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The Dual Delites from the Wisper Collection

Another review from the selection of toys I kindly received from the lovely Nasstoys.
When you are getting 2 toys in one you cant go wrong, this gorgeous double bullet set from Nasstoys gives you a different sized bullet for whatever your mood.

The packing is nice and simple being a plastic clam-opening shell formed over the shape of the bullets. The graphics are clean, simple and elegant.

The Dual Delites (Bullets and remote control) are made of a shiny white ABS plastic with a gorgeous polished finish. (Pthalate and latex free). The remote control unit has a single connection to choose which bullet attachment you would like to use. You can then cycle through the 4 speeds of increasing vibrations; perfect for couple and single play.

Both bullets together for comparison 

Slender bullet

Bullet 1 is the standard shaped mini cigar bullet clitoral stimulator. The standard size bullet bullet that can be used in so many ways, with its attached cable of 80cm/32 inches long.
Length is 6cm,
Width is 1.5cm

Chubby bullet

Bullet 2 is slightly chubbier between a bullet and a love egg again with its own attached cable. This bullet is the same length but double the width of its brother and can be used in a completely different way with a completely different feel to it.
Length is 6cm,
Width of widest part is 2.5cm,

The ergonomic egg shaped remote feels comfortable in your hand, it has a sealed button panel with an up and down arrow button.The remote control unit is;
Length is 7.5cm
Width of widest part is 4cm,

The back of the remote has Nasstoys written in a very feminine italic, a nice touch to just a plain white surface.

The base of the remote twists off to replace 2 AAA batteries.
Either Jack lead will plug into the top of the ergonomic remote making it comfortable to hold in the hand, the connectors have well-defined click showing a well made product.

 It has 4 exceptionally bright LED's depending on speed of vibrations.

The remote offers 4 increasing speeds, for both bullets depending on which you have plugged in at the time. I love a wired bullet so I don't have to be fumbling around with buttons on the toy itself where it can get slippy or if you have to remove the bullet to change speed and that is a pain.
Not with the Dual Delites you have no fumbling you simply insert the bullet and your away, lay back relax and play through the vibrations, better still let your partner do much more fun.
The 4 vibrations on both bullets were a complete surprise to me; the small slim bullet is fast and slightly buzzy but still quite powerful.
The chubby bullet blew me away with its power, this chunky bullet is a low frequency, low revving and rumbly with an off camber kick to it.
The comparison thought up by my brilliant OH is a V12 Perkins diesel truck compared to Nissan Micra..sorry Micra owners.

The slim bullet is very discreet and cannot be heard through a door or under the duvet. The Chubby bullet is a little louder as its more rumbly so on loudest it may just be heard through a door and under a duvet; but hey you have the choice and you have a bullet to use on any occasion.


I have a nice collection of bullets now but these 2 are the best yet; they feel excellent quality in your hands and I have the choice of which bullet depending on my mood. I adore having a 2 for 1 toy and this is no exception. Both sized bullets feel smooth and sleek in your hands I really love ABS toys and the remote has a nice substantial weight.

I loved the high setting this worked for me pretty fast with both bullets, I preferred to insert the larger egg being a bit larger and it also sits between my lips perfectly. This bullet really can give quite a kick, its the strongest bullet I own.
The slender bullet is perfect for me for clitoral stimulation and teasing if you have a partner who is average sized you can also insert this while he penetrates you, so you both get to enjoy the vibrations; but for me I can only just handle my OH on his own let alone a bullet too as he's a very much larger
So I use this for a quickie clitorally and during sex so we can still share the gorgeous vibes.

I also enjoy just wearing either one in my knickers and handing my OH the control, it also makes doing the housework so much more fun. I actually enjoy doing the washing up now...shush dont tell my OH!

You have 80cm/32 inches of cable to play with; perfect for couple play and teasing each other, the bullets are sealed well with a secure bung where the wire leaves the bullet and with no fear of losing the bullets with such a long retrieval cord. For extra sensation use your favourite lube you can use any type as they are ABS; I use my favourite lube Premiere aqua gel by Give Lube.
For me these were also perfect to play with other toys, like my glass or silicone dildos so the vibes transfer along it, turning your standard dildo to a vibrator....just brilliant. They really are brilliant for stimulating your nipples and other erogenous zones.
Either bullet could be used easily for anal play although I have yet to try this, but I would always suggest using a condom if you plan to use them vaginally too, or keep the egg for vaginal use and use the slender one for anal play its up to you. 

Midnight's crafty plan!
I just wished there were 2 connectors so I could use both at once like the similar Nassty Mighty and Mini Kit also from Nasstoys. See my review HERE

 The Nassty Mighty and mini Kit with dual connectors.
So I decided to try them in the dual connector of the Mighty and Mini kit and they worked yay... I was over the moon as I now how 4 bullets to interchange to my hearts content.

If I can recommend anything its buying both these kits, you now have 4 bullets with 3 different shapes and sizes and power, (the 2 eggs are the same size)...yippee I'm one happy bunny!

You will never want for another bullet again these cover every variety and occasion, interchange and mix the bullets around to suit your mood; keep 1 just for anal, vaginal, teasing or massage, what more do you can use 2 on at once.

The bullets themselves are waterproof so you can run them under warm soapy water and spray with sextoy cleaner (Lelo sextoy cleaner). Paying attention to the ends where the cables leave the bullet
and the bullet seams even though they are fairly smooth compared to many bullets I own.I want to point out the bungs are exceptionally larger than most bullets this makes cleaning so much easier.
Obviously the remote isn't waterproof due to the jack connector just the bullet.

I'm actually raving about these 2 bullets I'm sorry but they really deserve it, I loved the elegant look these bullets have with the gorgeous bright white glossy shine and I loved having the choice of bullet to use during play.
They were both a complete surprise for me, the power of rumbly chubby bullet and the opposite buzzy slender bullet make Dual Delites a perfect 2 in 1 toy, I'm surprise too, how much I use these little guys for the both of us. (Especially in the dual connector remote!).
Perfect for vaginally and anal play, masturbation, stimulating your nipples and body, use for a quickie or for your OH to take control and tease you, use to add vibrations to dildos or combine with your favourite vibe the variety of ways of using these are endless.
I'm so impressed with these little guys as most of us enjoy using bullets at some point, with this set you have 2 choices and being wired you have the control and the comfort which also add a fun twist for couples or by yourself.
These really are a toy box essential.

Choice of 2 different sized bullets,
Gorgeous smooth polished finish,
Different feel bullets, buzzy and rumbly.
Wired remote,
Long cables,

I wish it had 2 connectors to use both at once. (But I used the Mighty and Mini kit see above).

You can buy yours from the US from various stores in the choice of glossy white or pink.

product picture
Bullet by Nasstoys
Material: Plastic

 All my thanks goes to Nasstoys for sending me this toy for this review!


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