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OhMiBod Freestyle W

When I first heard I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try one of the latest wireless OhMiBod toys I was really happy as I adore techie toys; but when I found out the Freestyle W was a rabbit I was ecstatic.

I have wanted to try one of this range for a long while now with all the products being so innovative and being able to use your favorite music to enjoy the vibrations. Everyone enjoys music and most people enjoy sex so now you have the opportunity to combine the two together into one product; its just brilliant.
Its simple to use and is the ultimate ipod/iphone accessory- Woman and machine become one!

The Freestyle W arrived within a week from the US I was really impressed, inside it was well packaged with plenty of poly balls to protect it. The main packaging for the Freestyle is very similar to many luxury toys at this time; with a plain white box and a perfect image of the rabbit on the front, on the back it clearly explains all about what this amazing toy can do.
The sturdy white box is perfect to store your freestyle W in but it also comes with a white satin pouch too.

This OhMiBod freestyle rechargeable W was inspired by the power and the shape of a cresting wave. This is a luxury rabbit style toy for those who enjoy both clitoral and vaginal penetration. It has 2 powerful motors that can be used with its own pre-programmed patterns or used with your own music from an ipod; or by downloading the latest OhMiBod iphone App which is explained further on.

"A crest of a wave"
The bluey green coloured rabbit is quite an unusual colour for a sextoy, its taken me a little time to get used to the colour but after finding out it was inspired by the sea and a cresting wave I can see why they chose this colour and its growing on me.
 The wave shaft feels soft to touch and has 3 increasing ridges on the inner shaft to stimulate the inside of the vagina.
If you wonder why the rabbit is surfing on an iphone read on!
You can imagine surfing on this wave.

On the back of the base/handle OhMiBod is embossed in both the ABS plastic and the silicone shaft a nice touch.

This gorgeous Rabbit comes with a white satin pouch to store it in.
The Science Bit
The 100% body safe silicon rabbit is 8 3/4 inches long and 1 1/8th in diameter (222mm length, 29mm in width).It is latex/Phthalate free.
The base or handle is made of smooth shiny ABS plastic I love toys with this combination you have the best of both worlds.

 You are getting alot for your money!
  • The OhMiBodd Freestyle W, 
  • the Universal charger,
  • 12" AUX input connector ,
  • 2.4 GHz wireless dual stimulation transmitter- with 2 AAA batteries INCLUDED!
  • White satin pouch to store your new toy in,
  • Detailed instruction manual this is a lovely large book making it easy to read and in many different languages.
 The whole outline lights up white and will pulse with the beat of the vibes.

The Control Panel
This control panel is quite unique to any other rabbit I own. The controls are upside-down compared to most sextoys making it so much easier when inserted to see what you want to use. They are in a flower shape rocker button and its very much like the Lelo control panel with the white rocker switch which lights around the main button and pulse with the vibrations.

You have 5 functions to choose from to play with your Freestyle W.

The 2 arrow buttons are pattern selectors, where you simply click through till you find the vibration pattern you like.
At the bottom you have the 2 Mode selectors, where you have the 2 rectangles like an equaliser for basic manual functions which are already pre -programmed into the freestyle W, and a music note is for when you wish to feel the music vibes from an ipod/MP3 player/laptop or in my case iphone.
At 12 oclock you have the off switch nice and easy to click if disturbed.

The Wireless Transmitter
This a unique addition to this amazing rabbit and is what makes sure you can enjoy your rabbit completely wireless. The modern white ABS plastic transmitter is discreet and easy to hold; this will allow you to control the sensitivity and intensity of the vibrations converted from your music that you will be listening to. This takes 2 AAA batteries which come supplied...thank you OhMiBod.

It has dual plug connectors in either end clearly showing 2 small images to what they are for;

 This end connects directly into your ipod or iphone and the other end has a small image of headphones so you can listen to the music through your ear-buds too.

It has a small white LED to show you its working or not.

TIP; When not in use you need to make sure the thumb roller switch is completely turned off otherwise its continually giving out a signal and will drain the batteries, roll the switch till you here a definite click!

Charging unit and 3 adapters.
The charging unit connector (at the top of the above image) plugs into the freestyle W; once charging a small LED on the charger (not the rabbit) will glow red, once fully charged ONLY 2 hours later it will glow green.

 This rabbit comes with 3 different plug adapters so you can use this gorgeous toy anywhere in the world.

You only have to wait 2 hours till it is fully charged, I was really impressed as most of my rechargeable toys need at least 4-6 hours to get a full first charge. I did actually leave it for 4 just incase as the first charge is so important.

