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Xar the Karabos by Bad Dragon

 Xar the Karabos in body!
Bad Dragon's story of Xar
It's late, and there is someone knocking at your door. Great. You were having a good dream too. You don't even bother to dress as you stumble towards the door, thinking to just shoo away whoever is bothering you. Just as you reach it, the door is forced open, and Xar is standing there. Your first thoughts are to run from this feral monster, but the urge quickly fades as you realize he isn't going to hurt you, seeing the sentience in his eyes. He leans casually through the portal, grinning at you. As your eyes scan this new creature's armored form, It only takes you a moment to notice between his legs, the rigid plates pushed apart, a short but girthy shaft glistening in the dim light, completely hard and literally drooling pre.
He lets a carapace covered arm slip free from the frame of the door, pushing you slowly, but firmly backwards, towards your bed. Surprised by the motion, you trip, but the muscular alien in front of you is quick to catch you, and carry you the rest of the way. Still surprised by how fast this is happening, you struggle a bit, but find yourself held fast by his limbs, the strength in them startling. He lays you back on your bed, and pushes his thick, rounded shaft up against the inside if your leg, smearing the slick pre across you.
He leans over you, grabbing your hand and guiding it to the throbbing cock, allowing you the privilege of exploring the tantalizing bumps, the smooth curves and gentle ridges. The alien creature starts emitting a pleasurable growl as your fingers reach his firm knot, just before he starts purposefully guiding himself into you, obviously taking his time with his new prize for the night. self*....Now its my turn...eeep!

 This is one of my longest reviews but there is so much involved in the making of 
Xar the Karabos and the company behind him! 

Anyone that know me knows my love of the unusual odd and extreme, so when I first discovered Bad Dragons incredible innovative dildo designs they blew me away with their amazing ideas.
So you can imagine my excitement when I found out the lovely guys from Bad Dragon were going to be making one specially for me to review thank you so much guys!

Being a world of World of Warcraft player I adore these styles of creatures too; I suppose I love that you can disappear into a fantasy world just for a little while and forget normality. Now I can follow my fantasies even further....yes!!!

Bad Dragon was founded on June 26th, 2008, in Phoenix, Arizona, to 'make fantasies real' - especially the naughty ones.
From Varka's humble bedroom lab through to a pretty substantial and very busy industrial unit in Phoenix, Bad Dragon has remained dedicated to producing the finest fantasy-themed adult toys money can buy and has received wide recognition for its attention to detail, high quality products, and exotic designs. Bad Dragon has quickly grown to become the most popular fantasy adult toy manufacturer in the world!
The Evolution of Xar
So many people will assume designing a dildo is easy, but Bad Dragon devote alot of time and effort into designing each piece. Karabos is actually Greek for Beetle. and when he was in design the name was a toss up between Karabos and Kabutari, I'm so glad they chose Karabos as it really does suit him; below are some images of the evolution of Xar. I do really find it fascinating how the designs were thought up and then tweaked to perfection.

 Some of the first impression images of the Xar in design stages.

The first designs of Xar hit the forums in 2009 and they simply showed everyone the first drawings and got opinions and usable input from the us normal folk; with Bad Dragon they really want to know what the community think of their designs and what we really want from a fantasy toy.

The final drawings.
The final designs
 Xar the Karabos is actually a giant insectoid...shivers....if you can get past that he's a giant insect and just see this gorgeous dildo design you will fall in love with this sexy enormous penis.
I know many of you will still be thinking ugh...insects but seriously if this dildo was a strapped to a male hunk you'd love this style, I have had a while to get my head round that this is a giant alien insect and Im now used to the idea and he is quite a turn on, I personally have to say this is my absolute favourite dildo design yet, I love the shape the sexy curve and the best bit is the armoured style plating at the base; perfect for clitoral stimulation if you can get down that far lol!

The main features of Xar are smooth shaft that will pop in, several inches of grinding textures and the best bit for me the clit stimulating shell.

Xar speedily arrived from the US within a week this included being made to my specifications and was carefully packed in clear plastic, and then wrapped in pink tissue paper and surrounded by poly beads to keep him safe...well he's a sensitive soul.

I have to laugh as its knowing where to start, you cant compare him and you cant say he looks like anything you have ever seen, so you will have to rely on my photos and video (coming soon).

