Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Lovehoney Satisfy me G-Spot Silicone Dildo

This was a nice surprise when it arrived through the post as I wasn't expecting anything. This is one of the very new range of toys manufactured directly by Lovehoney.
I dont own many firm silicone dildo's; so I was looking forward to trying this.

This new product from Lovehoney comes in Lovehoneys fairly standard but very pretty feminine packaging, a white box with pink cerise writing and an excellent image of the product on the front.

This 7.5 inch long solid medical grade silicone dildo which is much firmer than the majority of my silicone vibrators, I prefer this in a toy especially something that maybe used more for thrusting.
 This gorgeous sensuous curve is flexible from the middle to allow you to angle it perfectly.
 This 2 in 1 toy gives you the option to use either end depending on your mood, one end is is slightly more bulbous and the other slightly more tapered.

 Along the length of the dildo are some small curves of embossing not just to make it prettier to look at but to add a little stimulation if required.

Total length on curve 19cm,
Width of bulbous end 3.6cm,
Width of Tapered end 3.3cm,
Thinnest part of the middle of shaft 2.3cm

 There is also some edging embossing to give a more direct pin pointing stimulation.

This also comes with a very detailed and informative Lovehoney booklet giving you advice on finding your g-spot and how best to use this toy.

This dildo has a luxurious smooth velvety feel which has a nice substantial weight behind it making it perfect to use for thrusting.

I normally prefer vibrators for masturbating but I was going to give this a good go so I added lots of my favourite Water-based lube (Give lube Premier aqua gel) and started with the larger more bulbous end, it inserted easily with a very slightly pop-in feeling which I love with toys.

 The more rounded bulbous head.

To my surprise I angled it towards me and upwards and with some gentle thrusting and a little twisting as recommended on Lovehoney's leaflet it soon hit the spot perfectly. (I had never considered twisting dildo's inside and this felt great.)
Either end can be used and I found that despite both ends having a very slight difference in shape they feel completely different toys against the G-Spot once inserted.

  The other end has a more tapered shaft with delicate embossing for extra stimulation.

The tapered end is flattened slightly but didn't fill me as much as the bulbous end and is better for pinpoint thrusting than the all round bulbous end. Quite different in sensations inside.

I cant actually feel the embossing on the tapered end but it does make this toy more visually pretty.
This dildo was quite a surprise to me as I thought I would need a vibe to make me cum; but it gave me a different type of orgasm which took longer than if I were using a vibe; but it is the journey with this toy for me rather than a quickie. I also enjoyed it against my clit with this toy too as the grippyness gives excellent stimulation.

What I love about this little toy is that you have the choice of ends for different stimulation depending on your mood at the time. The extra line edge embossing (above) is perfect for more direct clitoral stimulation on its side making this a great all round toy, so different from me just grabbing my favourite vibe. 
The medical grade silicone heats up quickly to body temperature making this idea for sensory play by heating this up or down in warm or cold water.
Overall I would have enjoyed a slightly larger bulbous head and slightly thicker shaft; but this still gave me a brilliant full feeling inside and it still hit my G-Spot easily, but could have easily taken something slightly wider.

Anal Play
I have yet to try this anally but the tapered end I feel would be slightly better especially for beginners or those that prefer smaller girth anal toys. But the other end is perfect for more experienced anal players. It doesn't have a flared base but I feel its too long to lose a toy this length...right, as you simply hold onto it?
Being solid silicone is easy to clean being waterproof and can be run under warm soapy running water in the bath or shower then simply sprayed with sextoy cleaner.

I really loved this little Satisfy my G-spot dildo, its a gorgeous cerise which is soft and velvety to touch and a great weight in your hand; it warms to the body quickly and is anatomically shaped to hit most G-Spots, if not you are able to angle it a little where you want to.
Great for sensory play hot or cold and brilliant for just for clitoral stimulation too with its extra grippy silicone.
The unique sensuous curve allows you to easily hold either end and makes this a great 2 in 1 toy for those finding it hard to find their G_Spots and learning to squirt. It would make a lovely gift for must girls as its unthreatening and feminine.

Thanks Lovehoney for allowing me try something so different to what I normally use.

Feminine colour,
Medical grade silicone,
Anatomically correct G-Spot curve,
2 in 1 toy with 2 different shaped heads for vaginal or anal play,

I would have liked a larger head at one end, but it still worked brilliantly for me,


All my thanks goes to Lovehoney for sending me this item free of charge for this review!

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