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Cole The Dane by Bad Dragon

I was so excited to get the opportunity to try another of the amazing toys from Bad Dragon, especially one of the newest in their ever growing stable of stunning dildos.

I have been addicted to these dildos since I reviewed XarThe Karabos.

With Bad Dragon products you really are getting something very special and completely customised to your choice. Size, colour, firmness, then you can add a cumtube and/or a suction cup depending on the toy.
They are distinctly unique to any dildo company around in that their toys are made just for you, just how you want them; an ideal man what more can you ask; as long as you like your cocks slightly inhuman to fulfil your deepest darkest fantasy of course.

So the gorgeous guys at Bad Dragon kindly made me my very own Cole in a Medium this time; as I chose a large Xar last time and my eyes were probably bigger than my pussy...eeep he is a big boy.....
I was also asked if I didn't mind trying the firmest all the way through option (8) so preferring my firmer toys I happily agreed to try him firm all over...a hard Cole..mmmmm...absolutely...bites hand off!
Plus I decided to try him with a Cum-tube this time so he was going to be my very first cum-tube toy.

Razor the Doberman versus Cole the Dane -The Cock Fight!

Cole is the newest and a revamped design of Razor the Anthro Doberman.

 The Cock Fight!

If your wondering which to choose between these two canine cocks the overall shape is very similar between them; but in size comparison they are very different Cole is definitely the larger hound of the two and in breaking down the sizes between them the Small Cole the Dane is comparable to the medium Razor the Doberman.
If you compare the 2 medium sizes Cole is much larger all round.

I really am excited to bring you this review.

The light from the forge-fire glistened off a pair of smudged goggles as Cole pushed them onto his forehead with one gloved paw. In his other paw, he held a large hammer, the weight of which would have caused the average person to stumble. The Dane hefted it easily, and set it down on the table.
All around, the fruits of his labour lay, some fresh from the forge, some ready to find eager new homes. They were toys of all shapes, sizes and colons, designed to thrill and delight their owners. Some had an exotic design; some came straight from the Dane’s imagination. Some, such as the toy he had just finished, had a more specific inspiration.
The toy that Cole held now was a replica of his own anatomy, and was as large and thick as what lay between his own legs. As Cole examined his latest creation, running his gloved finger up and down the length, examining the girth with a thumb and forefinger, he felt a stirring beneath his leather apron. Slowly, he sat down, wondering if it was just the heat from the fire making him feel so hot… or if maybe it was time for a little break…

My Cole has just flown all the way from Phoenix Arizona.
The amazing expandy toy; how did all this fit in this tiny box.

Cole arrived within 5 days from the US in a discreet box with nothing screaming thick, knotted, cum pumping, pussy stretching dog penis at you...phew that is a relief.  When Cole arrived he came sealed in a transparent plastic bag for hygiene purposes and wrapped in lovely purple tissue paper and to my surprise the lovely guys at Bad Dragon threw in a bottle of the white lifelike cumin lube and a syringe to use him as a cumin toy.

The complete Cole the Dane cum-tube kit.
Cole is 100% body safe silicone which is so super soft warming quickly to your touch. It is an almost exact replica of a Great Dane's penis with the swollen red shaft right down to the knot and then finishing with a black and white wider base. Not that I go round looking at Dogs penis's but this is pretty true to life; comparing him to our own very large Canine.

Even though Id chosen a medium, his size...the girth...oh...the...girth still took my breath away....he is oh so very very sexy!

The head is tapered to a super soft pointy tip which is really flexible not sharp at all; the shaft has very slight veining to give a more natural effect. I had fallen in love with the colours in the product image as it was more life-like too a lovely deep crimson with the black and white marbled base.

With Cole came a bottle of Bad Dragon Cum Lube which is white and has the real like viscosity of cum. Plus a large 60ml syringe to apply the lube into the 3 ft of tube.
Below is the measurements for Cole on one of my images so you can see it clearly and below that is Bad Dragons precise measurement chart for each size of Cole the Dane Available.
 I chose the medium Cole and I have found these measurements almost spot on in size.

