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Choosing the right rabbit for you!

My Warren!
See see my review pages for the names and reviews of some of the above bunnies!
More Bunny reviews coming soon!


Those of you that know or follow me know how I adore my rabbits sextoys, I love the penetration and the clitoral stimulation at the same time. Plus if your lucky a G-spot stimulation too.

 My average sized bunnies.

I have a a huge range of rabbits in my warren being an absolute fan of these type of sextoys. I enjoy discovering different types of rabbits and learning which ones I prefer to play with, each of mine have their own pros and cons.

Rabbits give us girls a "Blended orgasm" where you can have both clitoral, and G-spot orgasms at the same time. Once you have one of these you wont go back to single!

How to choose the right rabbit for you
Those of you new to sextoys may find them slightly overwhelming with the hundreds of different types available.
 Which one will you pick, they are all different?

 So when starting to choose the right rabbit for you; its down to your personal preferences and sensitivities.
Here is a list to help you narrow down your choices.
  • What size and length would you like?
  • Do you want a slim shaft or something slightly wider?
  • Do you want G-spot stimulation?
  • What texture vibrator do you prefer in your sextoys, silicon, TPR, PVC, rubber, skin safe rubber, jelly or glass,
  • Would you prefer a thruster rabbit for those more experienced?
  • Do you want waterproof to use in the bath or shower or if your lucky the hot-tub?
  • Which Firmness do you prefer, I have rabbits that go from solid (glass) to almost jelly like and soft and squidgy.
  • Do you need a discreet quieter rabbit,
  • Do you want beads to rotate inside you,
  • Do want certain functions and speeds,
  • Would you like an extra bunny stimulator for anal fun as well.
  • Do you have a favourite brand or manufacturer,
  • Finally do you have a colour preference, something pink and girly or something more modern and futuristic,
Once you have considered these things you can start to look at some stores, most stores like Lovehoney allow you to tick your preferences; this helps rule out the types you dont really want.

There are so many different types of rabbit to choose from, here are some suggestions to go with their rabbit styles, I haven't been able to try all these mentioned so cant vouch 100% for their quality strength etc, but I have added my reviews to those that I have.


 Cupids Mini rabbit
I do have this bunny but haven't reviewed it yet; review coming soon!

This is ideal as a first rabbit, small enough to be a little more discreet and useful for travelling; but usually doesn't have the power the larger bunnies have.
This also gives you an affordable cheaper way to experiment with dual stimulation.


If you are after full size but not sure about the girth, plump for this little beauty from Lovehoney.

Larger girth
 Ideal for more advanced rabbiter's and those who love girth like myself.
Mr Big (review)
Still one of my favorite rabbits for power and girth!

This one is slightly wider than Mr Big and he's on my wish-list too.

G-spot rabbits

I have this one and its one of my favorite rabbits, it hits my G-spot perfectly, and the solidness of the glass enables me to use sensory play by heating it up or down, its just my perfect toy!
Review coming soon.

These rabbits are specifically designed to hit and stimulate our G-spots as well as stimulate the clit and vagina, an all in 1 toy.

Thrusting Rabbits
For those of you that like to thrust their toys, this will save some effort and add that little extra to your playtimes. This is perfect for more experienced rabbit collectors; they are also a little dearer but worth it.
The motors of these rabbits tend to be a little stronger too to cope with the power they need to thrust the shaft. I absolutely love my Pipedreams WOW no 3 the thrusts are very slow and it brings you to orgasm slowly but with such an intensity, the journey is well worth it with this toy...see my review on the link below! Plus instead of a rabbit as a clit stim it has a cute cricket, so adorable!

Pipedreams WOW no 3 rabbit (review)
This beauty is extra long too making it even more luxurious; see my warren image its the first inline; to show the comparison in sizes. 

Triple stimulator rabbits
This is something I dont own yet but its something that is on my wishlist, this is ideal for those of us who enjoy a little anal stimulation too, so you get your vaginal, clitoral and g-spot with an extra finger or rabbit stimulator to tease your anus. Depending on the stimulator, some will tease other are slim and fine enough to allow anal penetration at the same time for mind blowing orgasms.
One I have my eye on is


Luxury rabbits 
Luxury vibes are quite often rechargeable saving you time and money on scrabbling for batteries in your drawers; plus they dont tend to have rabbit ears like the cheaper models. Luxury rabbits tend to be beautifully designed to fit the female anatomy so they are angled towards our G-spot too, plus girthy enough to fill us up to feel the vibrations through our whole pelvis.

