Monday, 9 July 2012

Tale of two Kitty's - Toy with me Tuesday #4

This is my second entry into The Toy With Me Tuesday run by the lovely Nymphomanicness.
Here are some piks I took a while ago.

Those that know me, know I love cats plus I have my kinky side and enjoy my hardcore PVC leather whips and chains; so I was over the moon when I found a complete set of BDSM items all cats.
BUT they were in a girly pink...eeew... despite this I couldn't resist.

The Kitty set is the heavy leather blindfold and the cute Kitty crop above!

They may look cute and adorable but....eeep these Kitty's really do have a good and evil side. Soft pink suede and hard shiny black leather...ouchy.
What I love even more is the feminine cats eyes that are left behind on your cheeks from both the Spank-her and the crop; or if I have been really naughty the whole silhouette of the kittys head...I've had cats eyes last for days....

Take a look at the others joining with Toy with me Tuesday

Toy with me Tuesday


  1. ohhhh i like the spank paddle picture, very 'pink panther' :)

  2. I have seen that top image before, and I still love it, all the kitty toys are great

  3. Very sexy photos! Loving the pink against the black and white.

    1. Thanks Kira, yes I adore black and white images but always trying to do something different.

  4. Great selective colour on the first image. Really great photo!

    As a cat lover myself (I have 6) I love the idea of cat related items, too. They're awesome :-)

    1. Thanks Andy I'm a huge lover of selective colouring in photos and always playing with piks.
      Wow six that's fantastic,never a dull moment in your house then lol. I recently lost my boy of 15 and been pining for another, once you have a cat you can never be without one; Ive had a cat in my home ever since I was a little girl.(A long time ago now lol)
      Thanks hun x

  5. I love both these photos but the second one is just fab! You appear to be so happy with your kitty crop! Thank you for taking part once again this week.


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