Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nurse Costume Garter with Injection Pen

I bought this to go with my new BlueBella nurse costume I was reviewing for Lovehoney just to add a fun touch to the image.
This Nurse Costume garter with injection pen  I wish I'd had this around when I was a nursing it would have given a few laughs and smiles just when you need it. It feels a quality garter with a layer of red satin ribbon sewn and pleated into a layer of white frilly lace with an elastic attachment holding the novelty injection pen.

The garter is produced by Smiffys who produce extras like eyelashes and nails extensions all those extras that make us feel special, this was no exception.
The packaging comes on a card and then sealed in transparent plastic. The design clearly shows how good this is going to look with the standard nursey white fishnets, this is a must for any medical costume.

This gorgeous garter is made from red satin ribboning which is pleated and edged with floral white lace.Then you have a small ring of white elastic which is sewn...yeah right..onto the garter to hold the injection syringe which is a pen to keep it secure. But its easily removed to use or pretend.
This pen is cleverly made so you can click the pen in or out using the syringe end, inside the barrel of the syringe is red liquid which sloshes around as you move giving a very lifelike blood effect.
You will actually scare someone if you go towards them pretending to jab them, I warn you now.

Er..well it did feel good quality and as I pulled it out the packet the pen fell off from the garter as it was only sewn on with 1 measly stitch so it needed another few stitches to sew it back on; being an ex-nurse stitching wasnt a problem for me.

I loved this garter Im so glad I bought this to go with this costume, it was fun and a great conversation starter. Plus I now have somewhere to keep my pen at all times lol. This has to be an essential and affordable accessory to every nurse costume, but also a great pressie for someone who has just passed their nurse exams or have just qualified. Or even that zombie costume you've just acquired.
A fun and unusual gift that is usable as a normal pen too.I love it.

Fun and affordable,

Wasn't sewn on well but not a real problem easy to sew back on.

You can buy your Injection pen from Lovehoney

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