One of the most techie rabbits out there and most luxurious; this also exercises your kegal muscles being an electro-stimulator as well as a normal rabbit vibrator!


The fun and unusual Rabbit
My favorite type of sextoy is something that is so completely different; be it in looks or has something delightfully techie about it eg; USB etc.

This Anne Summers rabbit is particularity clever in the fact its feels when something touches it and will vibrate accordingly; I love this, another for my warren I think! 

Another gorgeous creation from Anne Summers, this powerful bunny with remote, so you can use it hands-free.

Fifi by JeJou Silicon rechargeable rabbit  
I love the unusual design of this one, another on my wishlist! 

Attach this to your ipod or a music system and it will vibrate to the music! 
Amazing technology!

I have this one but I haven't reviewed it yet, coming soon. These feelers I hope will be adding extra stimulation everywhere.

Love Diamonds rabbit and review
This is unusual in the fact it is made using an elegant women's hand and the ring is the G-spot stimulator, its quite unusual!

The 10 best ways to use a rabbit vibrator
 I have had some emails recently on this subject so I will explain the easiest way to get used to your new bunny! 
Practice makes perfect girls.
Once you have chosen your rabbit and you have waited patiently for it to arrive, ripped off the packaging and scrambled around in your drawer for some batteries your ready to go.

  1. Give your bunny the once over, checking for any scratches, or faults, sharp bits etc. 
  2. Give your new rabbit a quick wash under warm water or wipe if not waterproof.
  3. Start by getting used to your new controls; most rabbits have 2 sets of controls, one set of buttons operate the shaft and any rotations or thrusting and the other the speed of the clitoral stimulator (the ears). Its a good idea to get used to the functions so you can comfortably use it without having to look at the buttons. Well you can close your eyes lay back and enjoy then...cant you!
  4. Play with your rabbit by feeling the vibrations on your hand and on your body so you know how strong they are, you may not want to jump to full speed straight onto your clit the first time, or we maybe peeling you off the ceiling.
  5. When your ready grab your favorite lube..usually waterbased as many rabbits are now silicon. I always use Give Lubes Premier aqua gel. Then you have no worries what material your bunny is made from.Then cover the shaft and ears in lube and a little on your clit and labia, this gives extra sensation and prevents the toy being too grippy which can become uncomfortable.
  6. Start on slow speed on the clitoral stimulator with the shaft function on off, this helps with insertion and comfort having a little vibes on at the beginning.
  7. Once inserted the ears should nuzzle gently against your clitoris, be aware each rabbit has many different lengths and some may not reach you perfectly, most rabbit ears are flexible enough press or angle it against you with your fingers. But this doesn't effect the enjoyment of the toy itself.
  8. Once comfortable start the shaft movement; either rotations or thrusting on lowest speed, many rabbits have beaded shafts this gives you extra vaginal internal stimulation, you should feel quite full at this point.This is so very sexy!
  9. Then increase the speeds and play with the pulses and patterns to find the ones that you enjoy best and it shouldn't be long till you reach your point believe me. 
  10. To aim for a "blended orgasm" its better to have a slower buildup try just using the shaft functions, then turn off and use the clitoral functions, its almost like a slow tease. 
This would seem just like a single girls toy, but this can be shared with your partner, hand the controls over to them for extra erotic excitement to be enjoyed by the both of you.

Seems obvious but rabbits are a little more fiddly. If they are waterproof simply run them under warm soapy water and spray with a sextoy cleaner into all the little crevices, or just rinse while in the bath or shower.
Those that are not waterproof do not submerge any of these toys; I simply use an antibacterial wipe and then spray with a sextoy cleaner, I use Lelo sextoy cleaner (see my review) as it doesn't have to be rinsed like most.

Rabbits are often the largest of the average sextoys so probably its best to keep them in the boxes they arrived in, but they can be extremely difficult to store so if that's not possible you can use a new wash-bag that can be wiped clean on the inside, to keep your toy clean.

I use Lovehoneys sextoy bags these fit all my rabbits perfectly and are easily washed if need. Plus they look great in my sextoy drawers.

NOTE; Never store silicon rabbits with other silicon toys as they will degrade each other so be aware of what your toy is made of first before you just throw it in your bottom drawer with the other toys.

I will always adore my rabbit style vibes but I'm continually on the look out for that bunny that has something different; so if you see any let me know.
I hope I have convinced those that have been a little hesitant to just give them a go, I'm sure you wont regret it, there is a rabbit out there for everyone.

If you are still confused and need some more advice please contact me, I'd be happy to help;

To all my readers and followers, have a great weekend!

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