Bad Dragon make all their fantasy toys out of high quality silicon by combining computer based 3D sculpting technology, so they can go from idea to usable prototype in 72 hours.
They are unique in the fact of offering us a huge range of colours, colour fades or your own custom colours; Plus a choice of firmness of the silicon from soft, medium and hard or a combination of any of these plus the choice of having a suction cup.
Another option in some toys is a cum-tube if you wish; this is for a white tinted lube that mimics the texture and look of real cum, the toy is made with a silicon tube down the centre which enables a tube to be passed down the centre of the toy, you then use a small syringe to simulate orgasm via the lube, brilliant idea.
I chose not to have the cum tube in mine.
Bad Dragon have a unique and easy way to help you choose your options online, you start with size and pricing, then firmness this adds a little to the price each option but you are getting a 1 off unique toy made just the way you want it...worth every penny.

Ordering screen to help you choose the colours you like.

Then finally the colours, their screen enables you to click and see if you like your choice. I love the colours they have him in already but as you can see there is a huge variety of options and colour fades and if you dont see the colour you want simply email them the colours and your idea and they will try their best to reproduce it for you, but you have to remember not all colours and fades will work, the colours maybe approximate or not as bright as on screen so take their advice when necessary.

Measurements of all sizes.
Dimensions (inches)SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Diameter of Head1.501.902.402.90
Circumference of Head5.005.757.209.00
Diameter of shaft1.501.752.152.80
Circumference of shaft5.005.907.309.40
Diameter of knot2.202.603.204.10
Circumference of knot6.908.2010.0013.00
Usable Length5.506.508.0010.30
Total Length6.707.909.7012.50

Okay back to my Xar as I cant talk enough about this gorgeous toy, as soon as I had him out the box I couldn't stop touching him. I chose a large, (yes I know I'm mad to try this just take a look at his dimensions...above) in the dark natural which is this gorgeous plum-pink shaft and dark brown base which to me seems natural for a giant insectoid lol.
He is medium body and firm base.
I also have a suction cup too and boy does he grip, you need to peel him off gently, you cant just tug him off...ooops.
I probably shouldn't have gone so large but by god he's so damn impressive and is a huge turn on just looking at him, as well as just touching him; I cant rave on enough about him, I'm totally besotted..........

The best way to show you just how large my large Xar is eeep.....!

The whole unique design is incredible he really has been thought about you wont have anything like this in your toybox. You have the girth and the knot to give you extra filling, the base of the shaft has some amazing ridges and nobbles for grinding on. Plus the actual brown base has the large textured armour plating effect for massive clitoral stimulation...if you can get down there...of course lol?

The base of Xar for those that can get down this far will give the clitoral stimulation.

 The nobbles and plating to give extensive clitoral and grinding stimulation out of this world!

 The shaft has the most gorgeous smooth curve unlike the base of the toy giving a wonderful combination of smoothness and ridges, something for everyone.

The smooth underneath of the shaft!
I was so excited to try this as well as having some trepidation as I'm quite a small girl, "eyes bigger than my belly" came to mind with Xar and "How would I explain ruptures in A&E", worse still having to be admitted into A&E for a Xar extraction...blush...the stuff of

Ok I know your all waiting to find out did I do it....give us the good bits Midnight stop rambling..?

 Holding Xar in your hand really is weighty you need 2 hands to get a good hold on him, you can see the size he is compared to me of 5ft 4 and 8.5 stone.

Wow being so soft and flexible Xar needs to be on the floor or on a stable surface, better still a tiled floor that he can sucker too, I just enlisted the help of my OH and using a few of my larger toys first it helped to get me a little more prepared. So with lots of my favorite lube Give Lube Premiere Aqua gel because of the silicon we smothered him in lots of water-based lube to prepare.

I havent had kids and Im not used to massive toys but I do love challenges and Xar is definitely a ongoing challenge.
The best way to use Xar is to start by easing yourself down over him, being so soft you can guide him in and squeeze him a little smaller..but not much. I managed to get past the head but no further at this time...I would have loved to try the base clitoral stimulator but then that's my fault for being overly ambitious with sizing, the extra ridges at the base of the shaft are ideal for grinding on, but as of yet I haven't reached anywhere near that far down, I will certainly keep trying. I have never felt so full with any toy I have ever owned in 30!

