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The Bliss Massager by NS Novelties.

I have recently had the opportunity to review The Envie by NS Novelties from Eden Fantasys and loved the quality of the silicone, the power of the vibrations. So I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to receive a small box of goodies from NS Novelties to review for them. The Bliss, the amazing Muse (Im in love with him) and the beautiful crystal premium eggs- reviews coming soon.

NS Novelties combine the highest grade materials with state of the art innovation that adheres to all American and European manufacturing guidelines. All their products are body safe silicone or hand blown borosilicate glass, TPE or TPR which are free of Phthalates, latex, additives and fillers. So you know any product from NS Novelties will be 100% body safe whatever style of toy you buy.

I do not have many clitoral stimulator toys so when I first saw the Bliss I was astounded at its aesthetic beauty ; plus I'm a sucker for techie toys with flashing and coloured lights; I'm a girlie magpie.

It comes in 2 colours Black and White and I was really pleased to have received the white, but both have that same fresh, modern and very chic look.

If you just wish to view a short video showing the Bliss light show please scroll down

The Bliss arrives in a beautiful black cardboard slip box with an image of the Bliss on the front, You slip off the box and you have another solid cardboard box with a window showing the actual Bliss. On the back shows a diagram of the Bliss and what it can do.

Lift the windowed lid off the box and your gorgeous Bliss sits snugly in a black foam bed. 

The novelty touch here is in the box design, in that it has a pretty coloured outline and corner cardboard hiding the charger and plug. This box is ideal to store your Bliss in; being pretty as well as useful and strong.

The Bliss is a perfect name for this small rechargeable 10 function powerful body massager that sits neatly in the palm of your hand and is used for solo use and couple play.
Total length is 10cm long
Total width is 5cm wide
Length and width of silicone tip for stimulation is 2.8cm long and 3.2 cm wide.

Its innovative design is not far off the mouse shape we use everyday with our computers ad laptops.You could even introduce it to friends and family as your new funky mouse.

The body is made of glossy white ABS plastic which is beautifully edged with bright pink silicone for grip. 

Its ergonomically curved to sit comfortably in our hands and the tip is slightly tapered and angled perfect for pinpoint stimulation.

 The lovely soft silicone tip has circles embossed onto it for extra grippyness to transfer the vibes on and into your skin and muscles. Its similar to a finger print but much deeper.

On the top you can see a soft black strip of 3 sealed rubber buttons, + - and on; which is accented by a purple stripe which will light up when turned on.

Following the strip downwards is an innovative and fun striking LED display which NS novelties are known for. I love this fine line of LED's which changes colour and flashing speeds depending on pattern and speed you have chosen; making it visually easy to see what vibration you are on and much easier to remember. With the added bonus of a stunning light display in privacy of your own bedroom, from such a tiny massager. I'm so impressed and in love before I've even charged it.

This tiny powerhouse is rechargeable, no worry of dead or dying batteries or fumbling in drawers for spares. Coming with its neat charger with plenty of cable to plug and charge your toy into it is charged in less than 2 hours. I left it a little longer to make sure.Mine arrived from the US directly so I simply added my own power adapter for the UK.

The jack plug plugs into the self sealing silicone strip on the base of the massager.

Its a little fiddly to get a good connection as the silicone is so secure and will actually push the jack out if not pushed completely in; but once in its fine.
 The button panel then flashes red along the buttons, until its charged when it turns green; you are then ready to play. It takes less than 2 hours to charge fully.

The beautiful Bliss has 10 unique functions with 10 matching flashing LED's corresponding to which pattern and speed you are on. It ranges from pink, purple, red and orange colours which are beautiful.

 This image really doesn't do these colours justice, I couldn't get my camera or web-cam to show up the gorgeous reds and oranges let alone the light pink and deep cerise.

To turn on press + for speed 1, press again speed 2, speed 3 speed 4. Once you have found your ideal speed press the middle button again to swap to patterns, then press + to scroll through them .
  All speed levels are a purple colour.

All Speeds are purple LED's
1. Low vibration,
2. Medium,
3. Fast,
4. Overdrive fast,

At first it seems a little confusing but once you get the idea of swapping from speeds to patterns its so easy and quite unique. The patterns below have their own coordinating colour so not only can you tell by the vibration what you are on but simply by the colour too.
Then 6 patterns of which you can have any of the 4 speeds above.
1. White; 2 Pulses every second,
2. Orange; fast revving 1 a second,
3. Red; Pulse every second, sounds like a fire engine,
4. Pink: Escalation over 2 seconds,
5. Yellow/green; 7 fast pulses over 2 seconds,
6. Cerise pink; Mixture of escalation, pulse and revving; crazy mode.

