Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Yes For Love sheet fragrance.

This was a refreshing change for me to bring you something quite different to my review pages.
I have never tried a sheet fragrance before and I felt so very spoilt on receiving this to review for Vibrator kingdom.
 Yes for Love are a Parisian company specialising in the more elegant luxurious adult products for the body and bedroom eg, lubes and moisturisers to bring a sense of sumptuousness and pampering to your bedroom.
You have perfume to wear for yourself, aftershave for your OH; well now your sheets can enjoy some luxury and pampering too; its the perfume for your sheets. This is something that everyone can use to add a touch of luxury to their bedrooms, wherever you are. It doesn't matter whether you are young or old this just gives you a lift and makes you feel so very special when you smell this gorgeous spicy uplifting spray.

When you buy an item from Vibrator Kingdom you are spoilt right from the start, you will receive your items beautifully gift wrapped in tissue paper and you will also receive a little envelope of samples sachets to try at your leisure.

The Yes for Love Sheet fragrance comes in a beautiful white box with gold writing and Yes for Love logo embossed on the front, it easily looks like an expensive perfume and can be used by anybody for anybody; this is pure elegance and luxury.

From the elegant white box to the slim clear glass bottle screams sophistication and luxury with its gorgeous gold mirrored top. The same gold writing and logo Yes for Love really makes this look like an expensive perfume atomiser. 
Alcohol, Denat/SD ALlcohol 39-C, Water (Aqua / EAU), Fragrance / Parfum, Coumarin, Eugenol, Limonine, Linalool.

I bet many of you are thinking why would I buy a special sheet fragrance, I'll just spray my own perfume in the bed!
  • Well for one you would probably stain your sheets.
  • Generally its a female perfume, is your OH really going to enjoy being surrounded in flowers or musk. You may enjoy smelling of Sarah Jessica Parker, but will he? This sheet fragrance is specifically designed for both sexes, something both of you may like.
  •  It would probably be too heady as its made for a different reason and of different perfume balances, you may get headaches.
  • You are wasting good perfume.
This is specially made for your sheets, for your bedroom for the both of you. Giving an opulent feel to the bedroom making it feel luxurious and expensive; you can just layback an inhale these erotic scents and just feel very pampered.

This is the ultimate in pampering for your bedroom, an eau de perfume for your sheets. Having never used a sheet fragrance before this was a real treat for me, I only needed 2 mists under the duvet to smell the soft middle spicy notes of this perfume; it wasn't over powering or too heady.
 Some scents and perfumes can give me a headache so I had a little trepidation in trying it; but needn't have worried as it leaves a light spicy scent that is just right, the Yes for Love range really have tested their products.

When pressing the nozzle you get a nice fine mist, no leaky squirts a nice wide angled mist that covers a good area of your sheets. 2 sprays is all you need to get enough coverage without being overpowering.
The clear fine spray is just a mist so the sheets do not feel wet I tried it on my white sheets and it didn't leave any greasy residue or any staining. The sexy scents lasted well till morning, in which the scent softens by morning but still lasts well. A little goes a really long way. This bottle will last you ages.
We both loved the smell of the bedroom for the first time you could shut your eyes and think you are in an expensive lavish hotel for the night, this really makes you feel pampered, we loved it.

Look beautiful and blends in with all your makeup and perfume sitting on your dressing table, its an affordable extravagance which looks much more expensive.
 If you want a romantic night in or set the scene as a sexy surprise for your OH, this is what you need, its the ultimate final addition (apart from you) to your bedroom. Its spicy sensual perfume is enough to make anyone feel special as soon as they get under the covers and inhale this sexy scent. Make it a night to remember.
Take it with you on holiday make any room, any bed in any country smell opulent. It doesn't have to be the bed try adding sensual opulence to the car, your sofa even the carpets to give an air of sophisticated luxury.
Exchange that wet dog, smelly sneakers or kitchen onion smell for the scent of lurrve..........!
This is something that everyone, yes everyone can use, if you are stuck for a present for someone, you know we all have some people who are hard to buy gifts for; that have everything, then treat them to Yes for love sheet fragrancer. The packaging and bottle make this look very expensive and makes a beautiful affordable gift for any woman; make someone else feel pampered. This isn't just couples but something to treat yourself too.
Make your bedroom the ultimate opulence to finish your day in; worth every scent!

Will suit nearly everyone,
Ideal gift,
Not too strong or heady,
Makes you feel sexy,

None but would be great to come in different scents.

You can get your sexy bedroom atmosphere,
Yes for Love sheet fragrancer

All my thanks goes to Vibrator Kingdom for sending me this Yes for love sheet fragrancer for this review.

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