Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Picobong Kaya

I was really excited to be asked by Picobong to try the new Kaya rabbit, being my favourite style of toy I couldn't wait for it to arrive. Rabbit style vibes are for those like myself that enjoy both penetrative and clitoral stimulation and the Kaya is no exception.

Picobong is the latest in intimate lifestyle brands under the umbrella of Lelo so you know you have a trusted excellent quality product..

Picobong market this gorgeous range of new toys on a cheaper and more simple look to its designer luxury Lelo products. I was lucky enough to receive the beautiful quirky Turquoise Kaya something quite different to normal pinks and purples.
The Kaya is available in 3 different quirky colours and arrives in a matching coloured box of the chosen Kaya with a cut out transparent window to see your new toy..

This waterproof Picobong Kaya is an innovative design compared to the standard rotating shaft style rabbit. The Kaya's silky smooth shape is contoured to fit the female form and powerful vibrations to match. The Kaya shaft is made of FDA body safe approved silicone which is Phthalate and latex free and is really silky smooth to touch, alot of silicone toys are quite grippy this isn't at all.

PicoBong is Ecofriendly and part of a global initiative that designs to make a difference by creating products that have a significantly reduced environmental impact.We do this through refining manufacturing processes to reduce usage of materials, energy, and water as well as CO2 output. In every country we operate in, we comply with or exceed environmental laws, regulations and energy standards currently followed in that region. Where lesser or no such regulations exist, we maintain US and EU standards.

Size comparison compared with the other item in the Picobong range to help you compare or decide what will suit you better..

Total length is 19.5cm,
Total Insertable length 13cm,
Widest width of head 3.4cm,
Head to clitoral stimulator is approx 9cm, so you can compare with other bunnies you may have.

The middle has a nice touch of Picobong being embossed into the silicone. 

The charm attaches to the ABS ribbed base.

The Shiny ribbed ABS base has a cute touch in which it has an area to tie the cute Picobong charm strap which you can either attach to this Kaya or pop it on your mobile phone or onto your bag as a charm. 

I do like companies which add little novelty twists like this.

It has an incredible 12 variable modes and patterns the most of any toy I have with exception of the OhMibod and its music variations. 

 Waterproof battery compartment.

The Kaya's shiny ABS ribbed base is a nice contrast between the smooth silicone, this unscrews to replace 2 AAA batteries which will give 2 hours of play. The bayonet style screw base gives you a more secure waterproof seal along with its own silicone ring. Screw it back on tightly and your ready to play in the shower, bath or hot tub or even skinny dipping at your countryside lake or river; just enjoy the Kaya anywhere. 

The Buttons and interface.
The 3 silicone sealed buttons sit on the outside of the Kaya while it is inserted and hugging your G-spot.
Press + to turn on and press and hold to increase speed to your choice or minus to decrease, then press the M to scroll through your 12...yes I did say 12 incredible modes.
You then have multispeed over all 12 of the modes. I will try and explain the vibes but combined with amazing transitions between the 2 motors its so hard to explain. See my explanation of the modes and the Picobong's own diagram to help visually.
  1. Vibration on both clit and shaft,
  2. Clit only but slower,
  3. Clit to shaft strong pulse, Slow
  4. Clit to shaft strong pulse, Medium 
  5. Clit to shaft strong pulse, Fast,
  6. Clit and shaft both the same escalation,
  7. Gentle rev starting on clit finishing on shaft 1 a second,
  8. Clit to shaft rev and then jolts,
  9. Buildup and slow down both at same time.
  10. Faster transition - Buildup and slow down both at same time.
  11. Clit to shaft longer pulse 1 a second,
  12. Various transitions mix pulses and escalations, This very last vibration is an odd "dont know what its going to do next vibe" which is a little off putting but its like a great lover and it will be a surprise.
Press and hold - to turn off. the Kaya will then start from the beginning so you know which vibe is which.

 The Picobong Mode diagram

You have an incredible variety of modes with one mode just for the Clit stimulator; for those that dont always want vaginal stimulation, a brilliant variety of escalations, pulses and smooth transitions between the two motors so it feels like the motors are one and moving inside, incredible sensations.
The jolting waves feel like nothing I have ever tried before this really gives some kick. The plus and minus buttons allow you to change from slow to fast easily on every mode its your choice.
 The best thing about all 12 vibrations is that they are extremely discreet even at the strongest level it certainly wont be heard through a door or wall and especially not in the bath or shower.

I have to be honest I didn't expect much from this range of toys, wow how wrong was I...oh very, very wrong...lesson learnt never judge a book by its cover.
As soon as I took this out the box it felt so luxurious, you cant help but run your hands over the cool silky smooth silicone and I loved this stunning turquoise colour, normally I'm a pink Gal for sextoys but this is so different and a stunning shade of blue I fell in love immediately. The shaft is firm not flexible just the way I love my toys...Oh my what a gorgeous bunny. It warmed quickly to my body and is ideal for sensory play if you wish to heat things up a bit in warm water.

The clitoral stimulator has an extremely powerful bullet and is flexible enough to press it more against you for extra comfort if you wish. It doesn't have the ears of the standard rabbit but the thumb like stimulator is chunky enough to sit against you comfortably. The vibrations travel through the silicone and right to the end of the shaft  and the balance of the clever vibrations give you amazing transitions between the two of them giving strong stimulation to both G-spot vaginal walls and of course your clit. I could feel these right through my pelvis on the strongest mode....aaaaamazing!

