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The Cal Exotics 10 Function Silicone Love Rider Thruster

When I opened my monthly review item from CalExotics I was really excited as I don't have many  harnesses with dildos and when I saw it had 10 vibrations and patterns I knew this gorgeous pink dildo was going to put the fun into function.

This 10 function silicone Love Rider  (or LRT as Ill shorten it to) harness and vibrating dildo set comes in a white box with bright pink, white and black images of the item, with no lewd photos; just a great shot on a glass mannequin.

The box clearly explains how to use this item as there is no instructions.

 The Individual items are packaged well and sealed in plastic.
 I have removed the shrink wrap from the dildo so it could be seen better.

This is a complete strap-on system for those that do not have many harnesses. 

Fully body adjustable harness with "O" ring and press studs.
The Harness
This LRT is extremely well made and is a gorgeous black PU and polyester harness designed well to fit most sizes, it fits easily a size 8 up to a 70”/177.75 cm waist. The back support is a full 3.4 inch wide and fits around your hips comfortably and is a fully adjustable which is what gives it its ultimate comfort and support. The straps are made of nylon webbing like you see in mountain climbing equipment or in some bag straps, you simply pull and tighten the plastic clips to easily fit your shape.
The snaps and rings are all Nickel free for those who maybe allergic.

 The dildo and remote with connector.

The Silicone dildo
The 100% silky smooth cerise pink silicone dildo is 8 inches in length and is 1.5 inches wide, the tapered head is 2.3 inches long. The pink dildo is fairly solid with only slight flexibility which I love in a dildo. It has a beautifully tapered head which is slightly angled to aim at your G-spot, the shaft has 3 bulges which are each approximately an inch long to give more sensation.
The flared base is fairly firm and easy to slip into the "O" ring or simply hold in your hand.
Attached to this dildo is a black wire which exits from the base of the dildo to a jack connector, its is sealed extremely well but care needs to be taken when cleaning of course.Plus this cable needs care not to be squashed by the "O" ring.

The connector then clicks in easily on top of the remote, the square on/off button litup with orange LED.

The remote
The ABS black remote is ergonomic in your hand with a small connector for the jack plug from the dildo (see above). It has a square button to turn in on and off on the front, this has an LED which glows and flashes intime with the vibrations. Underneath this is Cal Exotics logo in white.

 Side profile of the remote so you can see both buttons

Where your index finger sits on the back is another slightly larger rocker button which allows you to scroll through the functions, everything is perfectly at hand and controllable by finger and thumb for quick response and comfort.

 The elastic pocket for the remote sits on the side of the harness.

The remote has its own cool elastic pocket so you don't have to leave it dangling while doing other things, simply slip the remote through it's thick elastic webbing and you have it easily to hand when you wish to change vibrations or turn it on/off. It is easily accessible when you wish to change again.

Function button on the back of the remote and battery compartment. The remote takes 2 AA batteries these are easy to fit with good diagrams inside.

The Vibrations
This gorgeous dildo has 10 functions ranging from vibrations to a brilliant series of pulses and escalations or revs.
  1. High,
  2. Medium,
  3. Low,
  4. 1 rev a second,
  5. 4 high pulses a second,
  6. 3 revs a second,
  7. 5 pulses a second,
  8. 3 pulses a second,
  9. 2 revs a second, really rumbly,
  10. 4 low pulses a second,
The vibrations are powerful on certain settings and not too buzzy, the motor feels excellent quality and doesn't stutter while thrusting. Use the front on/off button to turn off at anytime, the clever thing is it has a state of the art memory chip which remembers your last vibration and will start from that again when you use it next time.

The Vibrations are extremely quiet on this dildo, infact its one of the quietest toys I own while still maintaining its powerful vibes; quite impressive really. You definitely wont be heard through a door or wall and certainly not while under the duvet.

This harness fitted like a glove its easy to tighten connectors which you simply pull or loosen to fit your body perfectly. The wide back strap really is comfortable to wear, some harnesses which have small straps can dig into your back and hips as you move but not with this; it fitted almost completely around my hips so I had no dig in straps or plastic connectors these are all designed and fitted to be off the skin.

The dildo itself fits tightly through the 1 1/2 inch "O" ring and it really is tight this dildo is not going to slip and slide while you move believe me, the O ring is surrounded by 4 press studs to help secure the dildo and should you need to unclip it quickly.The only problem I had was that the wire can get kinked up under the O ring if your not careful; something to be aware of.

