Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Nassty Collection Mighty and Mini kit

Another review from the selection of toys I kindly received from the lovely Nasstoys.
I dont own many bullets so I was looking forward to trying these 2 in the same kit and something that can be shared between 2 people at the same time.

The Mighty and Mini kit comes in a plastic clam shell packaging showing the product clearly to its best.

This kit comes with 2 different size bullets each with their own wire and jack to connect to the remote;
both bullets and the remote are made of smooth, cool ABS plastic and are silver coated.

The Mighty bullet
The mighty bullet is quite a bit longer than the standard sized average bullet we see on the market with its own wire and jack connector to plug into its own hole of the remote.
Total length 10.7cm, Width is 2.5cm

The Mini bullet 
The Mini Bullet is a smaller more rounded egg cross bullet again with its own wire and jack connector to attach to the remote alongside its bigger brother the Mighty bullet.
Total length of the mini is 6cm, Width is 2.5cm.

Both bullets have a small clear plastic bung to seal off the internal motor making it more hygienic and splash-proof; each has a long length of white cable of 80cm/32 inches long; enabling 2 people to share these bullets comfortably without anyone pulling or tugging for extra length; or simply to use both bullets at the same time over your body.
Both bullets have the same motor inside and are sealed from the middle.

The Remote
The remote is ergonomically shaped and 8.5cm long; it is a lovely substantial weight in your hand and is shaped like a small egg.

On the back of the remote Nasstoys is written in signature writing to add a feminine touch.
Why do I keep hearing the theme tune for Mork and Mindy going through my head..nanu nanu !

 The base of the remote unscrews easily and has a built in battery sized form to slip the 2 AAA batteries into; keeping them from rattling around inside the base, this gives a luxury quality feel to the remote. It also has a really nice deep thread not many toys have that an it will prevent any cross-threading.

 The remote has 2 up arrow buttons; one each to control which ever toy you connect into the relevant holes by the jack plugs. This allows each bullet to be controlled independently of each other...what a unique design idea. There is plenty of cable to allow 2 people not to get in each others way or if using by yourself not to get them tangled up with each other.

 Each toy has the option of 4 speeds each shown clearly by LED lights on the keypad. The LED's are nice and bright to see which bullet is on what speed. 

Both bullets have 4 increasing speeds, the remote LED's showing clearly which level each bullet is on.
Because of the size difference, both bullets feel slightly different and are of course suitable for different parts of the body. You simply scroll up the the increasing speeds till you reach the highest number 4 then click again and it turns off.

 The remote control pad is built perfectly for your thumb to sit comfortably and automatically over the sealed button pad.
Number 4 speed the fastest is lovely and rumbly which I didn't expect from a bullet, usually they tend to be too hand numbing buzzy, but to my surprise both felt rumbly, the Mini bullet feels slightly more powerful as it doesn't have the extra casing, the Mighty bullet still carries the rumbly vibes well across a larger surface area of your skin. I do have stronger larger vibrators but these are the strongest bullets I own, I'm so impressed...thank you Nasstoys.

This is a brilliant little kit as it is so versatile on how you want to use it, the unique dual jack plugs enable you to use a bullet in 2 different places with full control over how powerful you wish each bullet to be. Or have fun with your partner by having a bullet each and play together; there is nothing more sexier than watching your OH play while you do.
But someone will have to be in control of the remote...yes even with sextoys you may be fighting for the remote.... will it be you...or can you hand complete control over to your other half?

An amazing amount of cable to share and play together.

Both bullets are ideal for penetration either vaginally or anally its your choice which one and the cable allows safe retrieval of both toys. I used my favorite Premiere Aqua gel from Give Lube for extra sensation and the softly tapered tips made penetration easy.
 I found the Mini bullet has more kick to it than its Mighty brother probably because it has less casing, you can feel the vibes all over it. The Mighty bullet has its strongest vibes around the middle to tip, so you are less likely to get numb hands holding this bullet. The thing I love about the Mighty bullet is that he slips between and along your pussy lips and its longer than average length enables you to feel the vibes right through your pelvis; this is also perfect for insertion too.
The Mini bullet is so tiny some men may even be able to penetrate alongside the mini bullet vaginally giving enjoyment for the both of you. Another way is to enjoy double penetration by wearing a bullet in one hole as your partner penetrates you in the other.
There are so many different ways of using this kit; which bullet will be your favourite? Mine is the Mighty bullet as its slightly longer giving me more vibes across more surface area...absolutely amazing!
TIP; try using fun bullet sleeves or ribbed condoms to add more sensation over both toys, so you no hygiene issues with the joins.

Midnight's fun bit
Try playing a couples game; chess or poker etc then when its your go the other person controls your bullet, try planning your next move while enduring orgasmic bliss!
Chess or Buckeroo will never be the same again!!

I feel both bullets are splash proof but the remote certainly isn't because of the open connectors. But do not submerge. I use antibacterial wipes and then my Lelo sextoy spray so I dont have to rinse it off, paying particular attention to the joins on both bullets and the base where the wire leaves the toy, these are sealed very well but may still collect bacteria if not careful. Always check your bullets carefully before each use as the silver coating can be scratched or chipped off possibly if banged, so care must be taken to store these correctly in a small bag or box, not loose with other toys banging around in a drawer.

The Mighty and Mini kit is a must for any toy box, the fact you have 2 different sized bullets which feel different from each other and that can be controlled completely independently or used separately or at the same time says everything.
Be greedy and play with both bullets by yourself filling each hole or just stimulating your nipples or thighs or share with a friend and come together, what's not to like and enjoy!
A great gift as a treat for yourself for some real special "me-time"  or for the couple who loves their toys, but I warn you; you might fight over who gets the remote...but...hey....what's new girls...!!!

2 different sized bullets,
powerful rumbly vibrations,
4 speeds,
Long cable,
Dual jack plugs to be used together,

The silver coating can be scratched or chipped off possibly if banged, so care must be taken to store these correctly,

You can buy yours from many stores, so shop around for the best prices.

You can also buy this in Gold as well as my silver

 All my thanks goes to Nasstoys for supplying this toy for this review free of charge.

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