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Lia Pleaser 1

This months CalExotic product is an unusually named Lia Pleaser 1 it is a really feminine looking vibrator, gorgeous luxury feel and unique design.

  Front and back modern designed box.
The Lia Pleaser arrives in CalExotics popular transparent plastic box with its modern looking graphics and clearly shows the product and explains its features clearly.

The Lia Pleaser 1 is one of the two designs in the Lia Pleaser range. It is a cerise pink pure premium Silicone vibrator with a sensuous curve to fit the woman's body. 

The realistic shaped head is gently tapered and the shaft has some unusual embossing which reminds me of tentacles. The tentacle style toys are very popular in dildo's right now and this adds a fun quirky twist and uniqueness to this vibrator.

The neck of the shaft is slightly flexible to about a cm backwards and forwards but definitely no more; otherwise the whole shaft is firm and the silicone has a slightly grippy feel to it. 

 On the Left is the on/off button and on the right turned over to find the function button.

The ABS glossy pink base has a nice modern silver ring detail to divide the silicone shaft and base. The 2 matching soft-touch silicone on/off and function buttons sit opposite each other with a small hole through both of them not for any reason just for design and this does give a more modern feel to the Lia. 

Total length is 22.6 cm
Insertable length is 16.3cm
Widest width near base is 3.7cm
Width of the head is 3cm.

The Vibrations
The Lia pleaser has 10 functions and runs off 2 AA batteries which slide end to end within the shaft, easy to see diagrams are within the compartment. 

The end cap/base is an offset bayonette connection which can only go on one way.  It also has a nice silicone ring which gives this toy its waterproof seal, so make sure you tighten it back up correctly to make sure its 100% waterproof. This toy has a great seal and can be taken anywhere.
The 10 Vibrations are more on the buzzy high frequency side but a few of them are surprisingly powerful. Press on/off button to turn on, then press the opposite function button to scroll through the various vibrations, pulses and escalations.
These are approximate as some of these functions are really unusual.
  1. Slow vibration,
  2. Medium vibration,
  3. Fast vibration,
  4. Pulse 1 a second,
  5. 1 pulse 1 escalation,
  6. 2 Pulses and 1 escalation,
  7. 4 pulses each one getting faster and more powerful than the last, then repeating.
  8. Rev 2 pulses, faster rev with 2 pulses,
  9. 2 pulses escalation to full, 2 pulses and reverse escalation to slow, 2 pulses and repeat,
  10. Slow escalation, 1-2-3 pulse and further escalation and repeat,
Then press on/off button to stop, the vibrations then start at 1 again.

The vibrations are situated in the head only and do not seem to travel down the shaft very well. Such a shame with such a great variety of vibes, but then all the power is directed into your G-spot or use directly for clitoral pinpoint stimulation, I have never had this with any toy before.

I have to admit this is not a discreet toy....its one noisy Lia pleaser; some of the functions even sound quite rattly while others have a slight whine to them. I'm afraid this can definitely be heard through walls and doors and possible in the middle of a battlefield. But being 100% waterproof you can drown out some of the noise in the shower or bath with a radio and of course once inserted or under water you do lose the initial noise. But its still pretty noisy; the exhibitionist amongst you may like this, you will turn some heads, let the world know your enjoying yourself.

I normally prefer deeper rumbly vibes but surprisingly enough this little Lia pleaser 1 and all its power directed at the head made me come fast with such intensity when I used it clitorally. I found the soft silicone warms quickly to your body and the firm shaft is ideal for thrusting and with a little angling I can hit my G-spot slightly transferring the whole vibrations on to it...oh my this felt amazing.
Its not the strongest of all my vibes but because the power is situated in the head only it really can give you some kick for pinpoint stimulation.

I loved the tentacle style embossing which really does stand proud of the shaft, these give incredible stimulation when rocking or rubbing against it. This alone was enough to get me there. It is such a shame you have very little vibrations on the shaft. Although I know many girls who do not enjoy internal stimulation other than G-spot and clit so this toy is perfect for those girls. I know many people who have used rabbit style vibes and turned off the shaft vibrations; this Lia is made for you girls.

The buttons I feel are in an awkward position and I found I was accidentally turning it off as the function button is the direct opposite to the on/off button on the otherside. Where your index finger changes function, its easy to put pressure on the on/off button with the thumb as you hold it naturally. It would have been better having one of the buttons on the very base; but it does make this design look modern and you just have to readjust your hold.

Cleaning and maintenance
Being 100% waterproof as tentacles usually are; you can rinse it under warm soapy water or in the bath or shower and then spray with a good sextoy cleaner. Being silicone you must never store it next to other silicone toys as they will degrade each other. Store your Lia in a makeup bag or in its own box to keep clean.

Visually I loved this Lia Pleaser its unique deep embossing tentacle style designs give amazing stimulation. I loved the deep cerise colour its one of my favourite sextoy colours and the silver ring adds a luxury detail; but it would have been a fun twist to have an alternative colour in green to go with the tentacle design. 
Despite this toy working brilliantly for me I felt slightly disappointed it didn't have the vibrations on the shaft that it had on its head. Having full power JUST to its head is something I have never tried in any toy I have ever owned and it feels quite different. 
It is a fantastic clitoral toy and has the most sensual curve perfect for thrusting and G-spot play. It also has a lovely substantial weight to this toy giving it a real luxury feel.
This is ideal for those of you that love tentacle play but it is also a fun unthreatening feminine vibrator that has an amazing variety of vibrations, pulses and escalations. The girth and beautifully tapered head is ideal for beginners and those that prefer slimmer vibes and it really has a luxury feel to it with the excellent quality soft pliable silicone.

Sensuous curve,
Premier Silicone, 
Tentacle embossing for stimulation,
Sexy tapered head,

Poor vibrations in the shaft,
Very Noisy,

 It is available in 2 colours purple and cerise pink.

All my thanks to CalExotics for this gorgeous Lia pleaser 1 for this review.

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  1. Love the design, so tentacle like! :)

    Thanks for the great review x


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