Measurements in diameter

Full measurements of all the sizes in detail.

You have an endless range of colour choices for your Cole and any toy ordered from Bad Dragon; from the colourations they have chosen, right down to splits and fades; whatever floats your boat choose from their easy to follow Colour tab when ordering.

Colour choices.

An opaque tube exits the base of Cole as it extends the entire length of the toy just leaving a small gap down inside from the head so you don't feel any edges of plastic just the gorgeous soft head..oh my and he is really amazing to touch.
As I was trying the firmest number 8 all through I was still quite surprised at his flexibility but of course you still need some bend in him, but I can still bend the shaft almost into a right angle.

 Sizing of Cole against my Dr Peppers can.

He is a gorgeous substantial weight and the base is wide and sturdy enough to stand perfectly by himself anywhere you want him.

 I love how his shaft just bends forward slightly with his weight.

You have a whopping 3 feet of tubing so you can easily syringe in the lube yourself or hand the end of the cum-tube over to your OH. I was so excited to try him; the thought of lube being squirted inside is such a turn on and a brilliant idea too.

The 250mls of Bad Dragon lube is white in colour to look real (you can also get clear too should you prefer), you need this size if your using a cum-tube toy as you do need quite a bit if your choosing to use the whole length of the tubing.....Its way more than the 10cc were all used to girls?
If you know your not going to use all of the length I would suggest snipping it down a little it will save on lube.

Even the syringe is brilliant as it has an internal thread, as an ex-nurse I know these are a cannula syringes but most syringes are just a nozzle.

Size Comparisons between my Large Xar The Karabos and this Medium Cole The Dane.

The photos in comparison don't give him justice as Xar is absolutely huge and in the piks they look similar size but you have to remember Xar has a massive 3.30 inches of knot compared to 2.85 inches knot of Cole.

 Each time I have taken a Bad Dragon toy out of its box Im still blown away by their excellent quality 100% silicone, it feels incredible in your hand and the substantial weight of the toys are worth every penny. You can even sit him on a tiled floor and even though I didn't choose a suction cup but Cole still suckered securely on the shiny surface so you can lower yourself down if that's how you prefer.

For me he exceeded my expectations the pointier tapered head enters so easily and the chunky base is comfortable in the palm of your hand to control him for thrusting and in just a few thrusts I found to my surprise I can easily get down to the top of the knot, I really wanted to take the whole knot but I'm quite a small girl and could only manage the top of the knot and that too is gently tapered; but I love a challenge and I will succeed with the help from my OH...on a side note he has just bought some earmuffs...eeep!

Seriously you have no worries at all about an instant 2.85 inch knot being forced in, as you have a gentle expansion till you get to full girth and you can work yourself up gently.
Despite being full firmness 8 he still has quite a bit of flexibility and squishiness so if you think you cant take 1.95 inches in diameter shaft you may surprise yourself; as your body can squeeze it slightly smaller and is nothing to be scared of I promise, as the soft silicone has alot of give. I could have easily taken him slightly firmer but this was the sensible firmness and very sexy.
I did however find it more comfortable to warm myself up with one of my slightly slimmer rabbits; this made Cole easy to insert especially with the chunky base which makes him perfect to control.

The shaft of Cole massages the inside walls of my vagina as well as pressing firmly against my cervix and by angling him upwards wow he even hit my G-spot that was such a fantastic bonus I wasn't expecting. His large size and tapered tip is perfect to thrust inside against it. making me cum in seconds WOW I'm so in love with this toy.

 Cole the water fountain...the goldfish might take offence?

Cole is starring on You Tube

 I had some fun with my high speed photography capturing the water droplets.

The Cuming Tube
Cole is my first cum-tube toy so I was really really excited as Id never tried this type of toy before.

 All the images shown are before use with just the cum-lube.
Cum lube before use.

