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Nipple Embracer Nipple Shields - Double Stars

My first review from the selection of charms I kindly received from the lovely

I have always loved my jewellery and am known for my unusual silver rings, ear-rings and necklaces. I also have be known to wear charms hanging from nails and rings on my toes. So when I saw that you could wear charms on your nipples without having to get them pierced I was really excited.
 I have always wanted to pierce my nipples but I am very proud of my extra sensitive nipples and been slightly nervous that by piercing them I may lose my sensitivity rather than gain it.
So these Non Piercing nipple charms are absolutely perfect for me, I was really excited to receive these.
Anyone who reads my reviews knows how much I adore nipple play, so to be able to wear some jewellery all day to not only look sexy but feel sexy while wearing I knew I was going to love these.

The first in this set of reviews of gorgeous Nipple charms is the 

 I really didn't know which charms to try first I was like a kid in a toy shop; so I chose this nipplecharm to try first as I was immediately attracted to the high shine on the sterling silver. "Me likey shiney things".

When you first open your Nipplecharms, they are beautifully packaged in little white gift bags with the Nipplecharms card attached to them, this clearly explains how to apply them to your nipples.

The Double star Nipple embracers are made of high quality surgical steel they feel excellent quality in your hands with a high polished shine that really catches the light.
Measurements will be approximate as they can open and close very slightly.
Total Length approx 32mm
Total width 20mm
Largest nipple width 12mm but will close to approx 8.5mm (when nipped together).

TIP: Please be aware to not over open and close these alot; as with any metal it may break with continued bending. Nipplecharms state clearly you shouldn't bend these charms, but I just gently nipped them together to stay secure.

How to apply your new charms.
With the charm in your hand gently slide the charm over your nipple, it helps to tweak your nipple a few times to make them pert, then slide over the top of the nipple and then I simply nipped it together very slightly to make sure they were tightly around the base of my nipple, so the bud is poking through.

Midnight Boudoir Exposes her charms

 Both Double star charms on both nips.
I was so very pleased with the results of how these charms looked and felt, not only did I feel sexy I think I looked sexy too.
The sterling silver charms feel very light but have enough nip to feel them on your nipple; very sensuous.
They are very comfortable to wear and cover the nipple and areola well, the highly polished silver really catches the sunlight too making them really stand out.
These particular charms with the sharp star points could catch in wool sweaters or delicate lace fabrics so be careful if you plan to wear them under clothes for a quick surprise. Personally I would pop them on before the big reveal.You can however wear them quite comfortably under a bra as they bend gently to the curve of your boob.
I do have to point out quickly they are in no way sharp to wear against your boob.

I love, love, love my new nipple charms, they look good, they feel sexy and above all according to my OH they look sexy. They keep your nipples hard as I found as you move it stimulates your nipple enough to keep them perky for the extra sensuality. Plus giving you a nice sexy reminder they are there, like you are going to forget eh.....!
These are perfect for people like myself who haven't quite had the courage to go the whole hog to get your nips pierced. The ultimate sexy accessory and affordable treat for any girl to feel special and add that something extra to any sexy outfit for a surprise in the bedroom or a quick flash to tease. offer a gorgeous variety of charms to suit every taste, shields, rings, embracers, dangles and crystal bindis; whether you just want to wear one charm or go mad and wear 2. You can also buy necklaces, belly button rings ear-rings, temporary tattoos and toe rings as well as clitoral and more intimate pussy and penis jewellery. So its not just for us girlies, buy something for your OH too.

You can buy your Nipple Embracer from
$10.95 each
(you need to buy 2 if you want to make a pair)

All my thanks goes to for sending me these gorgeous charms for these reviews.

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