3 ways to use this bunny
 The best thing about this innovative new Freestyle W is that you now have 3 ways to use it making this so very unique to any other sextoy I have ever owned. There is something for everyone and for every occasion and mood. Im so excited to get to try this toy, I adore this technology.
  1. Manual mode - Using the 7 Programmed Patterns,
  2. Music mode - Using your ipod/iphone/MP3 player/games controller,
  3. App mode - Using the OhMiBod Application for iphone or ipad,

1. Manual mode
This is when you wish to use this bunny anytime without the music, it already has 7 pre-programmed vibrations and patterns for you to use like the average sextoy.
For manual mode press the bottom left hand side button, like two bunny teeth.
  1. Low vibration,
  2. Medium vibration,
  3. Fast vibration, 
  4. Reving once every second,
  5. 1 pulse second,
  6. 2 pulses second,
  7. 2 pulses and 1 long, bzz bzz bzzzz bzz bzz bzzzz
These vibrations are fairly quiet but not the quietest I own, you will probably be safe under the duvet and not be heard through the door or wall, to be safe pop the telly on.
Of course if you have plugged the transmitter into a speaker when using the other 2 methods of using this toy your music will drown out the vibrations; therefore its a very discreet toy.

Wow these vibrations have my favorite rumbliness especially number 7 is my favorite,

2. Music mode
Now we start the fun stuff....!
 The Wireless Transmitter has a headphone jack that plugs into many items eg laptop, MP3 player, or handheld video game console or laptop. You will have no wires dangling from the rabbit itself as this amazing wireless technology means the transmitter cleverly transmits those signals to your rabbit!!

  Its easy work;
  • Press the music note on the flower pad, 
  • Plug in the transmitter to your ipod/iphone or music enabled device, 
  • plug in your earbuds and then increase the volume to full (dont worry it limits and won't blow your ear-drums...just your mind) then your ready to rock...literally!!
It should look like this once plugged in and your ready to rock! 

Next using the roller thumb switch on the transmitter control the sensitivity and intensity to feel the vibrations best depending on each song. 

Yay being a rock chick I have plenty of drum beat rock that felt brilliant Alice cooper worked for me best though. Plus a little Lady Gaga.
It took me some time to find the right music to get the strongest beats for the vibrations, but once I had found the right music I was away and wow did this work. You can lose yourself completely in the music and the moment what a way to enjoy this toy...pheewy!
Each song though you will need to tweak the volume and sensitivity to suit you. Songs with bass you will maybe want to turn it down to get the beat or it will be a steady vibration, you tweak it till you feel a pulse sensation to the beat.
I have found with songs from the same artist you just need a slight adjustment but when you swap like me from Rock to say dance its completely different.

TIP; Do take time before you plan to use this mode to find the right type and beats of music otherwise you will be fired up and then having to fiddle through your music to find the right one to suit your mood, make yourself a folder of music just for this toy no one will have any idea.

To help you choose the right music OhMiBod have their own playlists that were created by other OhMiBod users for example the top 5 songs at this time are;
  1. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
  2. Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra) - Gotye
  3. Wild Ones (feat. Sia) - Flo Rida,
  4. We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) - Fun.
  5.  Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
They then offer you Top 5 play lists to choose from this will get you started till you find the styles and beats you enjoy both musically and sexually. You will have so much fun trying this!

Im going to add the review of this iphone App to this review.

The Bodyheat App.
Now were talking this is just brilliant , the new app for the iphone is a sexy interface developed to control all of OhMiBods massager's, I was sooo excited to get the chance to use this on my Freestyle W.
 Just download the OhMiBod app to you iphone, ipad etc and press the music note on the flower pad. Connect your smartphone to the transmitter and set both phone and transmitter dial to full/maximum.
Touch me!

You have complete control of intensity and pattern at the touch of your finger, you then get to save those patterns to use again; how amazing is this... sextoy technology at its best here.

You then tap your phone pad to control the intensity and speed by just dragging your finger across the screen it then responds quickly in real time.
You can create complex and varied patterns to suit you at the touch of a finger on screen...just brilliant!
Then just shake to reset.

I absolutely love this app, it was so responsive as soon as my finger was on the screen the vibes started and as soon as I dragged my finger to increase speed and pattern it responded immediately.
We even experimented in the fact I gave the controls to my OH and it worked through walls, doors, ceilings and to my surprise over 150 feet away...yes I did say OVER 150 feet away..that's amazing for any technology.
My Oh was at the end of our drive before it stopped responding, I was gob-smaked at the extent of the frequencies.

