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The Mute by Swan

I couldn't contain my excitement when I found out I was going to have the amazing opportunity to try one of the gorgeous Swan vibrators. The Mute in particular is so called because of its super discreet vibes, also famous for its pronounced tip.
This unique double ended multispeed vibrator has motors both ends so you have a great 2 in 1 toy with the choice of a slim more tapered tip for g-spot precision play or the wider rounded end for fuller insertion.

Swan excels themselves with this gorgeous luxury magnetic lidded box. On the front is a beautiful image of this Mute on a luxury simple background.

You simply open this box like a book and the magnetic clip keeps the lid shut. You know you have something luxurious before you have even seen this toy.

Inside you have a brown booklet style envelope which is Velcro'd shut holding the instruction manual a very luxury touch, this is similar in style to the boxes and packaging of the Fresh by leaf (see my review)

On lifting this out of the box you see the beautiful black satin bag with the swan logo. For once the Mute and adaptors are all already stored neatly inside the bag.

 Plug adapter and 4 attachments.

Inside the bag you have a universal power adapter which is an ingenious little device which comes with 4 plug adaptors which you simply slide and clip onto the main adaptor forming a solid plug. This is the neatest adaptor I have ever seen with a luxury toy, the swan logo is also printed onto the adaptor.

Sextoys also sent me another UK plug adaptor (above the Mute) obviously unaware of this clever adapter inside the sealed box.

The 60 inches of cable is extremely long giving you plenty of length to charge your toy comfortably.

The rechargeable Mute is a beautiful gently curved cerise pink, luxury vibrator made of 100% seamless silicone. Its Phthalate and latex free.

Total length is 20 cm/8 inches.

 The Slim beak-like head is 5.3cm long and is 3cm at its widest which tapers to a tip. This head is the smaller of the two and is ideal for pinpoint stimulation.

The wider head is 4cm at its widest tip which gently tapers to a more rounded head ideal for a more fuller feeling.

The Science bit
The dual motors have the "Power Bullet" technology something I have seen and used before with My Fresh by leaf, these are excellent quality motors.

PowerBullet technology
I just want to mention briefly about the patented PowerBullet technology. Adult manufacturers are creating the most beautiful elaborate designs with extraordinary functions, but without the technology of PowerBullet, the vibe will barely tickle. BMS Factory provides the most powerful vibrations for adult novelties and is now manufacturing the products of many distributors around the world.Including We-Vibe. PowerBullet is famous for its amazing power and is operates on the toughest lithium ion batteries. When you see this name you know you are getting a powerful well made motor.

I really love rechargeable toys with no more fumbling around in drawers for that elusive battery. The motors are fully rechargeable and has an incredible 10,000 RPM. it charges in under 2 hours and you have up to 8 hours playtime.

You plug in your jack plug end into the water-protected adapter jack in the centre part of the Mute, it seems unusual place to have a connector hole but its ideal as you can use either end to play with.
This is as far as the plug enters the toy, it feels it should go further but doesn't.

When charging 1 red LED glows showing you its charging, this will charge for approximately 2 hours...yes I did say its ONLY 2 hours then your ready to rock with 8 hours play. Once fully charged the red light turns off. This is the fastest charging and longest lasting toy I have out of all my rechargeable toys.

On the top of the main curve of the Mute you have 2 completely sealed buttons which have a well defined click, each one powers a motor each, it then has the easy "Press and hold" technology to increase the speed to what you wish. Each motor can be worked independently of each other, but of course unless you are playing together you will only be using 1 end at a time.
Both buttons have an LED which lights up to show you which motor is working.

You can also travel lock this toy for taking away with you by pressing and holding both buttons together, so no accidental buzzing in your suitcase while going through customs.

