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Lovehoney's The Happy Rabbit- Natural

The Happy Rabbit Natural

Being an absolute Rabbit addict I was really excited when I was asked to review this new Happy Rabbit from Lovehoney being launched on the 8th May this year alongside Channel 4's "More sex now were British".
Lovehoney have completely reinvented the rabbit into this new sleek, soft and smooth and rechargeable hi-tech bunny!

I was really excited to be one of the first to have the opportunity to try one of these stunning looking toys to show you all. I chose to review the Natural rabbit as I not only adored the deep cerise but loved the look of the sensuous curve of the shaft.

The Happy Rabbit range comes in 3 different styles, something for everyone.
The Natural, Realistic and G-spot.

This range of bunnies have been completely re-designed by Lovehoney themselves around what we as the customers have requested that we would like from the famous bunny....Thanks Proffessor...!
Lovehoney sent out a survey and worked from these results to form these 3 brand new Happy Rabbits.
92% wanted more powerful vibrations.
83% said it must be quiet,
80% thought a soft flexible shaft was important,
75% said it has to be rechargeable.

 I have to personally agree with all these, I own many rabbits all of different types, textures, colours, weights, vibrations, functions; but this is completely different to any rabbit I own as you can see below.
Here are just a few of my rabbits I have, so you can see the Happy Rabbit in the middle looking completely different to my other bunnies.

I was blown away when I received my new Happy Rabbit as when I opened my discreet brown box packaging to find a lovely strong Lovehoney gift box I felt very spoilt.

On lifting the lid my new bunny was carefully wrapped in gorgeous luxury Lovehoney tissue paper..yay it felt like my birthday.

Inside that was 2 smaller gift items all wrapped individually. A Please me warming gel for women and a cute neat tin of Lovehoney mints; which I will review those at a later date.

Lovehoney have really upped the elegance level of these special luxury looking rabbits, it comes with a modern looking slip box which is white on the front with a clear image of the rabbit, on the back is a bright cerise pink with a giant exclamation mark with Happy Rabbit written inside a nice bright graphic.

Once you slip off the slip box you have a gorgeous solid black box (With a lid like a shoebox) on the styling lines of were really feeling special...on the top of the box is a written Get Happy in a black glossy texture not losing the excellent classy feel to this gorgeous storage box.

I actually sat for a few minutes staring at my new rabbit as it looked so beautiful sitting in its black formed box; this really is a luxury rabbit which easily levels up there with Lelo style toys; if not exceeds them; yes I cant believe I'm saying that.

When picking up your new bunny its weighty and substantial you really have an elegant luxury quality toy in your hands. The new design is simplistic but that doesn't take away the elegance of it, as with many gadgets at the moment people tend to love the simplistic effects eg; the iphone, ipad, kindle etc.

"The Happy Rabbit is the iphone of sextoys"

The rabbits style looks like the shaft is sitting in its own charging dock (its not), with its sleek white glossy base curved around the shaft.

All the rabbits have the same excellent 100% medical grade silicone shaft and ABS base and matching silicone buttons. Its latex and Pthalate free.

Touching the shaft you will feel the silicone is soft and smooth with an almost velvety feel to it.
The shaft is the firmest of any rabbit I have which I love, most of my rabbits have shafts which are way to squidgy for my preference.

The Rabbit clitoral stimulator is still shaped like a bunny and I feel it should always be a bunny I'm so glad they didn't change that, the long ears are separated to sit either side of your clit to give more surface area to the vibrations.

The bunny has an ultra cute button nose but doesn't haven't any eyes or mouth which is a shame being called the happy rabbit, just 2 embossed cute eyes and a big grin would have added a little extra to this bunny.
I can see that lovehoney are going for the more classy feel; but I'm sure you can still mix cute and elegance...cant you?

Gone are the old fashioned rotating beads which can get stuck in the old style rabbits. Lovehoney's new unique innovative design now has 3 powerful vibrating motors, yes I did say 3! One motor for the ears and clit stimulator one in the head of the shaft and the other sits further down to stimulate the vaginal walls delivering waves of pleasure.

The Happy Rabbit comes with his own satin pouch with a designer happy rabbit label stitched on the edge, its a really lovely touch. Im so pleased to have a storage bag with this.

Total length - 24cm
Insertable length down to bunny - 13.2cm
Widest part of the shaft - 3.8cm
Slimmest part of shaft - 3.2cm
Length of inside of clitoral stimulator including ears (bunny of course) - 7cm
Diameter of base for stability is 5.4cm wide

Small discreet bung for charging connector.

Recharging base.
At the back of the Happy Rabbit is a little rubber bung which is firmly attached you simply peel up and then connect your cable.

 This slots in well with a defined click.

A red charging LED then comes on and will turn to green once fully charged then your ready to rock.

You then leave your bunny to charge for 6 hours or till it turns to green then you are fully charged and ready to Rock!

The ABS base has 2 matching coloured cerise silicone buttons, most of my rabbits have at least 6 buttons to contend with and so many times I have accidentally pressed off by mistake in the heat of the frustrating.
But with this Happy Rabbit you just have 2, so simplistic but it doesn't skimp on quality or excellence.
One important point to make while you can see the base is that this Happy bunny is one of the most stable vibrators I have, it stands up perfectly.

This is where this bunny is unique from any other rabbit I have ever tried; Lovehoney have added 2 motors in the shaft to work together. The buttons work the shaft and clit stim completely independently of one another so you have a choice of what you want to use depending on mood.
You have an amazing combination of 15 vibrations and patterns to choose from.
To turn off either shaft or clit stimulator press and hold the relevant button. I love a toy which is easy to turn off incase you are disturbed, this bunny is so easy to control.

