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Named and Shamed by Janine Ashbless

by Janine Ashbless

Once upon a time, a naughty girl called Tansy stole a very precious manuscript from a kindly antiquarian. But all of the world’s ancient and powerful magic, lost for centuries, has returned…and now there is much more at stake than a few sheets of parchment!
Thus begins a rude and rugged fairytale the likes of which you NEVER read when you were little! Poor Tansy is led though the most pleasurable trials and the most shameful tribulations as her quest unfolds before her. Orgasmic joy and abject humiliation are laid upon Tansy in equal measure as she straddles the two worlds of magic and man.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Named and Shamed which I was so looking forward to reading as this was my first footsteps into the world of fantasy erotica and I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know how fairies and goblins were going to work with an erotic book; can it really be done and made believable and most of all can it really be sexy? Plus It is also my first book I have read from Janine...but oh my what an incredible read.
 I'm a complete convert for erotic fantasy now!

I chose the paperback as its is scattered with brilliant erotic illustrations from John LaChatte, it is even printed on excellent quality paper and you even feel like you are holding a more luxury book; making this reading experience even better.
I started reading this at 8am this morning and its now 1.30am I seriously couldn't put this book down. It is a dark erotic depraved fairytale like nothing you have ever read or can conceive.

Tansy a young beautiful sexy red-headed girl an expert in many things magic and fae; who never could have believed the trouble she caused when she chose to steal some precious manuscripts from a kind antiquarian. If you loved your fairytales as a child you will love this fairytale as a red blooded adult. If you have erotic fantasies of sex with monsters and the inhuman this is written for you. From everything you can imagine; ogres to witches, goblins to trolls, satyrs to dwarves.

Tansy is enveloped gradually from the normal world into the magical world as she struggles to find the answer to break a curse; she hungers for sex to the point it doesn't matter who or what or even for her own safety. She suffers sexual submission and humiliation on many levels as fantasy and BDSM become one and she learns to enjoy and crave the frequent animalistic, wanton sex throughout these pages, as one scene ends another starts; but despite being fantasy the sexual intensity is still absolutely believable.
 I found Tansy really relatable, almost the girl next door that doesn't realise how sexy she is, she is caring and considerate to her friends who accompany her on part of her journey as they go from one predicament to another to find her answers.
I loved Janine's creative way she builds the worlds as its beautifully intermingled with ours and describes exactly what you are seeing so naturally so you feel you are there. The inhuman creatures are brilliantly described to the point they could be right infront of you.

To make this book even more special it is interspaced with highly erotic illustrations by artist John LaChatte; this really adds to the whole book and gives you more for you imagination. I have just put this book down after reading the last page and its left me smiling and warm the way every fairytale should be. I couldn't stop turning the pages till I reached the end of the 390 pages.I loved the brilliant twist at the end my only disappointment was it has finished... I wanted to carry on reading her unique style that draws the reader into this wanton fantasy world
I wouldn't say this is for the vanilla feint-hearted reader it is for the more hardcore erotic reader; but I would say make sure you put a " do not disturb sign on your door, grab a glass of wine before you sit down and read this book, you wont want to stop for anything or anyone.
I really am raving about this book it is a surprisingly fun very absorbing super sexy read. I cant wait to read another book from Janine Ashbless what a brilliant writer with an incredibly creative imagination.

All my thanks goes to Sweetmeat press for sending me this gorgeous book to read and completely opening my mind to fantasy erotica.

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BEWARE of addiction!

Author Bio

Janine Ashbless was awarded Writer of the Year by Jade Magazine, the international erotic art and literature publication. She is a multi-published author of erotica and - occasionally - erotic romance. Her first book was published in 2000 and she's written many novels since. But none of them are as wild as 'Named and Shamed'! She's always used elements of fantasy, mythology and folklore in her writing, with occasional forays into horror. Janine loves goatee beards, ancient ruins, minotaurs, trees, mummies, having her cake and eating it, and holidaying in countries with really bad public sewerage. She s a roleplaying geek and can still sometimes be found running round in the woods hitting other geeks with a rubber sword. It is unlikely she will grow up anytime soon. Janine lives in England with her husband and two rescued greyhounds, and is trying hard to overcome her addiction to semicolons.

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