Noise and power
Each motor is slightly different to each other, the slim end is a cross between buzzy and rumbly its a more higher frequency vibration.
The wider end is more lower frequency giving a deeper wonderfully rumbly vibe and is super powerful...I'm in love. You simply press and hold the button till you reach the highest speed or vibration to suit you, sadly there are no pulses or escalations, but the power really makes up for this I promise you.
Both motors are discreet the smaller end is slightly more quieter than the wider end but neither could be heard through a wall or door and certainly not while in the shower under running water.

Wow I'm so impressed with this gorgeous toy, I have been lusting after a Swan toy for a long while now and its certainly didn't disappoint, the smaller end is perfect for pinpoint stimulation on your clit and in and around your labia, but the wider end will give you a full feeling once inserted at 1.5cm in girth the powerful rumbly vibrations I could feel right through my pelvis, I have to say its one of my most powerful rechargeable toys I own.
The firm smooth silicone of this toy makes it a firm favourite for me as I'm not keen on squidgy toys, despite it having a slight flexibility at the neck of the slim head. Being so silky smooth in texture I needed very little lube but it gives extra sensation, so I used my favourite Give Lube Premiere waterbased Aqua gel. ONLY ever use waterbased lube as silicone lube will degrade the silicone.
I didn't expect to enjoy the slimmer end as much as I did as the sensuous curve of the whole toy lays between my lips so the head sits snug at the vaginal opening and the neck carries the strong vibrations to my clit and whole pelvis.
Whereas I adore the wider end for the full feeling and complete internal powerful vibes which I can gently thrust stimulating my G-spot what choice. I have mine on full speed and it gets me there in under 30 seconds and with such an intensity it made my legs go to jelly for over an hour. This really is a great toy.
Both ends feel different to each other due to the slightly different feel of the motors and shape of the heads, so there really is something for everyone and every mood.

I haven't used the Mute for anal yet but the smaller end is ideal being gently tapered and the wider end is ideal for those that enjoy something much girthier, the toy is safe as you have the other end to control and use as a handle with easily accessible buttons to control your speed.

Couple use.
To add some adventure and exploration the gentle curve makes this ideal to use by yourself or  easily shared by 2 girls or guy with 1 end inserted and the smaller end to stimulate either a clit of anal area. It is also possible to insert the smaller head and your OH can slip in alongside if he isn't too large of course...! This slender end will sit against you both while your OH is inside too allowing you both to enjoy the power of the vibrations.

Being 100% waterproof  it is so very easy to clean under warm soapy running water or  rinse in the bath or shower. Then spray with sextoy cleaner paying close attention to the connector hole, the buttons are safe as they are completely sealed within the silicone of the toy. It is however quite a fluff magnet so you will need to wipe clean before and after each playtime.
Then store in its own black satin bag or even back in the  gorgeous magnetic closing box if you have the room.

I would 100% recommend this Mute by Swan, its worth every penny as you have a uniquely designed 2 in 1 rechargeable vibrator.
 Most sex toys use only 60% of the vibrator body but The Mute uses every centimetre, thanks to hidden buttons and the recharging port. You really do get to use every part of this toy to the best of your enjoyment. The variety of ways to use this toy is amazing you simply cannot go wrong with having 2 vibrators in 1, with the choice of 2 completely different heads you have a medium rumbly buzzy slim end and a gorgeous rumbly end  with the endless choice of speeds depending on your mood and who you are playing with of course. This is such a discreet vibe too but I'm sure you will be louder …so use at your own risk!
I really am raving about this toy something I don't often do... I absolutely adore the power this amazing toy has. Ideal for beginners to the advanced toy collectors; there truly is something for everyone, a stunning pressie for those who have almost every style of toys; everyone will enjoy opening this toy up as a gift, make your OH smile buy this as a gift today.

2 in 1 toy,
Variety of uses,
Powerful and discreet,
Short charging time- 2 hours with 8 hours play,
Storage bag,


You can buy your Mute by Swan from for 

All my thanks goes to for sending me this gorgeous Mute by Swan for this review

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  1. Love the design of this. I have this from the vanity line, I can't decide if I like this color or the purple better.


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