All the vibrations are rumbly and powerful.. is this my dream bunny?

Patterns in the shaft
Press the larger button to start the vibes in the shaft, this will start both motors; then click to surf through the 5 patterns.
1) Low
2) Medium
3) Fast,
4) Whirring pulse; the same noise a darlek makes...I callz it as I seez it!
5) Ripple-wave up and down the shaft, 121212..121212..121212 Alternating between the 2 motors in the shaft every 1/2 second.

The rabbit clit stimulator
Press the small button to start the speeds in the bunny ears then you simply press to cycle through the 3 increasing speeds.

Offering to the bunny Gods!

This bunny for me is so very different to any rabbit I have ever owned; there really is no comparison, I wasn't sure if I was going to miss the rotating balls though as its something I have grown so used to with my rabbits. I needn't have worried. I found the rabbit charged in slightly under 6 hours, those 6 hours were one of the longest as I was dying to try this. As most of you know I love my rabbits its usually the first toy I make a grab for a quickie or slightly longer more playful sessions. Its the ultimate sextoy for me.

The Happy Bunny ticks all my boxes, I adore the firm silicone shaft, this allows me to use this toy for thrusting. I havent missed the rotating beads at all as I have the whole shaft vibrating from top to bottom.
It slips in easily with very little lube I didn't actually need it as the shaft is so very smooth but for more sensation I use my favorite waterbased lube Give Lubes Premiere Aqua gel..

The slightly tapered curved head angles perfectly against my g-spot despite not being the actual G-spot bunny, making this ideal for thrusting. Something I don't do normally with my rabbit vibes, but the combination of the firmness of the shaft and clit stim makes it an ideal thrusting toy as well.

The clit stim ears were a little long for me but his nose and the motor sits against my clit just nicely; I didn't even have to hold the clitoral stimulator bunny against me like I have to with most my others as its so firm; I simply held the base and angled it.
This clit stimulator will fit most women as you have the choice of the ears against your clit or the bunny nose and....what a...nose!
The first 3 vibrations are ok for warm up then I hit the patterns 4 and 5 and suddenly the shaft comes into life, you can feel the waves of vibration going up and down the shaft from the inside; something I have never felt in any toy I own. They have managed to get these motors to work together to get this amazing wave ripple feeling inside.

This ripple wave and the combination of the firm clit bunny's nose..ohhh the nose..felt amazing. For me I enjoy a longer session with this bunny rather than a quickie, the longer build-up with the 2 motors stimulating the whole inside of my vagina. provides me a much bigger orgasm than a quick thrusting.
If I want a quickie its still works brilliantly as I can use it to thrust like a dildo being so firm with the added bonus of having vibrations of the 3 motors.
TIP:A fun way to use this bunny is using its own weight and stable base, it sits on the floor and you can kneel over it and lower yourself down; its weighty/stable enough to stay put.

This bunny isnt waterproof because of its recharging port and buttons, but the smooth shaft is very easy to wipe clean and then sprayed with a sextoy cleaner; making sure the little bung at the back is closed.
TIP; Keep your bung hole closed at all times...hehmm..!

How happy can 1 bunny be?

If you are after something modern and techie and love rabbits like myself you wont be disappointed, its a luxurious rabbit with class and elegance. The high class modern sleek design goes with your latest iphone, ipad and would look great sitting on your bedside table if you are lucky enough to keep it out on show.
This set of 3 rabbits have been completely re-designed at the recommendation of what everyone wants and I definitely think they have succeeded.The lower vibes are very gentle for beginners and the pulses would please someone that loved their power too.
One of the main advantages of this range is that they are a more solid rabbit, its flexible but still firm enough to feel inside, definitely not the squidgy texture of most of my other bunnies. The other advantage is its own stability the solid well designed base allows you to stand it anywhere without toppling over.

I loved the 2 motors in the shaft but would have loved to have had a few more ripples and wave patterns to get the real feel of the combination of the 2 motors; this technology really works well together and it made me want more of it. I would however have forfeited some quietness to have a bit more power, but that's just me...; as it still made me come and its the first bunny to have mainly rumbly vibes which I adore.
I would have also loved some pulses in the clitoral bunny stimulator rather than just the 3 speeds but its angled perfectly for me unlike so many others that are not. The firmness is perfect and his nose well..I say no more..just perfect.
I loved this Natural Happy Rabbit as it was just the right shape for me. This is now at the top of my toybox and is my super bunny!
This stunning innovative design works brilliantly and gives the most intense orgasms as well as being visually gorgeous to look at as well as feel. Owning this bunny you will really feel spoilt and the 3 available designs means there is a shape for everyone.
It is ideal to give as a gift to someone who loves their bunny's as it comes in its own storage box with the choice to use its own black satin bag. Its the ultimate in luxury for rabbits this Happy Rabbit certainly makes me a happy bunny.

100% silicone,
Sleek and smooth,
2 motors,
Comes with storage bag,
2 for 1 toy Rabbit vibe and firm dildo, depending on mood.

Would have loved to feel more of the 2 motor combinations in the shaft,
A bit more power,

You will have to wait till the 8th May to buy your Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Natural 

Dont forget Lovehoney on TV on Channel 4 "More Sex please were British"
Highlight at 8th May 22.00
Main programme on 11th May at Midnight 
DONT MISS IT or we'll send the Bunny mafia round!

All my thanks goes to Lovehoney for sending me this gorgeous toy for this review.

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