If you wish to change speed in the middle you then have to press the middle button to go back to speed mode; decrease or increase to your choice, then back to patterns.
To turn off press - several time.

Please see my 
Video below 

I absolutely loved these amazing LED's on this massager and had to show you personally in this video. But the video and photos really dont do the brightly coloured LED's justice but take my word for it they are gorgeous. 
So gorgeous I do end up getting distracted by them lol.

The vibrations are strong and medium frequency meaning they are in between buzzy and rumbly. They do have a more buzziness about the vibrations but because of the variety of patterns they really work.Starting from buzzy ending in rumbly on many of the patterns, there really is something for everyone.
WARNING; Just to be aware that those allergic to flashing lights (epileptics etc) you may need to simply tape the LED's so you cannot see the flashes but still feel the great vibes.

On the lowest vibration level it cannot be heard through a door or a wall, but anything after can be so you'll have to plan your night of Bliss.

I have to go and rave about this incredible little powerhouse I usually go for my wands or a powerful bunny but this maybe creeping towards the top of my toybox. This adorable little massager has so much power for its palm size. I would expect power like this in something 8 inches long and 2 inches wide but not 4.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Im completely blown away by its power.
The lovely soft silicone tip has circles embossed onto it for extra grippyness to transfer the vibes on and into your skin and muscles. You can even add some pressure comfortably into any aching neck or back muscles this is such a unique design with the added visial light display makes it so much fun to use.
This powerhouse got me there in under 30 seconds and with the same intensity as of one of my wands. The buttons were easy to scroll through the patterns once you have the Bliss in position and the very slight angled tip enables you to hold the Bliss firmly at the wider end.
I did however find my fingers got quite numb from the vibrations as I always have my vibes on full, no doubt those that dont like strong vibes will not find this a problem. But hell it was worth the numb fingers lol.

Which Lube?
Always use a water based lube despite just having a slight area of silicone it will still degrade the material. I used my favourite Premium Aqua gel by Give Lube 

Cleaning and Maintenance
The Bliss is so easy to clean, simply wipe with an antibacterial wipe and then follow with a squirt of sextoy cleaner. I swear by Lelo sextoy cleaner as it can be left on without rinsing so its continuing to kill bacteria all the time.
Do not submerge this little toy as its rechargeable and water may get into the port at the back. But it has been designed that the recharging port is self-sealing so its certainly splash proof. I have seen many toys who do claim their toys are waterproof with lesser of a self sealing hole, but always follow company guidelines.
TIP: Making sure while cleaning you pay close attention to the embossing circles on the silicone tip.

I dont own many clitoral toys as I have never been a huge fan of them as I generally prefer both clitoral and penetrative stimulation at once with my beloved rabbits, but this little Bliss massager is so extremely adorable and I have changed my mind. However I would have liked this toy slightly bigger, it would be even more comfortable to hold especially once it has become a little slippy from lube.
The slightly angled tip is absolutely perfect for pin-point stimulation not only to your clit but to other areas of your body, I loved this on my nipples as the silicone tip is nice and grippy transferring the vibes well. It sits in your hand comfortably allowing your fingers to change pattern easily and apply massaging movements to the back and neck too; wherever you need some stress relief.

The vibrations can be slightly buzzy depending on which pattern you are on, but mostly the patterns involve a brilliant mix of both rumbly and buzzy, ideal for anyone. Just the fact its rechargeable is a huge factor in loving this toy but I fell in love with this cute Bliss as I'm a huge sucker for flashing lights and this blew me away with how stunning these brightly coloured LED's are.
 This would make a perfect feminine pressie for any girl who loves her discreet and subtle toys or those that love collecting clitoral toys. Heck you could even buy this for your Mum as its not an internal scary dildo its an adorable unassuming massager. This could be left out next to your laptop and not many people would take any notice of what it is.
The great mix of vibes means its also suitable for beginners to advanced toy collectors too.
This luxury pocket massager is travel friendly and the perfect companion on any trip or simply kept close to your side in your hand bag. Affordable, cute and colourful a modern techie toy to add to any toybox.

Discreet to be left anywhere,
Small size,
Grippy Silicone nub,
Amazing LED light show,
Colour coordinated patterns,

Maybe slightly too small just a fraction bigger would be perfect,

You can buy your Bliss massager
in either black or white

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by NS Novelties
Material: Silicone / Plastic

All my thanks goes to NS Novelties for sending me this adorable Bliss for this review

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The Muse

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