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The Metallic bullet from the Wisper Collection

Wisper Collection The Metallic Bullet

Another review from the selection of toys I kindly received from the lovely Nasstoys.

I do not own many wireless toys so I was really excited to try this as I know the extra fun these can offer not just for 1 person but as a couple. So we were both looking forward to playing with this toy.

The packing is a plastic clam-opening shell formed over the shape of the bullet; so you can see clearly what you have.

The ABS plastic Metallic bullet comes with a lovely nobbly soft rubber TPE sleeve giving you the choice of having the extra stimulation. Plus a neat little remote which is wireless offering couples endless hours of fun inside and out.

The Bullet/egg
The ABS plastic egg comes in a gorgeous metallic purple coating, which unscrews from the middle so you can insert the 6 little watch batteries which are supplied.
Full length is 6cm. with sleeve 6.7cm,
Width is 3.45cm. with sleeve 3.8cm,
Retrieval cord 7.4cm

 The battery compartment is clearly marked showing you which way up to insert your 6 batteries.
You then screw the two halves tightly together with the white rubber seal (see above) to form the waterproof seal. It also has a sealed wire tail for ease of retrieval.

The stimulator sleeve
The Pthlalate free TPE matching purple sleeve gives you the choice of whether you wish to use this over your egg for extra stimulation or just use the waterproof egg as it is.

 Putting on the sleeve is easy take a peek at the video.

This gorgeous squidgy soft rubber sleeve has many nobbles on it to stimulate you inside, giving that little extra than just the bullet.

There is a small hole at the top of the sleeve; which looks like it would be impossible to slip over your bullet, but honestly the rubber is so stretchy and flexible its easy to slip over it; like an extra thick condom . This not only gives you the extra nobbles but also helps prevent any hygiene problems with the central join on the egg.

The Remote 
The ABS remote is completely wireless in the same matching metallic purple coating. It has 2 buttons on the front; one is simply on and off the other allows you to scroll through the other 7 vibrations and pulses.
The front of the remote has Nasstoys in white italic giving a nice finish to the small remote. Plus a nice purple plastic coated cord with a mini dog clasp (lobster claw) to enabling you to clip it to your jeans or in a bag or jacket so you dont lose it.

The back of the remote slides off to replace the 12V battery again which comes supplied with this kit woohoo. All ready to roll!
It clearly states on the back of the remote it works on 315MHz this tells us that it shouldn't effect the TV, so if your friends, parents or OH are watching TV your not going to give the game away by making the TV go fuzzy every time you walk nearby. Most TV remote and wif-fi's work on another level.

Video of the vibrations and pulses so you can see the power!

This cute little egg has 7 vibrations and pulses,
  1. Simply click the on/off button once to get onto the first lowest vibration.
  2. Medium speed,
  3. Fastest vibration,
  4. Accelerating over 3 seconds,
  5. 2 pulses a second,
  6. 3 pulses a second,
  7. 1234.....1234.....1234 (the 4th being a long pulse).
Then simply press off to turn off, I love toys with a separate on/off button so if you are disturbed you can switch it off quickly without having to scroll through the other 7 vibrations.

How to use this wireless remote?
The main idea of this toys is that you have a the option to use this is a huge variety of ways.
1) With or without the sleeve on the egg for extra stimulation.
2) Use by yourself but not have to worry about changing vibrations and pulses on buttons on the actual toy that is inserted inside. The wireless remote allows you to lie back and enjoy, simply click through the vibrations and pulses till you find the one you like.
3) Give the remote to your OH giving them the control so you don't know what vibration is coming next, let them bring you to the brink and turn it off for that extra teasing.
4) Go out for the evening, insert the egg and hand the remote to your OH, let them tease you all night long in the restaurant, club, pub or simply a wall by the sea, this will make any visit to the supermarket so much fun. 

I loved the feel of this egg style bullet (I definitely say this is more of an egg than a bullet, the egg is smooth and cool to touch even over the dividing ridges.
The TPE rubber sleeve is very touchy feely in that its so squidgy and stretchy, you can pull it like a condom or small balloon, I simply pulled it open and squeezed the egg inside it, once you have the knack its easy...please see my video coming soon.
Once inserted you can feel the vibrations and is comfortable to wear while doing the housework as well as going out to the shops, club or pub, it is a turn on just wearing this out being your little secret and whoever has the control. Its also a huge turn on for your OH when you simply smile and hand them the remote its really exciting....or it is for me....!
Its more of a mind-set for me, the sleeve gives more surface area for the vibes but for me I prefer to not wear it as it dulls too much of the vibes; as people know I prefer stronger vibes. But it certainly is one hell of a turn on just knowing you are wearing this and the size of the egg which is slightly bigger than a normal bullet will stimulate inside well.
What we loved was the fact the wireless remote worked approximately 10-12 feet away, it also worked through the thick walls of our 500 year old cottage and I mean thick walls, it works through doors and even through the floor when my OH was downstairs. It also doesn't effect the TV as it works on another channel of 315 mhz. So you can sneak this in and use it with people around and no one will know.

 The bullet/egg inside the sleeve.

Its very quiet for a bullet and is even quieter when inserted and completely muffled with the sleeve on, you can easily be wearing this and be sitting next to someone with the TV on normal and they wouldn't really notice the noise, if TV went off they may hear it on loudest vibes though, so no wandering into libraries unless you want to cause cause a stir...and a there's an idea!.

This waterproof bullet is easy to clean under warm soapy running water in the bath or shower and then use a sextoy cleaner paying particular attention to the join. I use Lelo sextoy spray as you dont have to rinse off.

Whoever holds the remote holds the power to control!
I love wireless toys it gives you such a variety of ways to use it, but sadly for me its not quite strong enough to get me there, but boy does it work me up, this type of toy really works the mind as well as the body as its just knowing you are wearing a sexy secret. Plus your OH will love being handed the remote with a smile, this is amazing foreplay without even touching each other.
I can also use this by myself to just spice up the housework, washing up has never been so much fun....! An ideal accessory for any toybox to spice up those mundane jobs and trips to the supermarket. That secret smile says everything.

metallic colour,
Choice of using a sleeve for stimulation

Not quite strong enough for me,
Small watch batteries dont last as long and are not as readily available as the AAA's.

You can buy yours from the US

All my thanks to Nasstoys for supplying another gorgeous toy to review.

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