Setting up a cum-tube toy is so easy and for those that maybe worried that you cant just grab him when the mood strikes, you would normally grab your toy and lube wouldn't you simply keep the syringe nearby too, draw a good amount from the bottle and syringe enough to get a little dribble at the head, this enables you to get lubed quickly; plus if feels like pre-cum so it feels so much more natural than smothering yourself with cold lube first.

The Bad Dragon cum lube really surprised me as its almost identical in consistency to the real thing as its really viscous and clings well to the toy as it slowly runs down it leaving its own layer of lube.
When you pinch it between your fingers its very gooey and leaves strands...just like the real stuff lol.

After I had inserted him my OH squirted about a ml of lube which feels nice and cool inside.
TIP: if you want to make it more life-like pop the syringe in a bowl of hot water to warm up the lube and you can feel the warmth flood inside you; wow this is incredibly real and very erotic.

By having the lube squirted inside and the toy still maintaining its erection you get to be turned on even more; as we don't normally get to enjoy the hardness after the cumming do we girls. By being so lubed up internally you can keep thrusting for more orgasms.
I found I was able to take more girth than any toy I have ever owned due to this incredible cum-tube and the super squishiness of the silicone. He gave me such intense body orgasms one after the other, he makes you feel so wanton. Im in love with Cole what can I say this toy is amazing.

You Tube debut of Cole and cum-tube and cum lube.

Cleaning and maintenance
This was my main concern keeping the cum hole clean, but I needn't have worried you simply flush the tube with clean water, I then squirted some of sextoy cleaner into a small bowl sucked it up in the syringe and squirt that through too. My Lelo sextoy cleaner is perfect for this as it doesn't have to be rinsed out so its working all the time.
I also squirted some directly down the hole in the tip. Then allow the tube and toy to air dry thoroughly before putting away in any bags. Store Cole in his plastic bag or a large toy bag as he is a dust magnet if left out as are most silicone toys.

But I must admit I have my Cole and Xar on display next to my PC as I love looking at them so much, they inspire me with naughty thoughts.

Fun with Cole

I absolutely love my Cole he wont fall asleep on you or shrink in size after one orgasm girls and it wont run off during the adverts to grab a cold one from the fridge ....not that I ever have this complaint...phew had to get that in quick lol.

Is he worth the money I have been asked...omg absolutely you are getting a custom made toy to suit you in any colour imaginable, in the firmness you lust for and you can even have a cum tube or suction cup added. It then arrives on your doorstep beautifully crafted as your fantasy toy.

I wouldn't recommend Cole as a beginners toy because he is quite a girthy puppy, I would start with Razor the Doberman or Chico the little squirt and work your way up. But anyone who loves their girth and unique dildo Cole is made for you.
What I love about Cole is the fact you can take..or try to take the knot as well so you get the sexy head and shaft and the extra girthy Knot as a complete bonus compared to a normal human dildo, this enables you to grow with your toy. His already taught me that I can take this girth; something I had my doubts about at the beginning; but Im always up for a challenge. Plus you get such an incredible comfortable full feeling every girl lusts after.
But choose your sizing carefully and dont ever force these toys on yourself; take your time and of course enjoy and learn about your body at the same time.
I know many people now who are very into the Twilight and fantasy films and have vivid fantasy's about being taken by a werewolf or dragon and Cole is no different being so thick and girthy . So whether you dream of your hellhound or just man's best friend Cole is just for you.

But I can assure you Cole is not just man's best friend!

Custom made,
Amazing girth,
Incredible shape,
Excellent quality silicone,
Cum tube is a fantastic extra for any of these toys.

Addictive and always thinking about your next toy.

To own your own customised Cole The Dane click here.
Small - $65.00
Medium - $90.00
Large - $120.00
Extra Large - $160.00

All my thanks goes to Bad Dragon for making me my very own Cole for this review; I'm one very happy bunny!

A special chance to get cheaper products with Bad Dragon are from their adoptions page.
These toys have minor defects and are cheaper to buy and are offered on a first come first served basis with no refunds or exchanges.
Go get 'em while they're hot!

Please see my other Bad Dragon review below

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