He is so soft that you are able to insert more than you would think, nothing on this toy is hard or uncomfortable unless you dont have control or simply go for it and sit on him...then you may have problems.

I absolutely adore girthy toys and as you can see from the photo I cant even get my hand round the head.
He is no way a beginners toy due to the girthyness of his shaft but despite not being able to get all the way down..sniff..sniff.; what I am able to do is to put him between my legs and sit onto the base plate and then grind onto the base of the shaft. This is incredible the nodules are out of this world...well he is from another planet!
If you get any dildos in your life you have to try one of these its built for us girls to enjoy in so many ways.
As for anal I haven't even attempted and probably wont at this size, but its ideal for those used to larger toys and there's no way you will lose this baby!

Being 100% silicon he is one of the easiest toys to clean; just run him under hot soapy water and spray with your sextoy cleaner; I use Lelo sexoty cleaner as you dont have to rinse it off, it will get into all Xar's nooks and cranies perfectly.

  Not the easiest thing in the world to hide!!! 

Then store Xar away from other silicon toys or they will degrade each other. I love the way Xar's own weight enables him to just stand easily on a shelf or in a cupboard. But being a bit of dust magnet like most silicon grippy toys its best to find a bag to keep him in and away from dust and dirt.

 Chicks with Dicks,
Xar loves the chicks!

Video coming soon!

Have you guessed I'm in love with Xar because I am, I adore the colour, the shape, the textures and the size, I dont regret getting large as his size alone is a massive turn on for me and he is a great challenge and one day I will get to use him all; but for now he fulfils my most darkest fantasies perfectly.
Everyone has some sort of fantasy but for some like myself we go a little further and want to imagine being taken by something not of this world, its a more darker more unusual fantasy eg; vampire or monster tentacles, werewolves and dragons etc. Bad Dragon excels at fulfilling these fantasies for us.

 Little bit of fantasy

Xar is not a beginners toy unless you got the small, but even the small is a little girthy for a beginner, choose a smaller girth toy to start with, you have many to choose Moko the liger or David the werewolf, or The sea-dragon this will get you hooked on there amazing soft silicon textures and colours. But whatever you buy you will always find yourselves planning the next one, its a Bad Dragon addiction....
These really are weighty pieces and the quality is outstanding, the silicon is incredibly soft and smooth and are perfect toys for those collectors who have everything, a gorgeous unique gift for someone special or for yourself to have the chance to own something that no one else owns.
These toys are what fantasies are really made of especially for those who want to push themselves to the ultimate limits!

Soft supple smooth silicon,
Choice of colours,
Choice of firmness,so many choices available.
Made especially for you to your own specifications.
Choices of cumtube and/or suction pad,

Addicted to buying more.....lots more,

All my thanks goes to the guys of Bad Dragon for making me, my very own 
Xar the Karabos for this review,
I cant thank you enough guys!

You can buy yours for an approximate price depending on your choice of colour, firmness, suction cup or cumtube.
Small - $65.00
Medium - $90.00
Large - $120.00
Extra Large - $165 (Buy if you dare).

A special chance to get cheaper products with Bad Dragon are from their adoptions page.

There is a medium Xar on the adoptions page right now if you are quick!

These toys have minor defects and are cheaper to buy and are offered on a first come first served basis with no refunds or exchanges.
Go get 'em while they're hot!

Coming Soon the video review and explanations of the firmness of the silicon sample set to help you choose your firmness.


  1. Thanks for the incredible review and photos! :)

    Owning a Bad Dragon dildo is definitely something on my bucket list, after seeing the size comparison photo I'd probably opt for a small :-p

  2. Wow this is an incredible dildo, looks amazing. Great review as always XX P

  3. I have been dying to read this review ...and you certainly didn't disappoint! This looks absolutely amazing, although the sheer size is a little scary but like yourself, I do love a challenge lol
    Maybe this is one to think of for the future, you really made it sound worth the effort.
    Thanks for another detailed, imformative review and the pics are a huge help! xx

  4. Fantastic review, very descriptive and the photos are great! Whilst I do like the look of bad dragon I think this one would be a bit too big! x

  5. Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so
    I guess I'll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I'm still new to the whole thing. Do you have any recommendations for beginner blog writers? I'd genuinely appreciate it.
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