Monday, 11 June 2012

Sextoys Now under the Microscope- My new geeky pressie.

Veho discovery deluxe USB 400 X Microscope

As everyone knows I really adore my techie stuff and today I received this gorgeous pressie in the post today.
Thank you huny you know how to press my buttons in so many ways.
Hugs and more

Im going to review this, but I'm so excited I cant wait to show you, I have spent the day playing with my new gadget and putting everything within reach under its 400 X lens...yes I did say 400 X lens wow its another world.
Plus its my favorite USB powered, I cant get enough of USB gadgets that simply plug in to the PC you are using.
Also putting to the test my new flash (see above) giving a more classy modern feel to any image, what better product to play with all my camera gear.

For those that dont know me, I love my photography as a photographer by trade and I enjoy the macro world, insects, butterflies, bees, flowers or anything. I like to see extreme close-ups of a spectacular world people miss everyday.
I had my first microscope as a little girl over 30 years ago; which led to my study of biology and science and eventually nursing. 

So whats this to do with the world of sextoys I can here you asking...well with its video capabilities and snap shot button it which will enable me to get some gorgeous close-ups of the world of sextoys good or bad. Nothing will escape the magnification of my new toy.

The 8 bright LED's lightup your subject beautifully, you have a slider to adjust this lighting to make you image or video perfect. You can then take a snap shot of the image or video with its stand alone capture button.

 It comes with an excellent quality alloy stand which enable you to tighten it into any position leaving you hands free to move your subject.

On the top is an easy to use excellent quality focussing wheel, the metallic ribbing enables precise focussing with only slight rolling of your thumb, this positioning is perfect to hold this microscope like a pen.

My first victim and wont be my last is the adorable Fairy baby (well I'm sure you didn't want to see the dead bee I found lol)  I was able to see its excellent quality USB connectors usually hard to see with the naked eye. Im really going to have some fun with this gadget, nothing is going to be safe from my roving mini microscope now.

 Excellent software (Image from site)

A really nifty feature is that you can snap your image then the free software allows you to add points to measure eg if you take a pik of a computer component it will allow you to measure it exactly. See the face of the queen on this note.

Have I caught your imagination....I hope so, if you want some more details on this gorgeous gadget I have copied some facts from their website for those fellow geeks out there. 
I will be adding some photos and videos when I finish this review. It will make some fun touches to my photographic reviews.

(Image from site)

The latest Deluxe USB Microscope from Veho. Now with more powerful 400x magnification, 2 Mega Pixel Cmos lens (interpolated) and alloy flexi-stand and measurement software.

This handy USB desktop microscope - 400x, 2 Mega Pixels magnification - has a multitude of home and office uses: science education, laboratory research, computer parts examination, printing inspection, presentation tool, medical analysis, reading aid and collectables magnification to name a few. Online chat can also be achieved with the microscope's built in webcam and record features. 20x or 400x digital USB microscope with snapshot and video capture software

Main Features:
- Adjustable LEDs for object illumination
- 2 MP Cmos (interpolated)
- Measurement function using enclosed software
- Snapshot and video recording function
- Alloy stand and stand alone capture button
- Tacton rubber touch housing
- 20x or 400x magnification
- Fine slider adjustment for brightness, hue, saturation and sharpness, plus a black and white display mode
- VMS-004 USB Microscope is supplied with Windows and Mac drivers. For software for side-loading CD drives just visit the download centre
- The 2 megapixel CMOS lens can be adjusted to point in any direction using the movable arm
- Simply install the drivers, plug the microscope into your computer via the USB and you're ready to go.

Review with photos and videos coming soon, dont you just love technology!

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