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Tantric Binding Love Hog-tie

Tantric Binding Love Hog-tie

When I opened my review item from Cal Exotics Novelties and found this I was excited as I have always wanted a hogtie set but never got around to getting one.

Anyone into BDSM this is one of the staple products to have in your "tool kit". Typically, hogtie bondage involves putting a person who is laying face down with ankles and wrists bound together behind the back.
The objective of these ties are the same, which is to immobilise the limbs and to render the tied person accessible and vulnerable to a range of sexual play, such as erotic massage or tickling, or sexual stimulation.

The Tantric Binding Love box is printed in bright modem graphics showing the product in all its feminine beauty; the model wearing the hogtie kit looks stunning and very sexy making you want to try this straight away. An ideal gift for any woman into BDSM.

This gorgeous universal hog-tie set consists of 2 stretchy wrist cuffs and 2 stretch-to-fit ankle cuffs, each adorned with a feminine bright red bow.
These are made of 35% rubber, 65% polyester.
The hook connectors are made of non-tarnishing, nickle-free alloy heart shaped T-rings to connect the cuffs together.
The wrist cuffs measure 6.5” x 3”/16.5 cm x 7.5 cm,
The ankle cuffs measure  8” x 3”/20.25 cm x 7.5 cm,
The connector straps measure 7”/17.75 cm (straps),

The Cuffs
The ankle and wrist cuffs are super stretchy and will fit anyone, despite it being stretchy it is very tight so you feel secure in them, at the same time feeling very comfortable.

There is a slight difference in size between the ankle and wrist cuffs, the ankle cuffs being slightly larger to accommodate being slipped over the feet. See image above.
Both cuffs are elasticated and slip easily over your wrists and ankles but are tight enough that you then cannot just pull them off.....shame!

The Connectors.

Each cuff has a cute touch to them with a bright red well stitched on satin bow and a heart shaped metal connector to attach the clips of the hog-tie to.These are securely attached and machine sewn into the cuff itself, so you can tug and pull hard and it wont rip or tear.

 Each cuff is then secured to the hogtie 4-way connector by a leash clip

 The 4 way connector is made of an "O" ring with 4 leash clips securely machine stitched on which  will take alot of pulling and tugging without any tearing or ripping. Then you can easily attach the ankle and wrist cuffs to this connector, (see above).
This polyester webbing material and machine stitching is often seen on mountain climbing rigging which is able to take full body weight on its own connectors.

I found this Tantric Binding love hogtie set so very easy to use, both sets of cuffs are easy to pull on, and will stretch to fit most sizes, it really is universal for men and women.
TIP- something to be aware of the inside webbing stitching may snag delicate stockings, I was wearing fishnets and these were ok, but fine denier will tear.
The cuffs stretch well and then snap quite tightly against the skin, there is no way you can simply slip these off if you feel like it.
You can however unclip the metal leash clips yourself if you are tied with the hogtie infront and you could unclip the connectors with your hands secured behind you; but it would be awkward to do.....and ONLY if you wanted to....?

The red satin bow accents on each cuff make this set unthreatening and more cute, so those wanting a more hardcore look would maybe choose a leather and chain hogtie set, but those of you new to BDSM and a little unsure will find this actually makes you look quite sexy and pretty.

The wrist cuffs look quite cute worn with by themselves with the right lingerie.

This was my first hogtie set and its been a fun introduction to this type of sexual play; they are comfortable, easy to use but still keep you well secured into whatever position your domme may put you in.
I personally prefer a much more hardcore look, but this still does what its meant to do, despite looking cute and sexy, this could be quite a shock to someone thinking its not very strong.

This hogtie can secure you with your hands in front like my photos or the main hogtie position of hands and feet being tied behind you; plus the wrists or cuffs can be used independently of each other

 Im really pleased to have had the chance to try this set and I look forward to more sexy fun exploring my submissive role. This is perfect for anyone that has never tried hog ties before as its a very comfortable but secure introduction to BDSM.
Secure excellent quality connectors and materials,
Easy to put on, but not so easy to get off,
Cute touches with the bows,

To be aware of - inside webbing stitching may snag delicate stockings.


All my thanks goes to Cal Exotics for sending me this gorgeous Hogtie free of charge for this review!

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