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Teasing the Devil by Monica Belle

Monica Belle

I have only just read her latest book Three in a bed and absolutely loved her writing style so I was looking forward to reading this book too. Plus the added factor of living in Norfolk where this book is based; so I couldn't resist!

Teasing the Devil is the combined novel of the 3 books in the series- Candle street Hall, The bait in the trap, and The price of sin.

Chloe Anthony had always fantasised about Julian d'Alveda even in college, why had he been expelled, what was the scandal that rocked the small village?  He was still on her mind especially at night even after all these years he was still able to turn her on, so when she saw a job going at Candle street hall as a tour guide she just had to apply.
Sometimes its what you believe you saw not what you actually see and Chloe is swept along by Julian's erotic and paranormal deceptions to encourage more visitors to the hall while he maintains his dark mysteriousness.
 The only improvement for me is that I didn't feel enough of a connection between them apart from sex, (which was brilliant); I would have liked to see more of the growing relationship and more emotion between them. Maybe reading the 3 books will give the extra information needed for this great plot; in combining the original 3 books and information that was originally between Chloe and Julian, some information may have been lost to combine the whole story together.
Saying that, there is plenty of steamy hot sex scenes that were well written throughout; and each one absolutely relevant.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chloe's submissive side become reality as she meets the Hall's owner and dominatrix and also her boss where she is introduced to different forms of BDSM, particularly humiliation and spanking. 
Chloe becomes deeply involved in more plans than she realises in this skilfully twisted plot, with a surprise double twist at the end that is truly brilliant you certainly wont be able to guess it. i would love to see this made into a film, the plot is so cleverly planned.
A great read for those that love a little paranormal and those that just want to read hot sex, an explosive sexy combination.

ISBN: 9781908192738
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 10th November 2011


Monica Belle . Oxbridge educated Monica Belle has been writing erotic romance since 2002, including some of the most popular titles from the Black Lace imprint. Always funny, always quirky, and always very naughty.

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 Teasing the Devil by Monica Belle 

All my Thanks goes to Xcite books for sending me this book to read for this review.

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