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Nipple or belly crystal Bindi with dangle

I have always been known for my love of unusual jewellery and have worn my jewellery anywhere I can attach it, ears, neck, hair, ankle, waist and nails; so I was really excited to have the opportunity to wear nipple jewellery without the pain of piercing.
Bindi's are worn as a fashion statement and made popular by celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Madonna, and Shania Twain all who have been seen wearing these bindis. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt on the Lopez Show Bedazzled and Vagazzle Your Vajayjay. 
So now I was getting a chance to wear these too!

These crystal Bindis come in a plain white card envelope which shows off the Bindi to perfection. The card they come on is re-usuable to stick your Bindi back on for several uses.

Hand-crafted in India these are adhesive Swarovoski crystal Bindi's which can be applied to anywhere on the body, this particular Bindi is one of Nipplecharms newest with red and black crystals set into the shape of a petal with a small gold dangle in the centre.
Unlike the last 3 reviews I have done these Bindi's are temporary as they are attached simply by sticking them to your skin like a temporary tattoo or sticker.

Applying your new Bindi
These are easy to apply and the finished effect is stunning.
Make sure the area you want to apply your new Bindi is clean and dry and not put over sore or open skin.
1) Carefully remove from the packet and using your fingernail's or small tweezers just gently lift the edges, until it peels off like a sticker.
Do not throw the backing away as it can be re-used to store your Bindi when not in use.

2) Sit in front of a mirror or enlist the help of a friend and place the Bindi over your nipple or belly button or anywhere you choose, its your choice.

3) Make sure the Bindi is the right way up so the dangle is at the top.

TIP; Let your boobs hang naturally while applying the Bindi, dont hold them up or the Bindi may runkle up when your boob returns to its natural shape when you let it go...I'm speaking from experience!

4) When you have finished your exciting night of teasing and titillating you can then remove the Bindi as carefully as you applied it and you will be able to re-use it; replace the Bindi back onto the glossy backing for storage.

TIP; Should you wear the sticky off through use, you can clean the back with alcohol and apply a little eyelash glue which is non-toxic.If you are careful you can re-use the bindi several times; I've used it 3 times so far and its still very sticky.

Suggestions to wear your Bindi
Nipples, belly button, lower back, ankles, upper shoulders, anywhere you would wear a tattoo or you would like to show off your body to its best.

I have loved the stainless steel charms but these Bindi's are colourful and more flexible and easy to apply, they stay on well and give the same dramatic effect as the metal charms do, maybe a bit more due to the brightly coloured Swarovski crystals; but of course they are temporary use only...sniff sniff..!

Unlike the solid charms you hardly feel they are there as they are so light and comfortable to wear, they wont catch on clothes and if you are new to charms an ideal starter to see if you like them, which I will almost guarantee you will. They stay on perfectly for hours without peeling up like some stickers do.These are perfect for those going on holiday to wear on the beach somewhere you can be topless, this will give you the fashion edge on the beach while sunbathing, of course you cant go in the sea or shower with these.
After you have sunbathed for the day; when you remove them you will have petal marks where your whiter skin is, (only if you tan easily of course); so you are getting a 2 for 1 fashion statement.

 These crystals really catch the light, the photos dont actually do them justice.
Wow I loved the dramatic effect these gave, I loved how light and easy they were to apply. But most importantly I loved the beautiful Bollywood/Belly dancing/ Burlesque feel these gave to my look, just stunning!
Perfect if you have never worn nipple jewellery before; an ideal nipple starter charm.
Warning you will become addicted to looking and feeling incredibly sexy, these stunning affordable charms and Bindi's will bring out your inner burlesque.

$6.95 each
(you need to buy 2 if you want to make a pair)

All my thanks goes to for sending me these gorgeous charms for these reviews.

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