So this is brilliant for sexy games between couples, hand the ipod/iphone to your OH and go into another room..or down the drive and enjoy being completely out of control.
This is the best remote sextoy I have ever tried and I love making my own sexy vibrations and patterns.

I absolutely loved the curved wave shape shaft its not too thin like other rabbits as its gently tapers from tip to insertion thickness; the silicone is so soft and smooth and isn't as grippy as other pure silicone toys and doesn't gather dust and fluff, the silicone isn't as velvety as some but that means that its not so grippy.
It is odd not being able to control the clit vibe and shaft separately as on most of my other rabbits but I didn't miss it at all.
 The shaft is soft and smooth and I loved the angle of the clit stimulator, it fits me well and I love the firmness of the silicone, some rabbits can be too squidgy for my personal liking, this is just perfect for me. The very end is slightly bendable as with the clitoral stimulator but its much firmer than any other rabbit I own.

Being such a techie toy it is only splash proof because of the recharging connector, despite having a bung you still shouldn't submerge this toy. Just wipe with antibacterial wipes and then spray with a sextoy cleaner.

With all my rabbit vibrators I have collected over the years I have to say this is the most techie I own. I really appreciate the work and design that has gone into making such a beautiful toy that is luxurious as well.
 I thought I may miss being able to control the clit stimulator and shaft independently of each other, as with most other standard bunny vibes, but I get so involved in choosing what beats and rythyms to try, I quickly forget I cant control them separately or that the head doesn't rotate, you really dont need any of those when you have the amazing variety of ways to play with this rabbit.
The vibrations are discreet particularly if using a speaker. They are more rumbly to buzzy depending one what music you are listening too.
Every PC has a headphone jack so whatever you have on your music or video wise  you can tweak all the tones and bass to give even more variety of tones and sensations. Plus those of you that live apart from loved ones can now feel their voices.....Hows that for technology!
This has so much more to offer anybody who loves vaginal and clitoral stimulation this will take you to another level in sextoys.

Most of us nowadays have our phones never far away so what better way to combine your love of music and sex.
This is the best remote sextoy I have ever tried; the technology is fast and responsive and doesn't drop connections like other wireless vibes I've tried in the past. Plus the fact with this App you get to make your own patterns and vibrations, if you like it rumbly or if you like buzzy its your choice, have you ever had that opportunity with any sextoy before!

Warning- I promise, you will find yourself daydreaming at work listening to the latest basiest, rockiest and most orgasmic song to rush home and play it with your new toy.

Yes Im raving as I really do love this new toy. Music really can be orgasmic I'm a complete geek when it comes to technology so this toy has been so exciting to review for you. This really will suit everyone I feel as its powerful enough for those that love their rumbly vibes like me as you can change the sound and feel of the base outputs and for those new to rabbits; this really is the ultimate bunny!

Variety of ways to use this rabbit,
Powerful rumbly vibes,
Great shape and design,
Modern colour,
Charges quickly and lasts a long time,
Safe hygenic materials,
3 year warranty,

Doesn't walk the dog,

You can buy your OhMiBod Freestyle W from OhMiBod themselves in the US

product picture
Rabbit vibrator by OhMiBod
Material: Silicone

I hope some UK companies decide to stock this as its the best toy I have ever tried for technology plus a whole lot more.

All my thanks goes to OhMiBod for sending me this gorgeous rabbit for this review its been an absolute honour to test drive this amazing technology!


  1. Fantastic review! That app thing looks really neat.

  2. Great review! I really want to try this one someday! For some reason, I thought that this wasn't compatible with the iPhone but it is! hoorah!

  3. Glad to hear this was such a fabulous toy! Loved that you included pics. I have Freestyle and love it, but the simple wand is a bit underwhelming for me as I like some texture or G-spotting most times. I considered this one, but it just looks so big for me I'm really glad to hear it works so well though because I'm definitely going to purchase more from this line. I wanted the one with waves in it--forget the name, but it came in lots of colors--but kept hearing it had weak vibes Freestyle is one of the stronger vibrators I own so I would probably be satisfied with the vibes of this toy too! I'll have to think about it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments, yes its absolutely compatible with the iphone as long as it has a headphone jack it may fit other brands of phone too, plus most items we use on a daily basis eg; pc, ipad, laptop etc.
    The pre-programmed vibes are medium strength but as soon as you can get the right music or use the app they get stronger as you can alter the intensity with base etc. I love super strength vibes and this really workd for me. Amazing technology.

  5. Thanks for the review! I'm working on finishing mine up (should post tomorrow). Was curious about the app, as I have a blackberry instead of an iphone. Thanks for showing it off!

  6. Thanks for the great review!

  7. Loved the review - very helpful and loved the humor!

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