
Long retrieval cord,
Soft silky silicone and shiny ABS,

No instruction leaflet,
Middle connector and retrieval cord too stretchy.
A storage bag would have been nice with these, but they fit into a make-up bag well.

 You can buy your L'Amour Premium Pleasure weighted system in Pink or purple from the US CalExotics

 All my thanks goes to Cal-Exotics for sending me this toy to review

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