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BlueBella Kiss it better Nurse Costume

Midnight Boudoir turned sexy superhero nurse at night mild mannered reviewer by day.

I was so surprised when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to try BlueBella Kiss it better Nurse costume and the matching BlueBella Mesh Costume underskirt. especially being an ex-nurse myself. So finally I get to wear something sexy, such a shame we couldn't wear sexy while at work; but I wouldn't have wanted to scare my patients lol.

I decide to buy some extras to make this costume more complete and extra fun for us too. I also bought the Music Legs Diamond fishnet Sexy nurse stockings and Nurse Costume garter with injection pen,

I also have my own stethoscope and my own sexy shoes; well a nurse is always prepared for anything.

 Please see my separate reviews below of these accessories.

The 4 piece nurses costume set arrives in a plain transparent bag, with no graphics imagery.

 Just a BlueBella label with the washing and care instructions on the back.

This 4 piece set is a complete nurses costume look, the nurses costume with ruffled garter, nurses hat and apron.

Nurse Costume
The uniform is so much softer than I expected as it is made of white micro fibre, it reminds me of a better than the average T-shirt material, very light, soft and stretchy.

It is accented by red satin bows on the shoulders and cleavage, lovely touch. 

 Then to finish it off it is complimented by satin red piping around the hem and neckline and arm-holes. 

The main uniform is well made, soft and smooth, the red piping is stitched on securely.
The BlueBella nurse costume is easy to wear as its very light being a Tshirt material, its also very stretchy so it will fit most sizes and it has room for expansion. Im a size 10-12 and it fitted me perfectly so order your usual dress size, sometimes with these they can still be too tight but this felt great on.
Its also very cool to wear as the material is thin so if you are going to a club or party it will keep you cool but covered. The light tshirt material makes the skirt sway and move very sexily when you walk.
It shows alot of cleavage which I love but it doesn't show as much skin as some other nurse costumes, so for those of you that are shyer or have parts of their body you wish to hide this is ideal. It comes to my upper thighs a lovely length and I could have even gone a little shorter; so again for those who wish to hide their thighs and hips this dress will cover it all. 

Nurses hat
This firm cotton hat that sits upright on elastic band to wear comfortably around your head, with a pvc red cross sewn on the front.
My only little niggle was the little PVC red cross wasn't cut out very neatly, this can only be seen close-up but from a distance looks fine.

The hat looked good on and it sits upright on your head and despite the elastic band you will probably need some white hair clips to secure it into your hair if on a nightout or a fancy dress party and particularly if you have long smooth hair like mine. It looked really effective and actually finishes the whole outfit off beautifully.

Me ironing...NOOooo....

Red satin ribbon tie apron
This cute little red satin apron has a white PVC heart with a red PVC contrasting red cross; to add a cute touch to the white uniform. What is nice is that it has....long an inch wide ties. Plenty to leave hanging sexily over the curve of you bum.
This little apron is ideal if your are self conscious about rolls on your tummy and hips as the bright red satin takes your eyes off your shape.
The red satin ribbons are neatly stitched, but the PVC white heart as too the PVC red cross isnt cut out very neatly, its as though its been rushed. The whole white heart section has then been sewn unevenly so it doesn't lay flat; again it looks ok at a distance or under dim lighting of a club or party.
You may need to just iron the red satin with a very cool iron avoiding the PVC white heart!
The apron being completely separate to the uniform allows you to tie this as tight or as loose as you want with plenty of gorgeous red satin ribbon. The apron stayed on well and hung nicely tied round my waist, it also gave me enough ribbon to drape sexily behind; so some of you maybe able to double tie it round your waist making a sexy nip at the waist.
It covers a multitude of sins like those extra bulges and rolls of fat most of us need to hide this covers that beautifully; despite the quality not being there for me it still looked extremely effective.

Ruffled garter
This garter is made of the same T-shirt material of the main uniform but its been sewn into a circular band of ruffles accented with another matching red satin ribbon the same as on the dress.
Well I wasnt very keen on this garter my first impressions reminded me of a pair of white cotton panties. The only saving grace to this is another red satin bow stitched on the front.

The garter looks better from a distance; for me it looked like a pair of white cotton panties around my thigh, but I can see BlueBella have made an effort in trying to make this look sexy with the ruffles they have made. Despite that it does sit well on your thigh with no slipping down and it does look ok from a distance or dim lighting.

 But I prefer lace around my thigh than a ruffled pair of cotton panties with a red bow...sorry Bluebella.
What do you think?

Soooo I bought another garter to wear...

Nurse Costume garter with injection pen
I wish I'd had this around when I was a nursing it would have given a few laughs and smiles just when you need it. It feels a quality garter with a layer of red satin ribbon sewn and pleated into a layer of white frilly lace with an elastic attachment holding the novelty injection pen.
My full photo review of the Nurse Costume garter with injection pen

The BlueBella Mesh Costume Underskirt
For me I was lucky enough to try the matching BlueBella mesh costume underskirt too with this costume and boy did it make a huge difference.
It gives you that extra feminine touch lifting of the skirt away from your legs and hips emphasising the sexy curves and visually shrinking your waist. This underskirt transforms this costume into a sexy sensual outfit. My full review for the underskirt is HERE!

Hand wash all items on cool with silky detergent, they all wash extremely well and come up perfect.

I was so looking forward to my first costume review particularly a nurse and it didn't disappoint.
The style of this nurse outfit for me is more of a pinup style cutey 60's image. Rather than a kinky full on PVC nurses costume.
Many of the other nurse costumes are absolutely skin tight which if you are a size 8-10 is brilliant but for those of us who have a few lumps and bumps this nurse costume is ideal, comfortably hiding all our self concious bits well.

The main nurse uniform is excellent quality and very well made with perfect stitching but sadly the extras the hat, apron and garter were not the best quality but from a distance the full nurse uniform effect looked ok. The red accent bows gave a real cutey effect to the costume.
This costume set is ideal for those of us who are very self conscious about our bodies for whatever reason. The floaty skirt of the uniform added with the BlueBella underskirt skims your hips hiding unsightly lumps and bumps most of us have, this is a must have to transforms this costume into a sexy sensual outfit.
The bright red apron takes eyes away from tummy bulges and allows it to be worn around the waist for those lucky enough to have a tiny waist or to be worn lower on the hips should you wish.
This set quite surprised me and my OH really loved it on me and I too felt really super sexy and flirty wearing this; its ideal for a party or a fun night of roleplay; either way you have a 4 piece set to play with, just add some white fishnets and heels are you are ready to rock.

Different nurse costume styling,
Cute red bows,
4 extras,

The stitching on the extras weren't the best quality,


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