Monday, 14 May 2012

Music Legs Diamond Fishnet Sexy Nurse Stockings

When I found out I was getting the fun opportunity to try a gorgeous nurses uniform, it gave me the perfect excuse to go buying. I dont own any white fishnets I'm normally a black fishnet kinda gal, me doing white is quite unheard of so it gave me the perfect excuse to head off to Lovehoney and find my perfect white nurse fishnets.
I chose these Music Legs Diamond Fishnet Sexy Nurse Stockings instead of the full opaque white ones as I like to see some skin.

These arrive in transparent plastic wrap with no cardboard insert to show what they its er..obvious...right! Its just simple.

These sexy fishnet stockings are a perfect match for any nurse costume, they are 100% nylon, but they have a soft flock/velvety feel to the texture.

At the top you have red fabric discs with white crosses embroidered onto them, these are very well secured. I did find the disc on 1 stocking was sewn on wonky (right hand side) but I dont think it showed once they were on. Once your walking or dancing no one notices, its just me as a reviewer whose a perfectionist.

They are held up by a 2 inch thick soft white elastic seams at the top.

The feet have a closer knit netting than the main body of the stocking for that comfort fit in your shoes.

 I was really impressed with these stockings they were comfortable, soft and smooth. The one size wasn't any problems being so stretchy as I was able to pull them right up to the top of my thigh and they would have gone higher. I'm only 5ft 4 but I feel these will easily fit up to 6ft.
Some 1 size stockings have only just made it above my knee in the past, which then STILL roll down; these were so stretchy I actually had to pull mine DOWN to my middle thigh to get the right look, its was great to have that choice of height on your thighs.
The extra close knit netting at the feet meant my toes weren't being strangulated by the fishnet. You know what I mean girls dont you, some stockings without a foot support means the fine nylon ends up slipping between your toe...ouchy! Not with these, the soft velvety flock is so super soft and comfortable and these foot supports are brilliant..thank you Music legs.
I didnt have to worry about any roll down or Nora Batty's these thick tops stayed up well, without any muffin tops, the extra 2 inch thickness kept my thighs supported with no overflow. Plus the product info explains to use suspenders if wearing for long periods of time; but I found even after 2 hours they were still where they should be. But I would always wear sussies if you plan on a night of dancing.

These are hand wash only and they wash and dry really well.

I loved these excellent quality stockings they stayed up well and I felt and looked (according to my OH) as sexy as hell and above all were extremely comfortable to wear. Im looking forward to wearing these again. These are a perfect affordable addition to any medical costume.

Stayed up well without sussies,
Instant sexiness,
1 size extra long,

One of the discs was a little wonky; but didn't show.

From Lovehoney

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