TIP; loosen the dildo pad and insert the dildo straight up through the ring, don't try to slip it sideways its way too tight and may scratch on the press studs.

Most harnesses I have tried in the past you do have to hold them steady to stop it from wobbling in the O ring, but this allows your hands free to do whatever to whoever you wish.

 The front of the harness sits as low down as you want it to go, to suit both shape and height ect,

 Showing a bit of pink!

The back of the harness belt fits comfortably across your lower back being a nice wide fit the 2 supporting straps go over your bum and between your legs like a thong, but being inch wide webbing its still comfortable.

 You also have plenty of strap to fit most sizes as you can see the amount of strap webbing I have left over and dangling at my side in the pik above.

The only problem I had with the whole harness kit was that the PU material did make me sweat quite a bit, making me really hot, so next time I popped a cotton strip over the inside PU and this was perfect.

The remote sits on your hip in an ideal spot to grab when you wish to change speeds or functions, instead of it left dangling at your side getting in the way; looks supercool too.

You can easily use this dildo with or without the harness.

On the receiving end of this harness and dildo set, the dildo is a comfortable girth for me at only 1 1/2 inches wide. Its very firm which I definitely prefer and inserts easily with a gorgeous tapered head and being so solid and silky I didn't need much lube at all as it doesn't have the grippyness some dildo have...another huge plus for me.
 The dildo is ideal for thrusting infact I had come before the vibrations had even been turned on just from thrusting, the girth and shape worked so well for me hitting my G-spot perfectly.
The vibrations feel incredible the motor is powerful and the variety of functions is amazing, I have alot of favourites with this toy. I need strong vibrations and this certainly worked for me fast and with intensity. I loved this item and I have found we can also strap it to my OH thigh as it tightens right down and is very secure so we were able to enjoy some extra play with him.

I haven't used it for anal as its slightly too wide for me and I haven't used it for pegging but with the gently tapered head I'm sure it would be enjoyable too.

The LRT kit can be cleaned separately, obviously no playing in the shower as the remote and dildo are not waterproof. Although I have to say even though it doesn't say its waterproof the wire leaving the dildo is very enclosed with the silicone so I'm happy to run it under warm soapy running water and spray with sextoy cleaner paying attention the ridges. But do not submerge this toy.
As for the harness its easily wiped down being PU and I feel could be hand washed if you really wanted to.

This dildo is a great shape with the gently tapering head and 3 bulges to stimulate inside; the smooth silky texture is perfect for those that enjoy thrusting with their toys; infact this dildo is the best thrusting toy I have.
The functions are brilliant with some of the vibes being rumbly and quite powerful certainly alot stronger than some of the toys I have already which are alot more expensive. The vibrations are extremely discreet and I have to say this is one of the quietest toys I own and I own alot.
The LRT is perfect for couples; ideal for girl on girl or pegging to hit the prostate, I can't say if it'll work for the guys for sure; but its gently tapered head and slight bend I feel will hit the spot just nicely.

The person wearing the harness will be comfortable for longer play sessions as it doesn't dig in and you are able to fit it well to your body; plus you look damn hot in it from the back my OH says. You are also able to control it hands free if you wish, as the harness holds this dildo firmly in place. 
This Silicone Love Rider is ideal for those a little more experienced with this type of toy as the 8 inch dildo is quite long and 1.5 inch girth a little wide for beginners and being so firm the giver needs some experience; not to get carried away.
But beginners could use this harness if you have a smaller dildo to start with; then work up to this little vibrating beauty. Those experienced in harnesses play will love this product, The O ring should fit most toys around 1 1/2 inches and if you have a larger dildo and some spare ring sizes you can interchange them as they will fit into the poppers easily. It will fit up to a 2.5 inch ring in this harness if you have one already spare. So if you love this harness for the comfort and fit and of course ease then just interchange your other toys with this.
I loved this toy and I will most certainly be using this dildo separately too as it has the power and thrust-ability. Great silky smooth textures and the choice of 10 functions what's not to like?
You have 2 toys in 1 and a great quality harness to interchange with anal or your favourite dildos.

2 in 1 toy,
10 great vibrations, escalations and pulsations,
Great colour,
Silky smooth,
Wired Remote,
Great for thrusting,
Harness fits any size,

The harness belt makes you sweat alot so just back the belt with cotton etc.

You can buy your 10 function Silicone Love Rider Thruster directly from Cal Exotic 

All my thanks goes to Cal Exotics for sending me this great product for this review.


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