Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Joy pad by Dorcel

I was really excited to have the chance to try one of the new unique and innovative range from Marc Dorcel, 

Anyone who knows me knows how I am a total rabbit addict and this Joypad was something quite different for me to try but offering the same penetrative and clitoral stimulation.
I was in love with the gorgeous deep cerise pink, the slightly girthy head and silky smooth textures. Boasting 10 vibrations and transitions 2 extremely powerful motors this really is an exciting toy to own.

 Many women complain that some rabbit style vibes don't suit them and complain it doesn't fit their bodies. This is why Marc Dorcel famous French porn producer has designed a glamorous range of toys including this Joypad to fit the woman's internal shape and it reaches both G-spot and clit at the same time. 
It is also extremely flexible at the bend and thanks to its flexibility this toy can easily be adjusted to suit your body, while still giving that more solid fullness inside needed for your G-spot stimulation. Not only that but once inserted its hands free allowing you to play with other exciting things.
It will stimulate your whole vaginal area and the vibrations are powerful enough to feel all through your pelvis; heaven in a toy girls.

So I now have my own Joypad when my OH is using his.

 I love this amazing unique toy. I adore the shape and extra 1.6inch girth of the head; the design is perfect for me as it sits snugly against my own G-spot. I have to rave about the amazing transitions, which feel absolutely incredible. These excellent motors combine flawlessly together as they pulse between your clit and G-spot, teasing and tingling you to orgasm; It really is something else.......WOW what a toy.

Please see my full detailed photographic review HERE

I have recently had the honour of becoming one of Eden fantasys descriptive reviewers so my review will read slightly different to my normal style but I hope you will enjoy the extra detailing in these new reviews for Eden.

Joy pad - G-spot vibrators - EdenFantasys

Joy pad - G-spot vibrators - EdenFantasys


  1. Excellent! Very informative! I've been skipping rating reviews cause so many of them are a few paragraphs that tell you nothing and I don't want to vote badly for someone...so this was such a nice surprise today! It's now wishlisted!

  2. Wow, great job on this review! I REALLY wanted this one, but it's just gonna be way too girthy for me to even think about inserting. I'm glad you found something you like so much!

  3. Great review! Thank you for the pictures, it made it easy to see the size of this vibe.

  4. Great review!
    This reminds me of the rocksoff products which I love. Thanks,

  5. Excellent review! I sooo want this!

  6. Excellent review! The first day I seen this on EF, I wishlisted it. It looks so nice and I didn't even know it was a dual action type of thing! How neat! I like this. I will have to get it. Lovely color too. I had previously heard that Dorcel had crappy vibrations in their toys, but this really sounds near perfect. Thanks so much for sharing so much information!

  7. Thanks so much everyone, i genuinely loved this toy and as a power queen its not often something surprises me. But loved this one.

    Upyourreviews- wow thanks really appreciated.
    Ryuson- Thanks, Yes its quite a girthy toy but its ridable if you cant insert.
    Lildrummergirl7- Thanks, I always add images so people can see comparisons as Ive been surprised by so mnay toys sizes in the past, often disapointed.
    Madsinner-Thanks, Yes its similar but 4 times more powerful as the toy your thinking of as I have that too.
    Kendra- Thanks huny, yes its got powerful vibes for me but most of all I adore this girth; huge turn on.

    Everyone thank you it means alot I love sharing toys Im genuinely in love with and I hope my enthusiam shows.

  8. I like the design of this toy.

  9. Amazing review. I will have to get this I have never be interested by this before but after reading this I know it has what I am looking for in a toy.

  10. Awesome review. This looks like an amazing product. I just may get it.

  11. Lovely review, thank you very much for sharing!

  12. Wow this is one of the best and most thorough reviews I've seen in awhile. Your hard work definitely shows! Thanks a ton!


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