The angles fitted me well and felt great at my G-spot ideal for thrusting and the tapered head easily finds your G-spot if you rock it in and upwards gently; being so smooth I needed little lube as the tapered head penetrates so comfortably.
The vibrations are rumbly and powerful on my favourite transitions settings jeeze they are unusual. The unique patterns involve a fantastic combination between the 2 motors, sometimes they pulse taking it in turns between vaginal and clitoral sometimes it feels like it is pulsing and swelling inside this is one of the best vibes I own.
This worked for me the first time I used this in minutes with such an intensity I couldn't walk for over 15 minutes wow, I felt the vibes through my whole pelvis.

BUT I did find they buttons sometimes could be a little tricky to press and I occasionally needed to press them again. They have designed the M button slightly more pronounced to help you distinguish between the + and - buttons but when inserted I wished they would have been a little more pronounced as its easy to press the wrong one in the heat of things if the shaft becomes slippy; because of being designed on the side of the Kaya rather than in the end.
But you simply find the vibe you like and choose you speed and your ready to rock!
Despite the buttons I really am raving over this because it surprised me so much, sorry Picobong I should have guessed being part of Lelo it was going to be a fantastic toy.

The Kaya makes a great couples toy too.
I haven't used this for anal but I cant see any reason why it wouldn't work extremely well with such smooth silicone and the gently tapered head and shaft and the clitoral stimulator would also work as a perianal stim too. Obviously washing extremely carefully in-between if swapping to vaginal play.
I'm pretty sure most guys would enjoy these amazing vibrations too; if they used this vibe against them. Place the head of the penis or frenulum between the clit stim and shaft so it holds it firmly and the Kaya will surround it with vibrations and pulses, if that is girls....you can part from your Kaya for a few minutes.

I love the fact Picobong toys are usable to a depth of 1 meter..okay I am not a diver and petrified of deep water so I wont be trying this out for you guys sorry...lol. But picture this on a lovely hot day...yeah  know dont laugh....your walking in the country and you find the most beautiful river or lake, the water is clear, the waves are lapping on the stony bank...how can you resists just to slip out of your clothes and into the cool refreshing water with your Kaya........happy sighs...! Well everyone can daydream cant they?

Luxury Silicone Bunny Comparisons

 Here is the Kaya in size comparison to the other popular luxury silicone rabbits.
The first in line is the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit, The OhMiBod Freestyle W and the Lelo Ina (review coming soon).

You can see the huge difference between all 4 of these major bunnies but the Kaya has the good bits from all of these; it has the G-spot angle of the Ina, the thickness of the more bulbous head of the Happy Rabbit and the same shaft firmness as all three. It has the same power if not a little stronger than of all these bunnies that are rechargeable; despite only having 2 AAA batteries.

Lelo Ina and Picobong Kaya comparison.

Clit stimulator length from the head.
The insertable shaft when you compare it to my other bunny's is the longest I have, so I am concerned it may not fit everyone. But the curve is gorgeous and very similar to the Ina if you already own that, plus the clit stimulator is almost the same thumb shape to her but a few inches further down the shaft than the Ina.This is ok as they have designed the Kaya with a flexible clit stim so you can adjust it against you.

I will be comparing all four together for a Super Bunny vibe off coming soon. But for now this Kaya is certainly a proud competitor against these Super Bunny's despite being battery driven!

Cleaning and Maintenance
Being 100% waterproof this is so easy to keep clean, simply rinse under warm soapy water or in the bath or shower, then use an antibacterial wipe to sterilise, then store away from other silicone toys so they don't degrade each other in a bag or its own box.

I love love love my Picobong Kaya, I love the smooth silky texture of the shaft, the angle of the head for G-spot perfect for thrusting and those that struggle with squirting play.
This has a medium girth so ideal for beginners to advanced rabbiters like myself, the strength of the vibes will suit almost anyone as you have an incredible variety to choose from.
The Picobong Kaya comes with a full 1 years warranty and excellent customer care making a great gift for any girl especially as a first rabbit, the excellent quality of the silicone makes this Kaya extra luxurious and feels so much more expensive than it is. A toy box essential what's not to like.

100% body safe silky smooth silicone,
Choice of 3 gorgeous colours,
12 vibrations,
Amazing variety of pulses, escalation and speeds for everyone,
batteries last well,
100% waterproof to a 1m depth for when you go skinny dipping,
The cute carrying charm,

Buttons can be slightly awkward to change mode.
A storage bag would have been nice,

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by LELO
Material: Silicone / Plastic

Or in the UK
 Sextoys and Lovehoney

All my thanks goes to Picobong for sending me this gorgeous bunny for this review, it will be welcomed into my warren.

Here are the other Picobong products in the range; which will be your favourite?


  1. What a beautiful colour! I would like a vibe that is turquoise - it just looks wonderful. It is pretty awesome that it is eco-friendly too and has so many variations. I love pattern variations - I get bored easily :)

  2. I absolutely adore that colour - I would LOVE a turquoise vibe..it just looks so wonderful. I also like that this one is eco-friendly...certainly something to think about. I think this is definitely a contender for me as it has so many pattern variations and as someone who easily gets bored this is a wonderful thing!


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